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  • Memory Test System

    T5833/T5833ES - Advantest Corp.

    T5833 system is a cost-efficient, high-volume test solution capable of performing both wafer sort and final test of DRAM and NAND flash memory devices. Amid surging sales of mobile electronics, DRAMs, NAND flash memories and multi-chip packages (MCPs) — the main device types used in smart phones and tablets — are quickly evolving toward higher speeds and greater device capacity. Internet and cloud servers also are driving demand for faster, higher-capacity ICs. Yet the cost of testing today's wide array of memory devices is an obstacle for chipmakers, which urgently require solutions that can deliver high functionality, high performance and low cost of test (COT). Advantest's new, multifunctional T5833 memory test system meets these needs, delivering both wafer sort and final test capabilities for a full range of memory devices, including LPDDR3-DRAMs, high-speed NAND flash memories and next-generation non-volatile memory ICs.

  • Screening Memory Audiometer

    SM930 - Castle Group Ltd.

    This is the SM930 screening memory audiometer and is equipped with many useful features which makes it extremely advanced but at the same time focuses on ease of use. It contains a storage capacity of 83 audiograms that may be stored for later printout or transfer to a patient file. In the internal memory the recorded values are stored and kept even if the unit is switched off.

  • Memory Diagnostic Utility

    MemTest86 - PassMark Software Pty Ltd

    MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 computers. MemTest86 boots from a USB flash drive or CD and tests the RAM in your computer for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns.

  • Memory Device Tester

    T5822 - Advantest Corp.

    Wafer-level testing of DRAMs, NAND devices and other non-volatile memories used throughout portable electronic devices. The T5822 is designed to provide manufacturers of multiple memory devices with cost efficiency and optimal functionality, including full test coverage of as many as 1,536 devices in parallel with data transfer rates up to 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps).

  • Proton Memory Magnetometer

    G5 - Geotron

    To maximize both the quality and quantity of the geophysical data obtained during your surveys, you need an instrument which is designed to increase operator productivity. The G5 magnetometer from Geotron is just such an instrument. Not only does it measure and display the total magnetic field of the earth plus the difference between the present and previous reading. It also stores readings taken, as well as other information, in it's own non-volatile memory.

  • Memory Burn-in Tester

    B6700 Series - Advantest Corp.

    B6700 can test as many as 48 burn-in boards in parallel at speeds up to 10 MHz, which helps memory suppliers get their newest products to market faster while also reducing testing costs. An original high performance chamber improves yield by assuring high temperature accuracy while generating high temperature. It also shortens the temperature rise and fall time which leads to shortening the test time.

  • Vigorous Memory Testing

    R.S.T. Family - Ultra-X INC.

    Memory is one of the most notoriously difficult core system functions to troubleshoot, exercise, and validate. PC's are not only being equipped with increasingly large amounts of RAM but their often complex system hardware and software configurations can make it even more difficult to determine if a problem is truly a RAM failure. Such problems vary with different combinations of chipsets, processors or motherboards. R.S.T. 4 Premium''''s capabilities far exceed those of stand-alone testers in meeting all of these challenges.

  • Memory Test Systems

    T5503HS2 - Advantest Corp.

    Semiconductor memories are in high demand to meet the needs of fast-growing end markets such as portable electronics and servers. It has been forecasted that applications ranging from mobile devices and data centers to automobiles, gaming systems and graphics cards will consume an estimated 120 billion gigabits of DRAM capacity. To meet this market demand, new generations of memories with data-transfer speeds of 6.4 Gbps and higher are being developed. Advantest’s second-generation T5503HS2 tester is designed to handle these ultra-high-speed memory ICs.

  • Automated Memory Analyzer

    Volatility - The Volatility Foundation

    Volatility has become the world’s most widely used memory forensics platform. The project is supported by one of the largest and most active communities in the forensics industry. Volatility also provides a unique platform that enables cutting edge research to be immediately transitioned into the hands of digital investigators. As a result, research built on top of Volatility has appeared at the top academic conferences and Volatility has been used on some of the most critical investigations of the past decade. It has become an indispensible digital investigation tool relied upon by law enforcement, military, academia, and commercial investigators throughout the world.

  • Semiconductor Memory Tester

    T5851 - Advantest Corp.

    Advantest Corporation has introduced the T5851 system, designed to provide a cost-effective test solution for high-performance universal flash storage (UFS) devices and PCIe BGA solid-state drives (SSDs) memory ICs in high demand by makers of low-power, mobile applications such as smart phones, tablets and ultra-portable laptops. The flexible T5851 tester is available in both production and engineering models. This allows the system to be used for reliability and qualification testing as well as test-program development or, when equipped with an automated component handler such as Advantest''''s M6242, high-volume production. As a fully integrated, system-level test solution, the T5851 provides multi-protocol support in one tool while its tester-per-DUT architecture and proprietary hardware accelerator allow it to achieve industry-leading test times.

  • Memory Module Testers

    UniTest Inc.

    The module tester tests the modules in which the final tested components are assembled together. This test is also one of the most important factors to guarantee the quality of the products. DDR, DDR2, DDR3, FBDIMM,

  • Memory Test Sockets

    Leeno Industrial Inc.

    Spring contact probe IC test socket.

  • Memory Test System

    T5851/T5851ES - Advantest Corp.

    The T5851 system is designed to provide a cost-effective test solution for evaluating high-speed protocol NAND flash memories including UFS3.0 universal flash storage and PCIe Gen 4 NVMe solid-state drives (SSD), both of which are expected to be in high demand for the LTE 5G communications market.

  • Memory Test System

    T5831/T5831ES - Advantest Corp.

    High-productivity tester achieves low cost-of-test by performing massive parallel testing of NAND Flash and MCPs for SSDs and mobile applications

  • Memory Test System

    T5830/T5830ES - Advantest Corp.

    Highly flexible tester which has all of the capabilities needed to perform wafer sorting and final testing of price-sensitive flash memories