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  • Service Agreements | Consultations | Training Sessions | Product Reviews Depending on the product, InterWorking Labs provides a 90 day or 12 month standard warranty covering software updates and hardware replacement in the event of hardware failure. For extra protection, additional service agreements may be purchased.

    InterWorking Labs offers consultations and complimentary training sessions worldwide via web-conferencing to meet their clientele's needs.

    InterWorking Labs educates, informs, and enlightens current and prospective clients and investors about saving the world from network failures through our press releases, white papers, tweets and blogs. Support this important mission by letting us know how IWL can help. Have you used an IWL product to prevent a network failure? Do you need our CEO or CTO to speak out on: network test methodology, likelihood of occurrence of network events, product reviews, ICANN, the History of the Internet (HOTI), and more?
    InterWorking Labs
  • Light Dependant Resistance Measurement Trainer L.D.R. Trainer comprises of light dependent resistor (LDR) fitted to the shaft, which moves inside the tube where lamp is fitted at the other end. Variable DC voltage source is provided to vary the light intensity. Digital indicator is supplied to measure the light intensity in terms of distance moved between LDR and light source.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Resistance Measurement Trainer Resistance Measurement Trainer comprises of potentiometer to vary the resistance with respect to the angular displacement with digital indicator to read the resistance change in the potentiometer.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Test Equipment for Training On-Line Operation on Analog Grid Focused to solve on-line training of the power system, covering analog on-line testing on the 750kV line.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • UITM-01 - Strain Measurement Trainer We are engaged in offering Strain Measurement Trainer (Model: UITM- 01), which comprises of stainless steel beam firmly fixed at one end and the other end is free to load. Our range is available in various dimensions, resolution and power supply’s as per the clients specific requirements. The main features of the strain indicator are front panel strain gauge bridge balancing with the help of potentiometer and the whole system is self-contained with all accessories included.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Viabration Measurement Trainer Module Vibration Measurement Trainer comprises of vibration generator of capacity 5 Newton with vibration exciter. Piezoelectric accelerometer is used to sense the vibration. Digital display unit will display displacement, velocity & acceleration sensed by the sensor.
    Unitech Scales And
  • PB-502 - Advanced Logic Design Trainer he PB-502 Advanced Logic Design Trainer is a portable robust instrument capable of satisfying many requirements arising in the design and study of digital logic circuitry. The PB-502's selectable operating voltage further aids its versatility by allowing the trainer to be used in either TTL or CMOS operating mode, The trainer contains three integral power supplies and input/output devices that simplify the construction of a wide range of circuits.
    Global Specialties
  • UITM-16 - Current To Pressure Trainer Current to Pressure Trainer setup comprises of a I to P converter fitted on a base. Two pressure gauges are fitted one at the input side and the other at the output of the I to P converter. A current source with digital display is provided to excite the I to P converter. A constant air supply should be provided to the system at 20 PSI pressure from a standard compressor.
    Unitech Scales And
  • EMI10 - EMI EMC TRAINING SYSTEM 2 nos E and 3 nos H field probes, Low Noise Preamplifier, EMC Analyser, EMI demo board, Emissions Reference Source, LF/HF Electromagnetic Detector, Biconical antenna, Log periodic antenna, Magnetic Loop antenna.
    Amitec Electronics
  • Strain Measurement Trainer Module Strain Measurement Module comprises of Cantilever Beam bonded with four strain gauges,pan and weights upto 1Kg. Digital 3½ digit indicator module is supplied to read the microstrain.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Load Measurement Trainer Module Load Measurement Trainer comprises of strain gauge based load cell,loading arrangement to load in compression, weights and digital load indicator to read the load in Kg.
    Unitech Scales And
  • NI Certified Training Center Hands-on equipment that you expect when taking an NI course
    National Instruments
  • UI PLC 3D - PLC Trainer PLC Trainers are Best Teaching Aid for PLC Programmers. Effective way of approach for Logic implementation through vide range of simulation panels. Tailored for all level Academic syllabus.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Rotameter Measurement Trainer Module The setup is a table top module, it comprises of source and measuring tank. The measuring tank is made of acrylic material with gradation marked in liters. A small FHP pump is fitted to circulate the water. A rotameter with control valve is used to measure the flow rate. Digital timer is provided to note down the duration of flow and the volume of water is measured by the markings on the measuring tank to calculate the actual flow rate
    Unitech Scales And
  • AT-9100 - Analog Trainer Easy use with bread-board without brazing
    C&C Instruments Co
  • GRF-3300 Series - RF Training Systems Designed for wireless frequency range applications * Includes a 880MHz Digital PLL and 2.4GHz microstrip line filter circuits * Training for the Voice Communication System * Demonstrates the applications and measurements for using spectrum analyzers in communication instruments * Instructional theory and hands-on experiments for each chapter covering topics in RF systems * Designed for the application of the RF Transmitter and Receiver systems
    Good Will Instrument
  • Optical Training Services NetTest, your fiber optic testing partner, offers a variety of comprehensive and economical training courses held at a NetTest training facility, or at your location, for increased convenience and improved efficiency.
  • Training In order to ensure you a maximum gain from using our products, we undertake to train your employees. We adapte our courses to your requirements and hold them either at your premises or on site at Test Systems. The option is yours. When a limited number of employees require in-depth knowledge within a specific area, we prefer to train them at Test systems.
  • Flow Measurement Trainer Using Orifice Meter This setup is a table top model, it comprises of source and measuring tank. The measuring tank is of acrylic with liters graduated. A small FHP pump is fitted to circulate the water. A orifice meter with U-tube manometer is provided to measure the flow rate. A rotameter is provided to measure the exact flow rate. Control valve is provided to control the water flow rate. Digital timer is provided to notedown the duration of flow.
    Unitech Scales And
  • EMV Training Barnes regularly provides EMV chip card implementation training and hands-on chip consultancy for both business and IT personnel. Whether migrating to chip cards for the first time, introducing new personnel to chip technology or implementing a new chip product, it is important that key staff receive a thorough grounding in the technology and the way it impinges on other aspects of the business.
    Barnes International
  • Torque Measurement Trainer Module Torque Measurement Trainer comprises of strain gauge based reaction type torque transducer, fulcrum arm of 1 M length with L angle to mount the sensor, Pan & weights with digital torque indicator to read the torque in Kg-m.
    Unitech Scales And
  • NI LabVIEW Basics I CBT Self-Paced Training Course This CD, based on our LabVIEW Basics I hands-on course, greatly improves your productivity with LabVIEW. Even if you have some experience with LabVIEW, this CD reinforces fundamental concepts and shows you many time saving tips and techniques.
    National Instruments
  • PB-500 - Analog Circuit Trainer The Model PB-500 Analog Circuit Trainer is a compact portable analog circuit design trainer with built-in power supplies and function generator. It can be used for analog circuit design and classroom training purposes and its unique combination of built-in functions and uncommitted devices makes it one of the most convenient breadboarding systems available.
    Global Specialties
  • EWPro™ - Electronic Warfare Simulation & Training Software EWPro™ is RDSI's Electronic Warfare simulation and training software. It combines scenario editing and scenario playback with tactical equipment emulation. Scenario Editing, Real-time Scenario Playback, AN/WLR-8 Receiver Emulation, Type 18 Early Warning Receiver Emulation, AN/SLQ-32 Receiver Emulation, AN/ULQ-16 Pulse Analyzer Emulation.
    Research And Development

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