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Sea-Bird Scientific is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of products for the measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, nutrients and related oceanographic parameters in marine waters. These tools are used around the world by ocean researchers, resource managers, and key industries engaged in offshore exploration and ocean resource utilization.

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  • Profiling CTDs

    Sea-Bird Scientific

    A CTD measures Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth. Despite the name, all CTDs actually measure pressure, which is not quite the same thing as depth. The relationship between pressure and depth is a complex one involving water density and compressibility as well as the strength of the local gravity field. The CTD data can be used to calculate salinity, density, sound velocity, and other parameters of interest. The term CTD is often used today to describe a package that includes the actual CTD as well as auxiliary sensors to measure other parameters (such as dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, fluorometer, altimeter, etc.) and a water sampler to collect water samples for later analysis in the lab. The term Sonde is sometimes used as an alternative to CTD.

  • Wave & Tide Recorder

    SBE 26plus - Sea-Bird Scientific

    Wave and Tide, Temperature, and optional Conductivity data, with internal memory and batteries and real-time tide and wave data. Photo shows 26plus being secured in accessory mounting fixture. After installation at mooring, fixture allows removal & precise repositioning by diver (no tools required; no loose parts to misplace).