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  • Magnet Tester

    Magnettester - JUNG-FLUIDTECHNIK GmbH

    The JUNG developed magnet tester recognizes all magnetic fields and notifies you of them with its integrated lamp: compact, simple and fast! quickly check valves, relays, trip coils, contactors, pumps and switches. Checks alternating current, three-phase current and permanent magnets.

  • Torsion Testers

    10k to 300k in.lbf (1,000 to 30k N.m) - Tinius Olsen

    For maximum torsion testing versatility and capability, Tinius Olsen offers a full range of torsion testing machines in capacities from 1,000 to 30,000 Nm. These uniquely superior torsion testers provide loading and weighing capabilities in both directions of rotation. This feature makes it possible to conveniently determine not only the ultimate torque load of a specimen, but how that specimen behaves under conditions of continuous or intermittent torque loading in both directions. Each torsion tester comprises a variable speed drive loading system and a digital control and indicating system in a fixed unit. The weighing head with its strain gage torque sensor is mounted on a moveable unit which can positioned on the rails to accomodate specimens of varying lengths.

  • Cable Testers

    CableJoG 64 - CableJoG Ltd

    CableJoG 64 can test up to 64 individual connections of all manufacturers of connectors. This simple test instrument stores up to 55 separate connection configurations. Each cable that is tested is compared with the configuration stored in the cable testers memory to produce a pass/fail indication of each pin connection.

  • Insulation Testers

    Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    HV insulation tester used for measurement from 10Kohm-1Teraohm with selectable test voltage upto 5KV. Voltage measurement upto 2.5KV AC/DC. Confirms to IS 2992(EN 61557) IP52, EMC. Available in Mains, rechargeable battery and crank operated. Guard terminal for elimination of surface current

  • Leak Tester

    LT-01 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    LT-01 Leak Tester is applicable in leak testing of pouches, bottles, pipes, cans and boxes of foodstuff, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemistry, automotive, electronic components, stationary and other industries. It's also applicable in the leak testing of the specimens after falling tests and pressure resistance tests.

  • Scratch Tester

    Anton Paar GmbH

    Scratch testers from Anton Paar are used to characterize film-substrate systems and to quantify parameters such as adhesive strength and friction force by using a variety of complementary methods. This makes them invaluable tools for the determination of coating adhesion, scratch resistance, and mar resistance in research, development, and quality control.

  • Smartcard Tester

    MP65 - Micropross

    The MP65 combines both price efficiency and technical flexibility, to offer the ideal smartcard tester for protocol and application layers. The MP65 main features are : Simulation of contact smartcard reader, or NFC CLF. Support of the ISO 7816, SWP/HCI, USB-IC, and USB 2.0 protocols. USB protocols are available as options.

  • Battery Tester

    BAT-250-EUR - Beha-Amprobe

    Is designed for one-handed,comfortable and reliable battery measurements. The uniquely designed tester offers an ergonomic slider and a v-shaped side cradle to better hold batteries in place during testing and a contoured case shape that fits neatly in your hand. Testing your batteries has never been easier.

  • Flammability Tester

    SG-F10 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Shirley Flammability Tester. To determine the flammability resistance of vertically oriented fabrics and soft fabric toys. Automatic model with motor operated gas burner and micro switch operated trip threads. Different accessories, burners and configurations are required for different standards. Please specify standard(s) required.

  • In-Circuit Tester

    Omega MTS888 - Digitaltest GmbH

    With the continuous and fast pace of development in the electronic manufacturing the time from design to production is a critical factor for success or failure of a product. The time from design to test is a major part of this process. The high performance tester from Digitaltest, the MTS888 Omega, has been designed to speed up this process.

  • Leak Tester

    LSD-01A - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    LSD-01A Leak Tester is applicablein leak testing of pouches, bottles, pipes, cans and boxes of foodstuff,pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemistry, automotive, electronic components, stationary and other industries. It’ s also applicable in the leak testing ofthe specimens after falling tests and pressure resistance tests.

  • Line Tester

    LT51 - H Heuer Instruments Pty Ltd.

    The LT51 Line Tester is a portable handheld battery powered instrument for Data, DSL, Telephone, Voice Copper Line testing. It combines the features of several pieces of test equipment such as a Level Meter / Spectrum Analyser, Distortion Analyser, Oscillator, Handheld DMM and TDR in the one small lightweight package.

  • Thermocouple Tester

    BH140E-12 - Howell Instruments, Inc.

    The BH140E-12 Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) features 12 independent control units with heater probe connectors. • Ruggedized laptop computer Data Display Control Unit (DDCU) controls and displays all functions of the tester. • DDCU enables data entry through keyboard, interactive touch screen or stylus control.

  • Hardness Testers

    MH100 - Dandong Flaw Detector Equipment Co., Ltd.

    MH 100 series pocket hardness tester, also known as pen type hardness tester, based on Leeb hardness measuring principle, quick and easy on site test the hardness of series metal materials, support free conversion between Leek, Brine , Rockwell hardness scale and others,integrated compact design, small size, portable, high y integrated, stable and reliable performance,supporting data transfer and storage printing function Wide y used in failure analysis of metal processing and manufacturing special equipment, permanent assembly, inspection and other fields. Particularly suitable for large parts and non-removable part of the site hardness testing. It is professional precision Instrument to improve the pass rate of production and cost savings .

  • RCD Testers

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    The PeakTech 2710 is a residual current tester, which is used to determine tripping currents and the tripping times of residual current circuit breakers, which are used in every new building according to current building regulations. Residual current circuit breakers are used for personal protection and switch off a circuit when a residual current is registered which flows off via the protective earth (PE). RCD testers let a fault current flow and thus determine at which fault current the RCD triggers. The tripping time is also measured. These two parameters, tripping current and tripping time, are the safety-relevant parameters of an RCD. The various selectable test currents and characteristics that can be set with this device make the PeakTech 2710 the ideal companion for every electrician.