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IDQ’s focus is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that leverage the tremendous capabilities offered by quantum photonics, associated with cutting edge analog and digital electronics.

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  • Miniature 8-channel photon counter

    id150 SERIES - ID Quantique SA

    Intended for large-volume OEM applications, the id150-1x8 is the only multichannel solid-state single photon detector on the market. It consists of a CMOS silicon chip packaged in a standard TO8-16pin header with a transparent window cap. The chip combines 8 in-line single photon avalanche diodes that can be accessed simultaneously for parallel processing. square in center-to-center A fast active quenching circuit is integrated within each pixel in order to operate each diode in photon counting regime. The chip is mounted on a printed circuit board on top of a single-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC). A thermistor can be used to measure the temperature of the chip. Only two low power supplies of +5V and -25V are needed for operation in photon counting mode. The fast active quenching circuit leads to a dead time of less than 50ns per channel. An outstanding timing resolution of less than 60ps allows high accuracy measurements.

  • Quantum-Safe Security

    CN9000 Series - ID Quantique SA

    The Centauris CN9000 Series is the first commercially available certified high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet encryptor that supports the most complex fully meshed topologies – enabling 100% security for Big Data, Cloud and data centre services’ ultra-fast networks.

  • Quantum-Safe Security

    CN8000 Series - ID Quantique SA

    The CN8000 harnesses the power of quantum mechanics to help ensure secure communications – the encryption keys are generated by IDQ’s Quantum Random Number Generator to guarantee inherent and provable randomness. The CN8000 can also be upgraded to be quantum-safe via the Cerberis QKD Blade (quantum cryptography) to ensure long-term protection of the data in transit.

  • Quantum-Safe Security

    CN6000 Series - ID Quantique SA

    The Centauris CN6000 encryptors may be upgraded to quantum cryptography through the addition of the Cerberis Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) server to ensure that the solutions are quantum-safe for the long-term protection of sensitive data. This also ensures investment-protection of the encryptors. Such quantum cryptography is provably secure, ensures anti-eavesdropping detection and provides long-term forward secrecy against brute force hacking and attacks by quantum computers.

  • Quantum-Safe Security

    CN4000 Series - ID Quantique SA

    The CN4000 series are the ideal optimized, high-performance encryptors for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). They also enable an ideal cost effective “encrypt everywhere” solution for Large Enterprises. Despite their small form-factor, the CN4000 Series encryptors have the same robust security credentials as the rack-mounted models.

  • Random Number Generation

    ID Quantique SA

    Quantis is a family of hardware random number generators (RNG) which exploit elementary quantum optical processes as a source of true randomness (cf. Wikipedia: physical phenomena with quantum random properties). Photons (light particles) are sent, one by one, onto a semi-transparent mirror and detected. The exclusive events (reflection or transmission) are associated to “0” or “1” bit values. Such quantum processes provide instantaneous and inexhaustible entropy.


    id300 SERIES - ID Quantique SA

    The id300 short-pulse laser source is an externally-triggered optical source that generates sub-nanosecond laser pulses. Used in combination with a variable optical attenuator, this source cost-effectively approximates a single photon source.


    id100 SERIES - ID Quantique SA

    id100 series offers compact and affordable single-photon counting modules with best-in-class timing resolution and low dead time.

  • Time Controller

    ID900 - ID Quantique SA

    IDQ’s Time Controller is an all-in-one device designed for flexibility and it efficiently solves a large number of problems encountered in the laboratory. Its core consists of 4 high-speed (<20 ps precision, 100Mcps rate) inputs and 4 high-speed outputs, interconnected by reconfigurable logic. The Time Controller performs the functions of a number of devices: time-to-digital converter, coincidence counter, delay generator, pattern generator, counter and discriminator. This is complemented by a 10Gbps link to the host computer for fast data transfers, by auxiliary analogue and digital I/O for interfacing with external devices.