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  • Power Supply Testers

    Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Power Supply Tester is an integrated package of hardware such as AC/DC Power Sources, DC Loads, Noise Measurement Unit, and DMM etc configured as per user applications, which makes it suitable for testing wide range of Power Supplies and provide economic solution for testing AC/ DC and DC/DC power supplies and converters. The Power Supply Boards that passed in the first level of screening for Go-No Go tests will undergo a second level testing. The second level of testing measures all the key parameters of the power supply such as line regulation, load regulation, efficiency etc and check whether the results are within the mentioned limit, if not declare the UUT (Power Supply Board Under Test) as a failed one.

  • Vibration Unit Tester

    BK2020B - BaKo Co., Ltd

    We developed the BK2020B as an upgrade to our BK2020 to test the electrical specifications (RPM, current, drop pulse, start up voltage) of your cylindrical or coin type vibration units. You can also test vibration level, noise, isolation resistance, and the DC resistance. The DUT power supply and all measurement components are self contained, so external devices aren't needed and the tester uses DSP, making it capable of fast, highly accurate and reliable measurements. The BK2020B is very versatile. It can be set up as a stand alone machine, or used with a PC and software for access to more information, and to save the data for analysis. Either version is great on the product line but you may also use it for QA, QC and development.

  • Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester

    Atico Export

    The Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester is used to test submerged, compacted Hot Mix or Warm Mix Asphalt specimens as per standard.The device consists of a reciprocating wheel that is rolled over the specimens while measuring the rate of permanent deformation. A constant load of 705 N ±4.5 N is applied to the specimens with a sinusoidal wheel speed of 1 ft/sec in a constant temperature controlled water bath up to 70 °C (± 1.0 °C). An LVDT jig is used for continuous measurement of permanent deformation along the path of the rolling wheel. Accommodates cylindrical or slab specimensSoftware for automatic determination of Stripping inflection PointNumber of passes to SIP, number of passes to failure and other calculated parametersStainless steel construction with temperature controlled water bath up to 70ºC

  • Semiconductor Memory Tester

    T5851 - Advantest Corp.

    Advantest Corporation has introduced the T5851 system, designed to provide a cost-effective test solution for high-performance universal flash storage (UFS) devices and PCIe BGA solid-state drives (SSDs) memory ICs in high demand by makers of low-power, mobile applications such as smart phones, tablets and ultra-portable laptops. The flexible T5851 tester is available in both production and engineering models. This allows the system to be used for reliability and qualification testing as well as test-program development or, when equipped with an automated component handler such as Advantest''''s M6242, high-volume production. As a fully integrated, system-level test solution, the T5851 provides multi-protocol support in one tool while its tester-per-DUT architecture and proprietary hardware accelerator allow it to achieve industry-leading test times.

  • Combination Board Tester

    V250 / V250PXI - Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    V250 / V250PXI is designed as a Combination Board Tester capable of testing highly complex and dense PCBs employing various test techniques on a single platform. It can perform Board Level Functional Test through edge connectors of a PCB, and guided probe diagnostics utility to reliably repair Digital/Analog and Mixed Signal PCBs of various complexities and conventional PCBs. An In –Circuit device test by configuring Pin Drivers to High Current Pin Driver mode and interface to the UUT either through Clips / Probes or nail bed and on board clock disable HW feature are the all time favorite . The in-built high frequency 14bit Analog Driver / sensors synchronized with digital drivers for covering analog / mixed signal devices with high degree of accuracy.

  • Concrete Strength Testers

    Qualitest International Inc.

    This category of products comprises the range of instruments utilized to evaluate construction material strength. The range of instruments is typically considered to be two parts. The first are non-destructive field tests of compressive strength. The second are tensile field tester systems to either determine the tensile strength of an overlay or bond material, or tensile strength of anchors embedded in the concrete. The first group is pure Non-Destructive Testing where the strength of the material is determined by correlation to another parameter more easily available and readily apparent. This is typically the hardness of the concrete or the resistance to penetration by either a pin or probe. The Windsor Probe, Windsor Pin and our line of Rebound Hammers all fall within this category. These are widely used standard tests and as such have seen use throughout the world.

  • Core Loss Tester

    VCL - Veer Electronics

    Core loss testing has become one of the most important tests for quality assurance in the motor industry. The function of a core loss test is to determine weather a motor has damaged core iron. Damage could include shorts between laminations and electrical arching. Although it is possible for a motor to still run with damaged core but the efficiency of that motor will be greatly reduced. The Motor will consume more power to operate at normal levels and it will cause the Motor to generate more heat. Heat will reduce the reliability of the motor and its overall life. VEER make Core Loss Tester is portable & easy to use instrument which is very useful to measure AC magnetic properties of Electrical steel of core of different grade and size. We provide Free Computer software along with instrument to create test report in computer.

  • Die-cast Rotor Tester

    AIP868X series - Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instruments Co., Ltd

    Introducing the international testing technology and developing special sensor according to digital signal processing method, the die-cast rotor tester able to automatically analyze and judge the filling quality of die-cast rotor.This system is applied to all kinds of cast aluminum and copper rotors, such as: cast aluminum rotor of compressor motor, cast aluminum rotor of washing machine motor, cast aluminum rotor of fan motor, cast aluminum rotor of pump motor, rotor of automobile motor and three-phase asynchronous motor, etc. The main detection functions are: broken bar, fullness of the bar (thin bar, hole, bubble and porosity ), leakage between the squirrel cage and lamination, squirrel cage eccentricity, slot deviation.Test items: broken bar, thin bar, maximum amplitude value, minimum amplitude value, comprehensive value.

  • High-acceleration Shock Tester

    DP-1200-18 - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The precise-type high-acceleration shock tester can provide all half-sine short wave specification specified in JESD22-B110. To meet them, merely change different shock rubber-pad on shock seat. The wave is complete with high repeatability, able to provide user accurate test result.Conform to different test specs such as JESD22-B110 and IEC spec.High repeatability on consecutive shock; acceleration +/- 10%; run time +/- 15%; speed deviation +/- 10%.Table’s four corner-points uniformity P160mm +/- 10%.Can add spring system to reach the requirement of extra high acceleration specification.Using high-efficiency vibration-absorbing seat pad can block out possible floor resonance and protect the factory structure.Easy in operation; no complicate training course required.Module shock rubber-pads are applied per different standards independently. And the rubber-pad lifetime can be prolonged.

  • Speaker/Receiver Unit Tester

    BK2120A - BaKo Co., Ltd

    Our new, upgraded BK2120A is a complete system for testing both acoustical features and rub & buzz in microspeakers, receivers and earphones or earbuds. It is just as fast and easy to use as our "Classic" BK2120A speaker tester, but because it connects with a LAN cable, you can use it with a notebook, as well as a PC. Its new modular design also makes maintenance more convenient and the redesigned BS1123 software is even easier to use and more versitile than the old version. You still get both graphical and numeric test data but with more display options than before. We still customize our machine to your special needs and of course you can still save your data to analyze later. Easier setup, improved design, more features, easier to use: we expect our new BK2120A to be even more popular than the original!

  • Steam Aging Tester

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    These steam aging chamber applied for the testing of sealing property for multi-layer circuit board, IC sealing package, LCD screen, LED, semi-conductor, magnetic materials, NdFeB, rare earths and magnet iron, in which the resistance to pressure and air tightness for above mentioned products can be tested out. ● Overall of the steam aging tester made ​​of stainless steel SUS # 304HL, simple operation settings. Microcomputer digital LED control with time planning function , the maximum set 9,990 Mins. ● Parts, connectors, passive components , semiconductors oxidation test pin high temperature and humidity. ● Metal pin soldering test accelerated aging test. Multiple overtemperature protection / water cut heating and other safety devices. ● The touch- PID + SSR temperature controller, timer function while a time , set the 9990 maximum fractional unlimited.

  • Wire Harness Tester

    Panther4HT Master- Slave DSU - Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    The Master- Slave DSU based Panther4HT Wire Harness tester is designed for testing and verifying electrical connections in a cable, harness, backplane or any other wired assembly. It offers unique Qmax MASTER - Slave concept and SATELLITE UNIT Options to avoid looping back of cable to the ATE. All Satellite Units communicates the measurements through LAN interface which is very useful for on-board applications in Aircrafts / Ships and similar applications where large cable looms are used. This innovative concept will eliminate the long adapter cables and hence storing, maintaining and re work of these kind of cables are avoided. Furthermore single Master Controller Unit (MCU) is used to control not only all the satellite units , but also communicate with all satellite units through Ethernet Communication port. A single reference Cable is used to link the all the satellite units with the Master Controller in controlled loop manner is a value add to the product.

  • Electronic Tire Tester

    Model BTT-5700 - Branick Industries, Inc.

    The Branick BTT-5700 was created from the ground up to be the most efficient, durable and reliable electronic tire tester available. The electronic detector accurately locates flaws that may be missed using conventional methods. A visible spark occurs at the site of a flaw and the rotation stops to allow the flaw to be marked. The adjustable height platform reduces physical strain that can often lead to workers compensation claims. The BTT-5700 also features a bi-directional variable speed electric rotation motor that is whisper quiet. The auto extend/retract ramp makes tire loading easy. Hand controls are located on a locking swing arm that can be adjusted in seconds. Four air tool ports and two electric outlets are also provided so any needed tools can be kept close for improved efficiency. A high power LED light and Medium Truck Probe are also included. All probe heads require only the push of a button to change and are available to fit all common tire sizes. And, like everything from Branick, it's made in the USA.

  • Nand Flash Tester

    NplusT - Saniffer

    NplusT was created in December 2002 by Tams Kerekes' 20-years experience in the field of electrical semiconductors and reliability testing.The company started with the sales representation of semiconductor equipment and consumable suppliers. In the meantime, qualified engineering services, linked to the represented products, were provided in Europe.In 2003 NplusT started to market "RIFLE", the non-volatile memory engineering tester, and related services. In a few years, this product has become a reference platform for many memory makers.In 2005 Liliom Laboratories, a Hungarian software development company, merged into NplusT. Thanks to this operation, the company became leader in the test data collection and processing segment.From 2008 a dominant portion of NplusTs turn-over derived from licensing software products. Today almost every European along with several Far East semicon companies license our software products and make use of qualified engineering services.From 2011, NplusT provides turn-key solutions for device testing and characterization, including hardware, software and support.

  • AMIDA 3001XP Tester

    Amida Technology, Inc.

    AMIDA has introduced two new analog/mixed-signal and logic options in the AMIDA-3000 series in recent years—the AMIDA-3001XP and AMIDA-3KS test systems. Both reinforce the AMIDA-3000 series' ability to provide cost-optimized test solutions for a variety of consumer components in power management and mobile device components. The AMIDA-3000 series provides more than twice the number of analog channels of its modules per test system, thus greatly reducing the acquisition cost of each channel and more than doubling the number of analog channels in the entire test system. This results in a higher number of parallel tests and a higher level of capability for this system, as well as a lower and more cost-effective IC unit test cost for this tester. This series of test systems provides a powerful test combination with high-speed hardware and software integration. The built-in instant messaging protocol detection function of AMIDA-3001XP test machine not only simplifies the complexity and difficulty of test development, but also greatly shortens the test time by using its high-speed computing capability.

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