Light Meters: Measure the intensity of light.

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  • Light transmittance meter manual

    Company: Dor Yang Precision

    Through the object of luminous flux and the incident light flux ratio for the light transmittance of the object, expressed as a percentage. Light transmittance instrument is mainly used for measuring all kinds of glass, plastic, film, and visible light transmittance of transparent or translucent material, the instrument according to the principle of optical, manufactured using imported components, its operation is simple, accurate measurement, small volume, convenient to carry, especially for field measurement.

  • Light Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Light meters for measuring brightness in lux, fc or cd/m². Some light meters are equipped with internal memory or a data loggerLight Meters to measure light conditions. to record the measurements. The measurement of light intensity with these light meters is becoming more and more important workplaces where protective screens are needed to avoid risk. Therefore, light meters are very important when it comes to determining good light conditions in laboratories, schools or PC workstations in order to guarantee optimal results. Light meters with data loggers which you can find in our online store, are highly regarded especially due to their cosine correction of the angle of incident light.

  • Light Meter

    Company: Kyoritsu Electrical

    • Digital Light Meter• 3 ranges changeable from low to high illuminance. (200/2000/20000lux)• Data hold function.• Digital light meter with separate light recieving sensor and meter.

  • Light Meters

    Company: Edmund Optics

    Light Meters are used to measure the light output of an illumination source for a number of optical applications. Light Meters are measurement devices that feature photodiodes to determine the level of light transmitted from a source. Light Meters possess simple, easy to read screens upon which measurements are displayed in one or more photometric units. Most Light Meters possess traceable NIST certification for proof of accuracy.

  • Light Meters

    Company: Extech Instruments

    Extech offers one of the largest selections of light meter models for industrial and building audit usage. Providing essential footcandle and Lux readings, Extech’s digital light meter range includes affordable, general-use models as well as sophisticated datalogging, LED (white, red and blue), and UV light meter choices.

  • LM90 - Light meter

    Company: Martindale Electric

    This low cost light meter resolves down to 0.1 lux, making it appropriate for use in very low light applications. The handbook gives details of conversion factors for different light wavelengths allowing more accurate measurements.

  • Light Meters

    Company: Sper Scientific

    Our light meters are designed for simple and accurate results in an industrial setting. Whether you are checking work spaces, parking lots, or baseball fields for safe levels of lighting or measuring for testing design compliance, a light meter from Sper Scientific will get the job done. Obtain precise UV, FC or Lux measurements, in multiple light measurement ranges. These light meters are designed for use in work spaces, labs, schools, outdoor studies, optics, home inspections, and many others. In addition, you may use these meters to check compliance with ANSI/NFPA 101 (standards for emergency & exit lighting).

  • Light Meters

    Company: Control Company

    Meter reads from 0 to 1,999 foot-candles (resolution 0.1 to 1). Bright 1/2-inch-high digits make it an easy to read pocket light meter. The simplicity of the two-button operation eliminates the need to refer to directions. Functions are on/off, and range. The meter can be zeroed with the simple turn of an adjustment screw

  • LX1010B - Light Meter

    Company: KTI Ketai Instrument

    This instruments is a precision instrument used to measure illumination in the test field. The light meter is compact and tough and easy to handle owing to its designed.

  • PLMT56 - Light Meter

    Company: Pyle Audio

    Light Meter Measures In LuxOver-Range IndicatorLong-Life Silicon Photo Diode InsideMeasurement Rate: 1.5 Times per SecondMax Range: 50,000 LuxAccuracy: +/- 5% Under 10000 Lux, +/- 10% Over 10000 LuxMax Resolution: 0.1 LuxDimensions: 7.40' H x 2.52' W x 0.96' DAccessories Included: 12V A23 Battery, Photo DetectorSold as : Unit

  • PLMT68 - Light Meter

    Company: Pyle Audio

    Light Meter Measures In Lux and Foot Candles (User Selectable)Over-Range IndicatorAuto RangingPeak Hold, Max and Data HoldRelative ModeLong-Life Silicon Photo Diode InsideMeasurement Rate: 1.5 Times per SecondMax Range: 400,000 LuxAccuracy: +/- 5% Under 10000 Lux, +/- 10% Over 10000 LuxMax Resolution: 0.1 Lux/FCAccessories Included: 9V Battery, Carrying Case, Photo DetectorDimensions: 6.50' H x 2.99' W x 1.69' DWeight: 14.22 oz.Sold as : Unit

  • Light Meters

    Company: Enerdis

    Measuring range from 0 to 20,000 luxAccuracy ± (3% of reading + 10 points)Resolution from 0.01 luxIEC spectral correction and incidence correctionremote probe limiting the risk of shade the sensor operatorHold / Backlight / lux or fc / Maxshockproof protective sheathDimensions: 173 x 60.5 x 38 mmWeight: 214 g

  • Light Meters

    Company: MRC Ltd

    0to 20,000 Lux, 0 to 2,000 Ft-cdUnit: Lux, Ft-cdAuto rangepen type , all in one, easy carryoutHold function to freeze display valueDC 1.5V Battery (UM-4, AAA)X4

  • DL1076 - Light Meter

    Company: Pacer Instruments

    Switchable between LUX and FC (footcandles)Auto-rangingAuto-zero at turn-onDisplay hold functionAnalog output (2 VDC F.S.)

  • 2330 LX - Light Meter

    Company: Standard Electric

    Wide range for measurements up 40000 lux and 4000 fc.● 0.01 lux and 0.001 fc resolution for accurate low light level measurements.● Light sensor cover is included for preserving sensor life.● Auto off function.● Data hold and peak hold function.● Low battery indication.● Over range indication.● Auto-ranged.● Manual-ranged.● Calibration mode is provided.● 9V battery system.● Selection key for lux and fc.● The spectral sensitivity close to CIE photopic curve.● Ideal tool for workplace, clean-room and computer room light testing.

  • LI-250A - Light Meter

    Company: Li-Cor Environmental

    Direct Digital Readout: Instantaneous sensor output or 15-second averages can be shown on the LI-250A's display. Measurement units for any LI-COR sensor (mol, lux, klux, or W m-2) are also displayed.