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  • IP-2200 - Inspection Pro Visual Inspection System

    Company: WIT Co. Ltd

    Automatic appearance inspection systems are evolving in response to ever-evolving mounted PCBs. However, there is little major change in visual inspection process. Rather, it eseems that burden on visual inspection work is ever-increasing due to the miniaturizaiton of mounted components.

  • LCD / OLED - Inspection / PCB inspection / Laser Repair

    Company: EverBeing Int'l

    LCD/OLED for the client sizemicroscope station custom-made for the client LCD sizeLomg working microscope station custom-made for the client PCB sizeWafer LCD & OLED for both New Wave and Hoya

  • The F30™ - Inspection Module

    Company: Rudolph Technologies

    Designed to blur the lines between DF micro inspection and traditional macro inspection, the F30 module boasts a five objective turret that enables the resolution-throughput flexibility required by today’s multi-process inspection applications. Equipped with Explorer Inspection Cluster's advanced productivity suite (Waferless Recipe Creation, Simultaneous FOUP, Recipe Server and Tool Matching), the F30 module redefines inspection cost of ownership expectations.

  • Inspection Cameras

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Inspection cameras open a new view into the insides of machines and systems; whether endoscopes, thermal imaging cameras or infrared thermometers - an inspection camera is the ideal instrument for monitoring and maintenance. Due to the flexible control of endoscopes or thevisual display of potential damage areas in machines or systems, weaknesses and points of failure can be detected and therefore be prevented. Inspection cameras make this possible without the need of complex disassemblies. Inspection cameras are used by electricians, safety experts, expert witnesses, mechatronics, and mechanics. They are also used for apprenticeship and in-service training. Inspection cameras can be applied internally as well as at school or at universities for demonstration purposes. With their help, inspections in the industrial sector can be organised considerably faster, more targeted and more cost-efficient.

  • Inspection Stroboscope

    Company: Checkline

    Inspection Stroboscope for Material and Process Inspection. Our strobe lights are used on printing presses, slitters, rewinders, die cutters and other machinery.

  • Defect Inspections

    Company: Tamar Technology

    Rudolph’s Total Solution package includes one or more Rudolph inspection modules paired with Discover Software® for inline defect analysis and data management and TrueADC Software™ for inline automatic defect classification. Using this approach, wafer fabs and advanced packaging facilities can improve yield by performing high-speed, automated inspection using the Rudolph F30™ or NSX® inspection module for frontside defect detection, and can quickly identify edge and/or backside defects using the E/B inspection module(s). Rudolph inspection systems can detect defects down to one micron on patterned wafers.

  • Inspection Technology

    Company: GP Solar GmbH

    Innovative process- and quality control solutions (automated optical inspection – AOI) can guarantee production monitoring with very short processing time and highest quality standards. We deliver vision inspection hardware as well as software and system integration.

  • Pipeline Inspection

    Company: Radiodetection

    Radiodetection and Pearpoint provide a wide array of Pushrod and Crawler pipeline inspection systems.

  • Appearance Inspection

    Company: DENKEN Co. Ltd

    We perform quality assurance agency of customers' important products through inspection.

  • Inspection Services

    Company: Accu-ray Inspection

    Utilizing state of the art x-ray inspection and metal detection equipment, Accu-ray has become an invaluable resource to Quality Control professionals of some of the largest food processing companies in the country. Accu-ray is expertly familiar with the industry and its requirements. Each project incorporates extensive quality control procedures and product tracking documentation. X-ray Inspection Services. X-ray Inspection System Rental. Automatic Linear Scanning X-ray Systems. Image Intensifier X-ray Systems. Metal Detector Inspection Services. Metal Detector Sales. Metal Detector Rental. USDA approved facility and procedure

  • Deca XG1040 - Inspection Tools

    Company: YEC Co. LTD

    SATA 3.0 Gbps interface supportedSATA 3.0 Gbps supported. Up to 144PB HDD is supported.Register and edit inspection details (operation modes)Operation modes can be registered and edited using script files in text format.More accurate inspections can be performed using various types of inspections.Provides high speed data transfer at 8GB/minute.(* Varies according to performance of connected HDD.)Deletion and quick diagnostics functionEquipped with overwrite deletion using specified values and DoD (Department of Defense) conforming deletion method.Quick inspections such as SMART status, random seek inspection, entire area read/write inspection can be performed.HDDs connected to each port can be executed, terminated, attached or removed individually.Multiple channels supportedUp to 16 HDDs can be operated by attaching 4 devices.

  • NSX 320 - Defect Inspection

    Company: Rudolph Technologies

    The NSX® family is the market leader for automated macro defect inspection for advanced packaging. Built on that success, the NSX 320 system offers specific inspection solutions for processes using through silicon vias (TSVs) to connect multiple die in a single package, and continuing to serve critical inspection needs for edge trimming metrology, wafer alignment during bonding processes and sawn wafers on film frames. With high acceleration staging, high-speed multi-processor computing and highly flexible software capabilities, the NSX 320 delivers industry-leading speed and sensitivity.

  • The Explorer® - Inspection Cluster

    Company: Rudolph Technologies

    The Explorer Architecture allows individual systems to be configured with any combination of wafer front, back, and edge module allowing the user to mix and match throughput and inspection type to best fit specific requirements and reduce cost-of-ownership.The Explorer Architecture is a modular approach to wafer inspection consisting of one or more inspection modules with brightfield and darkfield illumination, a substrate handler, and software that coordinates the activities.

  • E/B Module - Inspection Module

    Company: Rudolph Technologies

    The E30™ + B30™ Inspection Module combines both edge and backside inspection into one enclosure.The Class 1 certified E30 and B30 modules (available separately or combined in one module) can automatically detect defects on the entire edge, from zone 1 to 5, and the entire backside.

  • Multi Disk Test System (4-Port) - Inspection Tools

    Company: YEC Co. LTD

    16 types of inspection modes can be registered and edited. More accurate acceptance inspections can be performed using various types of inspections.High speed data communications using USB interface for communicating with host computer.Acceleration testing for temperature loaded HDD can also be performed. (Optional)Easy attaching and removing HDD using optional plug-in unit.