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  • Agilent 3070 Programming and Training Services 3070 Advance Programming ISP and Flash Programming Advanced Boundary Scan Complex Functional Test Specs Embedded Flash
    Masterpiece Engineering
  • Service Agreements | Consultations | Training Sessions | Product Reviews Depending on the product, InterWorking Labs provides a 90 day or 12 month standard warranty covering software updates and hardware replacement in the event of hardware failure. For extra protection, additional service agreements may be purchased.

    InterWorking Labs offers consultations and complimentary training sessions worldwide via web-conferencing to meet their clientele's needs.

    InterWorking Labs educates, informs, and enlightens current and prospective clients and investors about saving the world from network failures through our press releases, white papers, tweets and blogs. Support this important mission by letting us know how IWL can help. Have you used an IWL product to prevent a network failure? Do you need our CEO or CTO to speak out on: network test methodology, likelihood of occurrence of network events, product reviews, ICANN, the History of the Internet (HOTI), and more?
    InterWorking Labs
  • ET-9400 - Semiconductor Trainer Easy Analysis of characteristics for semi-conductor, frequency, generator, voltage, etc.
    C&C Instruments Co
  • ARINC 664 Protocol Training Course AIT's industry‐leading ARINC 664 experts are now offering a training course on practical implementation of the ARINC 664 protocol, the baseline of an AFDX. network. The training course is based on the latest ARINC 664 standards documents and AIT Engineers' years of real world experience working with ARINC 664 networks. Our ARINC 664 Protocol Training covers the ARINC 664 standard, its implementation, as well as comparisons with standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet. Hands‐on lab time with actual ARINC 664 end‐systems and switches is included.
    Avionics Interface
  • LT-9600M - Logic Circuit Trainer Practicing and understanding 18 experiments for logic circuits
    C&C Instruments Co
  • Bourdon Guage Trainer Module Bourdon Gauge Trainer comprises of bourdon pressure gauge fitted on a pressure chamber, a displacement sensor is attached to the edge of the bourdon tube to sense the deflection of the bourdon tube due to pressure. The displacement indicator is provided to measure the deflection of the tube in terms of pressure and also in mm.
    Unitech Scales And
  • MIC04 - Microwave Integrated Circuit Training Lab 0.04-4.4 GHz PLL Microwave Signal Generator. * 1KHz Frequency Step size and Accuracy. * 1 MHz-4.4 GHz RF Power meter with -70dBm sensitivity. * Win7/XP PC control, display and analysis in real time. * 0.5-4.4 GHz Directional Coupler with 35dB directivity.
    Amitec Electronics
  • PAT Training We provide PAT training courses to enable you to safely carry out your own Portable Appliance Testing. Our on site training courses allow us to tailor the course content to meet your own particular requirements whilst also being on hand to provide valuable advice on testing in your workplace.
    Plugtest Ltd
  • GRF-3300 Series - RF Training Systems Designed for wireless frequency range applications * Includes a 880MHz Digital PLL and 2.4GHz microstrip line filter circuits * Training for the Voice Communication System * Demonstrates the applications and measurements for using spectrum analyzers in communication instruments * Instructional theory and hands-on experiments for each chapter covering topics in RF systems * Designed for the application of the RF Transmitter and Receiver systems
    Good Will Instrument
  • Training Services Training in the operation, servicing, calibration and programming of our equipment is available at the Microtronix facility in London Ontario Canada or we can send someone to your premises. (This latter option is sometimes more popular for our customers located in more southerly countries in the months of December through March when the Canadian winter is upon us.)
    Microtronix Systems
  • Training Courses Test Automation with TTCN-3 | TTworkbench Product Training

    Our training courses help you to understand and apply TTCN-3 in practice and teach you how to effectively handle our test automation software products. Our certified TTCN-3 specialists hold courses at Testing Technologies' in Berlin but also at customer's site.
    Please contact us for general information or if you require a special setting or individual course content.
    Testing Technologies
  • NI Certified Training Center Hands-on equipment that you expect when taking an NI course
    National Instruments
  • Torque Measurement Trainer Module Torque Measurement Trainer comprises of strain gauge based reaction type torque transducer, fulcrum arm of 1 M length with L angle to mount the sensor, Pan & weights with digital torque indicator to read the torque in Kg-m.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Test Equipment for Training On-Line Operation on Analog Grid Focused to solve on-line training of the power system, covering analog on-line testing on the 750kV line.
    Shanghai Launch Electric
  • Viabration Measurement Trainer Module Vibration Measurement Trainer comprises of vibration generator of capacity 5 Newton with vibration exciter. Piezoelectric accelerometer is used to sense the vibration. Digital display unit will display displacement, velocity & acceleration sensed by the sensor.
    Unitech Scales And
  • UITM-10 - Peizo Electric Trainer Peizo Electric Trainer-UITM 10 comprises of Piezoelectric crystal mounted inside housing and fitted on a base plate. Digital indicator is supplied to indicate the vibrational force.
    Unitech Scales And
  • Speed Measurement Trainer Module Speed Measurement Trainer comprises of photo reflective & magnetic pickup sensors, fractional HP cc.
    Unitech Scales And
  • UITM-09 - Resistance Measurement Trainer Resistance Measurement Trainer UITM-09 comprises of potentiometer to vary the resistance with respect to the angular displacement with digital indicator to read the resistance change in the potentiometer.
    Unitech Scales And
  • AT-9100 - Analog Trainer Easy use with bread-board without brazing
    C&C Instruments Co
  • UITM-01 - Strain Measurement Trainer We are engaged in offering Strain Measurement Trainer (Model: UITM- 01), which comprises of stainless steel beam firmly fixed at one end and the other end is free to load. Our range is available in various dimensions, resolution and power supply’s as per the clients specific requirements. The main features of the strain indicator are front panel strain gauge bridge balancing with the help of potentiometer and the whole system is self-contained with all accessories included.
    Unitech Scales And
  • 8200 - Zareba® Cow Trainer AC Solid State Charger Dairy barns and garden use. This AC-powered fence charger has 3 adjustable settings and fuseless solid state design.
    Zareba Systems
  • EMV Training Barnes regularly provides EMV chip card implementation training and hands-on chip consultancy for both business and IT personnel. Whether migrating to chip cards for the first time, introducing new personnel to chip technology or implementing a new chip product, it is important that key staff receive a thorough grounding in the technology and the way it impinges on other aspects of the business.
    Barnes International
  • M/Pulse - Electronic Warfare Simulation and Training Software Up to 32 simultaneous independent signals per system Wide range of RF, PRI, PW and Scan parameters Video Generation Pulse Stretched Audio Generation RF Generation with the EWTS-()R IF Generation with the EWTS-()I RS-422 interface for AN/SLQ-32 training port
    Research And Development
  • UITM-02 - Measurement Trainer Our quality range of Displacement Measurement (Model No: UITM-02) is provided with all necessary test points are brought out with schematic circuitry for understanding the working of the instrument. The instrument is calibrated to read the displacement directly in mm
    Unitech Scales And

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Training - A course of instruction to raise proficiency.


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