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  • OmiSonic - Automotive ultrasound diagnostic system The first and only ultrasound diagnostic system designed especially for the automotive service industry, OmiSonic detects ultrasound (sound above the normal hearing range, or above 20kHz) and converts it to familiar, readily recognizable sounds so you can isolate and differentiate vehicle component and system defects and failures, including those very early in the failure cycle.
    Omitec Ltd
  • Multi-frequency CW Ultrasound Check Source The Multi-frequency CW Check Source is designed to produce a known acoustic output power at two discrete frequencies in the diagnostic and lower-end therapeutic levels. Traceable measurement of the acoustic power output of ultrasonic diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is essential for compliance with regulatory, safety and quality standards.
    Precision Acoustics
  • OptiSon - Ultrasound Beam Analyzer Visualize in real time and measure acoustic fields in seconds or minutes. Now you can achieve control of project timing and costs, gain a more comprehensive and confident understanding of the system and transducer performance, eliminate the tedium of testing and provide timely results. With 50 μm resolution and high dynamic range, there is no need to guess about the real field distribution. Now in a digital imaging version for better spatial resolution (1392x1040) and 12 bit depth!
  • ULTRAPROBE 10,000 - Ultrasound Inspection The Ultraprobe 10,000 brings Ultrasound Inspection technology to a whole new level. With this one system, inspectors can perform condition analysis, record sounds, store and manage data.
    UE Systems
  • UPM 2000 - Ultrasound Wattmeter UPM 2000 -Digital Ultrasound Wattmeter/Power Meter is designed to provide an accurate means of verifying and calibrating the output of therapeutic ultrasound devices. 
  • Type UF-1 - Ultrasound Signals Source Ultrasound Signal Source Type UF-1 generates ultrasound signals for acoustical testing of measurement microphones and its windscreens by under free-field conditions.
  • UDM 100 - - Ultrasound Flow Measuring Device The portable flow meter UDM 100 is used for precise measurement of direction of flow and actual flow volume of potable water in water supply networks ultrasonically. This measurement is made on the outer surface of the pipe. Flow measurements of this kind must be taken, for instance, when designing pumping power or when determining zero consumption in the analysis of leakage.
  • Radiation Force Balance for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Ultrasound Ultrasonic power is a primary acoustic quantity and its measurement is required by international specification standards for both diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound systems. In order to comply with the US FDA 510(k) regulatory requirements, IEC61157 and IEC61689, medical equipment manufacturers are required to measure ultrasonic power.
    Precision Acoustics
  • Continuous-Wave 3.5MHz Ultrasound Check Source Traceable measurement of the acoustic power output of ultrasonic diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is essential for compliance with regulatory, safety and quality standards. To meet this need, the calibration of measuring equipment such as radiation force balances and power meters should be checked regularly against reference standards.
    Precision Acoustics
  • Power Meter The ultrasound power meter is a small battery operated device which will allow physiotherapists to be reassured that their ultrasound equipment is delivering the correct power level.
    Precision Acoustics
  • Piezo Switches & Ultrasonic Sensors Measurement Specialties has done pioneering work in the development of ultrasound sensing using Piezo film. Piezoelectric film ultrasound transmitters and receivers offer unique advantages for two-dimensional positioning applications such digitizers, object detection, and distance measurement.
    Measurement Specialties
  • UC1604 - 16 micron 0.4mm Membrane Hydrophone For most MHz ultrasound pressure measurements, where wide bandwidth, smooth frequency response and small active area are required, this hydrophone is recommended.
    Precision Acoustics
  • Müller-Platte Needle Probe The Müller-Platte Needle Probe was invented at the University of Aachen 1985 for measurements of low energy water shock waves for developing the kidney stone lithotripter and for focusing ultrasound waves. This special micro gauge based on pvdf is designed for high-energy ultrasound measurements as well as for recording blast waves in water up to some kbar.
    Dr. Müller Instruments
  • ABP-1 - Airborne Probe The Model ABP-1 Airborne Probe is a low ultrasound probe used for airborne signal detection applications--such as leaks from pressurized systems, corona discharge, and even insect pest detection. 
    Acoustic Emission
  • ULD500 - Ultrasonic Leak Detector Ideal for detecting and locating sources of ultrasonic sound through the use of sophisticated electronic circuitry. Unaffected by audible noise allowing for use in extremely noisy environments. Designed to detect ultrasound at 40.5kHz, not even a murmur will escape detection. 
    General Tools & Instruments
  • Piezo-ceramic Transducers Precision Acoustics has made ultrasound transducers for diverse applications in medicine and NDT. Using PZT, lead metaniobate (PMN) and other materials, transducers are made to customer's requirements. Please specify centre frequency and active element diameter along with any focussing requirements.
    Precision Acoustics
  • HPM05/3 - 0.5mm Probe Hydrophones of 0.5mm have been widely used in the measurement of high frequency ultrasound. With the exceptional signal-to-noise ratios obtainable from the HP series of probes, Precision Acoustics would recommend the use of this device for measurements where signal amplitudes are expected to be particularly low.
    Precision Acoustics
  • ULD-40 - Ultrasonic Corona/Arcing Detector The ULD-40 is an ultrasonic detector designed for corona and arcing inspections for predictive maintenance in electric utilities. Corona effect occurs when electricity is discharges into the surrounding atmosphere form a high voltage source. Corona effects and electrical arcs in the air emit ultrasounds.
    Ndb Technologie
  • MVA 10 - Low Noise Amplifier with 10 MHz Bandwidth For Thermocouples and Hydrophones This Amplifier is a reasonable and the ideal product for our MCT Thermocouples. Together with the 1 MHz filter, it has an excellent signal to noise ratio for the small signals of the type E or type K thermocouples. A second application is together with our Müller-Platte Needle Probe or M60-1. The signal of these hydrophones are quite small in applications like ultrasound.. However, together with the MVA 10 the range of application extends to the complete field of ultrasound. The amplifier will be used with full 10 MHz bandwidth to measure signals in a plane or focused field as well as for sinus or pulsed waves.
    Dr. Müller Instruments
  • Monitors Testing, Repair and Refurbishment UST specializes in the testing, repair and refurbishment of all monochrome and color monitors for Medical OEM's, ISO's and end-users. We provide superior quality repair for all major Medical Display Monitors including Ultrasound, Digital imaging, X-Ray, MRI, CT and process control monitors, to name a few
    US Technologies
  • SIGVIEW - Signal Analysis Software SIGVIEW is a real-time signal analysis software package with wide range of powerful FFT spectral analysis tools, statistics functions and a comprehensive visualization system. SIGVIEW or its various customized versions are currently used by many universities, companies and individuals for research in medicine, biology, acoustics, ultra-sound and vibration analysis.
  • GDU-Incus - Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector The GDU-Incus is an advanced gas leak detection system utilizing four ultra-sensitive acoustic sensors which constantly monitor wide areas for ultrasound generated from the release of pressurized gas. Ideally suited for monitoring well ventilated outdoor environments, the GDU-Incus has been engineered to withstand even the most extreme conditions while including features designed to optimize performance and reduce maintenance.
    Rosemount Analytical
  • AQUAS-10 - Water Conditioner The AQUAS-10 is a complete water conditioner designed for use with ultrasound measurements in compliance with Technical Report IEC 62781. Because the quality of acoustic measurement can be significantly affected by various impurities - such as dissolved gases, deionized compounds, suspended particulates, and biological contaminants - a water treatment system is critical. The AQUAS-10 controls each of these factors in a fully integrated simple-to-use system.
  • SAM 300 - SAM Line The SAM 300 scanning acoustic microscopes are dedicated to high throughput, non-destructive analysis for quality control and research applications. These systems enable detailed acoustic investigations through new rf and transducer technologies of up to 400 MHz. Built to industry standards around a core platform that utilizes the latest production and research technology, the SAM 300 series has an ultrasound frequencies range up to 500 MHz with transducers from 5 MHz – 400 MHz.
    PVA TePla Analytical

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