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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • XRF Analysis Serivice


    X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis tests samples for elemental composition. Samples are typically composed of metals, glass, solutions, soil, air, ceramics, building materials, geological, oil, and more recently biological specimens. A XRF spectrometer typically positions a X-Ray tube to generate a primary beam line to bombard the sample with primary radiation. When the primary radiation expels one of the inner electrons in the sample, secondary x-rays also known as fluorescent x-rays are generated. Each element from the periodic chart has a unique spectral, or XRF, signature based on the energies of their respective atomic orbitals. By analyzing a XRF spectrum, it’s possible to quantify the amount of each element within the sample.

  • Thermal Analysis Software

    HeatWave Electro - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's HeatWave Electro-Thermal Analysis Software is an IC thermal simulator for chips, and stacked-die SiP.HeatWave computes the full-chip temperature profile at the spatial resolution of your devices and interconnects, and annotates this data into your circuit simulator, making your simulation results temperature-accurate. Because the geometric features of power sources and heat conduction paths inside a chip are at the submicron scale, the thermal modeling and numerical solution techniques have to be commensurate with such feature sizes. The simulation results are 3-dimensional temperature profiles with the necessary resolution and accuracy. HeatWave works with several IC design tools, including Cadence Virtuoso. A version of the HeatWave solver is also available in Advanced Design System (ADS) for RFIC and MMIC applications. For more information, refer to the ADS Electro-Thermal Simulator Element.

  • Board Stress Analysis

    Arcadia Test

    Board stress analysis is an increasingly critical part of the test fixture build process today. Probe densities under BGA devices put tremendous pressure onto the solder joints of these devices. If the fixture is not designed properly, immediate damage can occur to the BGA’s, or even more devastating, future damage, which creates field failures. We can provide strain testing before shipping your fixture to insure that there are not excessive forces placed on your BGA parts. With the use of National Instruments Strain equipment, and tri-directional rosettes, we cycle test the board/fixture and measure and record the amount of strain from each corner of each BGA. Any over limit conditions are corrected before shipment. This service insures that your products will not be damaged at ICT, and help to reduce field failures from damaged components, compromised solder joints, or lifted pads.

  • Integrative Analysis Software

    OptoLyzer® Suite - K2L

    OptoLyzer Suite is the graphical user interface used for testing and analyzing a MOST® network. OptoLyzer Suite can operate offline using a dongle; or online, connected via an OptoLyzer MOCCA compact to a real MOST Network.

  • Refinery Gas Analysis

    Shimadzu Corp.

    Gas compositions produced in refinery plants consist of hydrocarbons, permanent gases, H2S, etc. Analyzing these gases is essential to control the quality of chemical products and plant operation. Shimadzu's RGA systems, available in numerous configurations, are designed to analyze various compositions in a variety of processes. In research and development for petrochemical and its catalysis field, target compounds often contain high-boiling point compounds and isomers. The Shimadzu CERGA makes it possible to precisely analyze those samples.

  • Acoustic Analysis Modules

    Studio Six Digital

    Includes an ANSI Class 1 Filter RTA, a flexible FFT, easy to use ETC, powerful swept-sine Impulse Response with 3D plots, Smaart® Spectrum RTA with Spectrograph, and our own Transfer Function that will even compute sample-accurate delay with the iOS built-in mic.

  • AdWords analysis software

    AdWords Clever Wizard - CleverStat

    AdWords™ Clever Wizard is extremely easy-to-use AdWords suggestion and research software. It's always a good idea to check the keyphrases you are going to use in a Google AdWords campaign for their efficiency and popularity. For each keyphrase AdWords™ Clever Wizard shows the number of searches per month, its KEI, overall ad efficiency, average bid (Google source) and also suggests a number of synonyms you can check right away. Supports Unicode. Allows you to import and export keyphrase lists.

  • Air Quality Analysis

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

    Ambient Gas Monitoring: We offer a variety of analyzers for the ambient monitoring of the criteria pollutant gases, including CO, NOX, SO2, and others such as CH4 and CO2. Source Gas Monitoring (Emissions Monitoring): Experience reliable measurement in your process for emissions compliance every time.Ambient Particulate Monitoring: Experience our monitoring technology and gain the power to do more than just inform.Emissions Calibrators: For continuous monitoring of mercury in exhaust stacks, waste incinerators, and cement kilns, or multi-gas models to control the calibration of gas concentrations.

  • Arc Flash Analysis

    Electrical Testing Solutions

    Explosive energy released during arcing faults will send more than 2,000 workers to burn centers this year. In addition, of approximately 350 persons killed in the work place by electricity last year, roughly 50% were related to arc flash. Most of these workers will not have been properly warned of the magnitude of arc flash, if at all. Although injuries are not as frequent as other job-related injuries, their severity makes the cost to human life and industry much greater. The monetary cost alone can easily exceed $1 million in medical expenses, equipment replacement, downtime, and insurance costs.

  • Ballistics Analysis Software

    BallAX 4 - Elsys AG

    BallAX 4 is used to acquire and analyse measurement data from firearms, guns, artillery, projectiles and grenades using different ammunition and explosive propellants. Data gathered by the software aids in determining the accuracy and consistency of a projectile before it exits a firearm. Manufacturers of firearms ranging from basic hunting rifles to critical military artillery will benefit from the precision data afforded by this industry-specific software module.

  • Battery Analysis Software

    CellCare Technologies Ltd.

    Battery characteristics vary over time and depend very much on maintenance and the environmental conditions of the specific application. Each installation tends to have its own 'fingerprint'. Capturing and managing this critical operational data has always presented a challenge to facilities managers. Recording and analysing data using traditional pencil and paper methods is both time consuming and prone to error.

  • Bug Finder Analysis

    Polyspace - The MathWorks, Inc.

    Polyspace Bug Finder checks compliance with coding rule standards such as MISRA C, MISRA C++, JSF++, and custom naming conventions. It generates reports consisting of bugs found, code-rule violations, and code quality metrics, including cyclomatic complexity. Polyspace Bug Finder can be used with the Eclipse IDE and integrated into build systems.

  • Cable Pulling Analysis

    CABLE - SKM System Analysis Inc.

    CABLE quickly solves complex three-dimensional cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations, allowing you to make rapid and accurate design decisions.Don't leave installation to chance.

  • Catalysis and Thermal Analysis

    Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    A system for catalyst characterisation, reaction testing, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements.

  • Combustion Analysis System

    DS-3000 Series - Ono Sokki

    With the ongoing research and development for improving combustion technologies (HCCI, EGR, etc.), new power sources (HEV and PHEV) and new fuels (biodiesel and natural gas) , development of more fuel-efficient and smaller engines are demanded. The DS-3000 series Engine Combustion Analyzer meets such growing expectations with the new, more powerful hardware.