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  • SA Bits HDLC Decode /Store - E1 Maintenance Data Link Analysis

    Company: GL Communications

    The SA HDLC Analyzer performs HDLC protocol analysis on E1 timeslot 0 both during real time and off-line using saved files with high level data link (HDLC) frames. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture stream of HDLC frames on the selected even or odd frames of the E1 multiframe on timeslot 0. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. Both real-time and off-line analysis presents summary view and detailed views of HDLC decode information. Captured Frames can later be used for traffic simulation using the SA Bits HDLC transmit application.

  • Listen32 - Data Link Monitor

    Company: WinTECH Software

    Listen32 is a 32-bit version of Listen which includes all the above features plus the ability to launch and monitor communications from separate Win32 processes without being physically connected to the serial cable. It operates much like the Socket Spy applications, hooking the communications API within Windows by launching a target application using the Win32 Debugger API.

  • Listen - A Serial Data Link Monitor for Windows

    Company: WinTECH Software

    Listen is a Data Link monitor designed to assist debugging & troubleshooting serial communications links. Listen utilizes standard Windows COM port drivers to tap into RS-232 transmit signals for monitoring bi-directional communications between two devices.

  • Mr. BOB DLC - OBD II Data Link Connector Breakout Box & Diagnostics Software

    Company: Automotive Diagnostics

    Mr. BOB DLC OBD II Data Link Connector Breakout Box & Diagnostics Software for Network Waveform Viewing. This OBD2 breakout box with 8 Graphing Meter Scope like channels, is designed for the OBD2 DLC data link connector. Includes OBD II protocols such as PWM, ISO, KWP2000, 9151, J1850, VPW and CAN.

  • Data Link Simulator II

    Company: TELINC

    Simulates communications facilities. 78 data rates from 1,200 to 50M bps. Inserts delays up to 1.999 second in each direction. Inserts errors and timing slips in each direction. Supports T-1, E-1, RS232, V.35, RS422/RS530, X.21, HSSI, T-3 and E-3. Context-sensitive help screens

  • PA1576 - Data/Link ID and Cable-Check

    Company: Greenlee Communications

    Cable mapping function tests data & phone connection schemes including patch cords and installed cables. Identifies cross-over telephone connections. Detects PC (NIC) & HUB data transmissions and PC (NIC) &HUB NLP or FLP link pulse. Identify data & link transmission speeds with real time detection: 100/10 MB. Automatically scans with choice of slow or fast speeds. Low battery detection on LAN ID tester. Includes 9V battery, 2 RJ45 patch cords and durable nylon carrying case with belt loop

  • Tactical Video Data Link

    Company: Elbit Systems Of

    Tactical Video Data Link (TVDL) is a new generation video and data receiver/transmitter system specially designed for attack helicopters. This compact and lightweight system, weighing less than 4 kg, enables real-time, high-quality video imagery and data captured by UAV payloads or ground-based sensors to be displayed directly to the aircrew. This saves the need for lengthy radio dialogue by creating a common visual language amongst all forces in the battlespace and dramatically shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop. As a true video relay, the system can simultaneously transmit video and data as well as deliver imagery captured by onboard payloads to tactical forces for enhanced coordination and battle management.

  • Model 650 - Data LInk Analyzer

    Company: GDP Space Systems

    The GDP Model 650 Data Link Analyzer fills the need for high performance link verification and qualification at an affordable price. The user is provided with totally independent transmit and receive functions to allow rapid fault isolation and data link characterization. The ability to add in noise and baseline offsets and to adjust signal levels, allows the user to simulate field perturbations in the test lab.

  • File based Record/Playback over FDL

    Company: GL Communications

    The File based Record/Playback over FDL (FdlFunc) module is an optional application that allows to receive and transmit HDLC frames and signals in *.hdl file format over facility data link (FDL).

  • WCS MC-MLPPP - MC-MLPPP Emulation using Client Server

    Company: GL Communications

    The Multi-Class Extension to Multi-Link PPP allows a sender to fragment the packets of various priorities into multiple classes of fragments, and allows high-priority packets to be sent between fragments of lower priorities. GL's flexible and versatile MC-MLPPP Emulator is GUI based WCS client, which simulates MC-MLPPP and PPP protocols over T1/E1 links. The unit is capable of generating and receiving MC-MLPPP/PPP traffic (with or without impairments). Traffic source can be sequence number, HDL files (containing packets/frames), flat binary file, user-defined frames (ASCII HEX file), and Ethernet data. The application may be accessed through a GUI or through command line in C++ clients.

  • UMTS - Protocol Analyzer

    Company: GL Communications

    GL's UMTS analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. Iub, Iur, IuCs and IuPs interfaces of the UMTS network. In addition, it supports ATM as the transport layer. It helps in fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of UMTS network. Multiple instances of UMTS Analyzer can run simultaneously capturing data (real time and off-line) on several T1/E1 lines. The analyzer is also capable of capturing & reassembling frames that were transmitted with Inverse Multiplexing. IMA combines up to 8 T1/ E1 links to form a single high-speed connection with flexible bandwidth options.

  • SFP Copper

    Company: SOPTO

    Sopto provides high performance, cost effective compact RJ-45 connector SFP Copper transceivers made according to IEEE 802.3-2002 and IEEE 802.3ab standards and compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100/1000BASE-T standards. The SFP copper reaches 100 meters over unshielded twisted-pair category 5 cables. The copper module supports full duplex data-links with 5-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) signals.

  • CJ-Series - Communication Units

    Company: Omron Industrial

    The CJ-Series provides both standardised open networks interfaces, and cost-efficient high-speed proprietary network links. Datalinks between PLCs, or to higher-level information systems can be made using Serial or Ethernet links, or the easy-to-use controller Link network.

  • USB Link

    Company: Pasco

    When data is collected in the classroom next to a computer, the USB Link is the most economical way to use PASPORT. Just plug the sensor into the USB Link, connect the USB Link to the computer's USB port, and begin collecting data.

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