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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Advanced Ethernet Tester

    LinkRunner® 10G - NetAlly, LLC

    Quickly test, verify, and troubleshoot 1Gig, Multi-Gig and 10Gig Ethernet (copper, fiber) including line-rate performance testing and packet captureLayer 1-7 AutoTest enables any technician to find network problemsMonitor networks for intermittent issues, every minute for up to 24 hours AllyCare-enables in-depth network discovery features and web remote controlLANBERT™ Media Qualification app tests the capability of premise cabling and media components for carrying Multi-Gig and 10Gig EthernetTwo LinkRunner 10G units can be used for line-rate performance testing to verify network capacity, performance and QoS, as well as service provider SLAs between sites

  • Alternator & Starter Testers

    JBT and AST Series - D&V Electronics LTD

    D&V's JBT and AST line of testing units are multipurpose computerized testing systems for alternators and starters.

  • Blow Point Tester

    EKT-2001BPT - Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.

    The EKT-2001BPT Blow-Point Analyzer is a testing instrument that measures the best curing time of rubber for tire and rubber vibration isolation industry and helps to improve the productivity. By using the special design of wedge mold, it measures the real-time temperature rising during the curing to determine suitable curing time in the curing press.

  • Battery Resistance Tester

    BT-3915 - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    Regular test of battery internal resistance or battery conductance is essential for stationary batteries. It is also recommended by latest regulation of IEEE 450, IEEE 1188 and IEEE 1106. The excellent performance of BT-3915 for testing battery internal resistance and voltage will help you pick out the weak batteries and ensure their performance in short time measurement.

  • Brushless Motor Tester

    Shanghai Aoboor Electric Co., Ltd.

    Applicable for testing general properties of DC brushless motors.

  • Caraya Unit Tester


    Caraya is a new experimental open source assertion and unit testing framework for LabVIEW. It takes a whole new approach to unit testing; your VI is your test. Caraya allows you to convert your manual test VIs you use for debugging into unit test cases with nearly no effort. Even running the tests is easy, just run the test case VI. Caraya significantly lowers the barrier for developers to write unit tests leading into improved overall code quality in real-world projects where developers don’t always have the luxury to write unit test cases first.

  • Capacitive Discharge Testers

    Compliance West USA, Inc

    For IEC Testing of residual voltage after plug disconnect. The CDT-240 disconnects the line at the voltage peak and analyzes results to the requirements of various Standards, allowing quick results. Scope output for viewing decay waveform. Presets for EN 61010, EN 60065, EN 60950, EN 60601-1 and EN60335. Recommendations for Pluggable Type B equipment. NIST calibration supplied; A2LA calibration available. 16A option for testing large equipment.

  • Battery Capacity Tester

    BLU-A Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The battery capacity test is performed to determine the health of a battery. DV Power’s battery load unit BLU-A is a portable, powerful, and lightweight solution for battery capacity measurement. It is applicable to any battery string such as lead-acid, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, etc., with up to 500 V battery voltage. As a special feature, BLU100L model enables the capacity testing of a single Li-Ion cell.The capacity test is performed in an accurate and user-friendly way. Also, it is in accordance with battery testing standards: IEEE 450-2010, IEEE 1188-2005, IEEE 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22, and other relevant standards.Battery load unit BLU-A enables setting discharge currents up to 240 A, with a resolution 0,1 A. Furthermore, if higher currents are required, BLU-A units can be connected in parallel, or additional BXL load units can be used.The instrument offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the market. BLU-A models start from 12,8 kg / 28.2 lbs and deliver up to 28,4 kW of power.The user can select three discharge modes:Constant current,Constant power,Constant resistance.Additionally, different battery duty cycles can be simulated using user-selectable discharge profiles.The instrument monitors discharge parameters in real-time during the capacity test. A 4,3-inch touch screen display shows battery voltage, current, elapsed time, and capacity during the entire test. Also, BLU battery load unit can be used with DV-B Win software. As a result of that, a user can see a detailed numerical and graphical presentation of key parameters and can create reports in various formats.Testing with BLU-A doesn’t require a disconnection of the battery from the testing equipment.

  • Non-contact Voltage Tester

    Eclipse Tools

    Built-in white LED illumination light provides convenient work in dark areasDetects AC voltage from 90 to 1000 VAC without metallic contactCompact size with pocket clip easily fits into pockets or tool pouchesRed LED and audible alarm if voltage is presentEntire outer surface is non-conductive for safety, helps avoid high voltage shockPowered by two 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)CAT IV 1000V Safety rating.Applications: Electricians, maintenance staff, service and safety personnel, and even homeowners

  • Portable OTDR Tester

    CARY-OT4000 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The CA OPTRONICS CARY-OT4000 series portable optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) is the latest FTTx optical fiber cable-based test instrument. It has light weight, elegant appearance, small size, easiness of installation and maintenance, high-capacity built-in battery. It provides multiple built-in test wavelengths and optical testing functions like visual fault locator (VFL). As a new product specially designed for FFTx network testing, it provides site technicians with the highest performance and upgrade services.

  • Standby Battery Testers

    Franklin Electric - Grid Solutions

    A user-customizable, flexible, efficient and economical battery management tool for service providers, operations, and maintenance teams.

  • In-circuit and functional Tester

    Compact TK - SEICA SpA

    This is the smallest configuration , and is generally recommended for ICT and on-board programming applications. It is characterized by a high level of ergonomy, small footprint, easy maintenance , low power consumption and enhanced operator safety.

  • Film Impact Tester

    QT-FIT-3J - Qualitest International Inc.

    The impact resistance of films is obtained by measuring the energy consumed by hemispheric impact head to make films rupture under controlled impact conditions to evaluate the impact resistance of material and its effects.

  • Transformer Capacity Tester

    Weshine Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    In many industries, including health care, manufacturing, electrical contracting, higher education and corrections, reliable, high-quality transformers are essential for keeping operations running efficiently. Large facilities and industrial processes require substantial amounts of power, and they need dependable transformers to convert the energy coming from the power plant into a form they can use for their equipment and building utilities.

  • Digital Phosphate Tester

    MW12 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee MW12 Phosphate Photometer lets you go digital with your testing. No more hit and miss testing with strips. Great for aquariums, aquaculture & coral, labs, water treatment, classroom and more. This meter is also ideal for educators that want their students to learn the basics of water quality analysis to apply in the real world.

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