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We are a solutions company specializing in PCB assembly testing, fault diagnosis and device programming. We develop innovative products built upon boundary-scan (IEEE Std 1149.x) standards and supply our software and hardware products and services world-wide.

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  • Development Software Suite

    JTAG ProVision - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JTAG ProVision software suite is used to generate boundary-scan tests and in-system programming applications for assembled PCBs and systems. This professional development tool is fully automated and supports the import of design data from over 30 different EDA and CAM systems. Other key data inputs are JTAG device BSDL models and a large, well-maintained model library describing thousands of non-JTAG devices.

  • Pod with Four Test Access Ports for 5v or 3.3V TTL Thresholds

    JT 2137 - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2137 pod remains a popular choice for DataBlaster controller installations that require a compact signal conditioning pod embedded within a test fixture. The JT 2137 features four test access ports which together may be set for 5v or 3.3V TTL thresholds, although additional plug-in adapters are available that allow alternative thresholds to be set on a TAP by TAP basis (contact your local sales office for details). The 20-way 0.1″ IDC TAP headers comply with the standard JTAG Technologies 20-way pin-out and provide the additional flash programming controls Read/Busy and AutoWrite.

  • QuadPOD Conditioning Interface

    JT 2147/VPC - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2147/VPC is a variant of the JTAG Technologies QuadPOD signal conditioning interface specifically designed for use within Virginia Panel Corporation’s mass interconnect interface. The unit integrates both the JT 2148 transceiver circuitry, two independent, programmable TAP modules (of type JT 2149) and two TAP modules with I/O (of type JT 2149/MPV) on a single board that interfaces via the VPC QuadraPaddle connectors type G20x or G14x.

  • Digital/Analog/Frequency Measurement Module

    JT 2149/DAF - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2149/DAF is a compact, mixed-signal (Digital/Analog/Frequency) measurement module for use in JTAG Technologies’ widely-used JT 2147 (QuadPod) signal conditioning interface. The DAF module has been designed to replace a regular TAP Pod and provides 28 measurement channels plus a clock generator. When connected to a circuit board via edge connector or test fixture/jig test pins, the module enhances standard digital boundary-scan tests by enabling a series of analog and frequency measurements to be made.

  • TAP Pods

    JTAG Technologies Inc.

    JTAG Technologies designers have been developing high-speed digital test equipment for well over 30 years. The current range of controllers ranges from the compact, stylish and reliable JT 3705/USB to the rugged, dependable DataBlaster family and variants that have been developed for industrial use. The latest addition, JT5705/USB adds analog measure and source capabilities to provide a true mixed-signal tester platform.

  • Accessories

    JTAG Technologies Inc.

    Product accessories by JTAG

  • CoreCommander

    JTAG Technologies Inc.

    While many ICs are equipped with a JTAG (IEEE Std. 1149.1) boundary-scan register (BSR), a significant number of microprocessors and DSPs can be found with deficient or even non-existent BSRs. CoreCommander Micro uses the on-chip debug mode of processors to access ports and embedded peripheral controllers to promote ''kernel-centric'' testing. Similarly, in the case of today's Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) test engineers can ''bridge'' from the JTAG interface to the resources of the gate array itself. Our CoreCommander FPGA product implements a translatorinterface that allows our JTAG hardware to control embedded IP cores via a variety of bus interfaces (e.g. Wishbone Avalon etc.).

  • ScanBridge

    JT 2154 - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2154 is an experiment board based on National Semiconductor’s STA111 device, aimed at users looking to utilise addressable bridge/multiplexors within their designs, and thus set-up ‘system level’ JTAG access. The unit can also be used in semi-permanent installations to expand the TAP (Test Access Port) count on JTAG Technologies controllers in order to address highly segmented designs. Built-in support for ScanBridge-type devices within ProVision allows easy set-up of TAP assignments and device addressing.

  • USB License Key

    Sentinel RMS - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    For customers that wish to use our software on different computers we offer the possibility to purchase our software license locked to a USB dongle. Add this product to your software order and we’ll deliver your software licenses linked to a compact Sentinel RMS license key.

  • JTAG Functional Test

    JFT - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    JFT comprises a series of software modules that support boundary-scan test and programming activities under Python, National Instruments LabVIEW and Microsoft .NET framework. Using JFT users can create JTAG/boundary-scan test application scripts, VIs or programs for PCB assemblies and systems that control individual driver/sensor pins, groups of pins declared as variables or register bits. These applications are typically used to test logic devices or mixed signal clusters and can also be transformed into re-usable test 'modules'. Pairing JFT with JTAG CoreCommander emulative test modules gives an effective, low-cost system for performing tests through embedded device peripherals (ADCs, Memory Controllers etc..)

  • High Speed Device & Flash Programmer

    JT 2147 QuadPOD - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2147 QuadPOD high speed device programmer and flash programmer comprises JT 2148 transceiver and four independent, programmable JT 2149 TAP PODs and provides signal conditioning for the DataBlaster series of boundary-scan controllers. Used for gang, parallel, fast testing / Programming of devices.TAP pods can be housed integrally within the transceiver or they can be detached and reconnected via the (optional) one meter extension cable. The JT 2148 transceiver is available in standard (/10) or industrial (/13) variants. The /13 variant includes a SCSI cable splitter to allow system integrators to use flat ribbon cables into the transceiver itself which often simplifies fixture building.A fixture-embedded variant of the JT 2147 is available as part reference JT 2147/FXT. This unit integrates the function of the transceiver and four pod onto a single assembly. This variant can also support 64 DIOS channels and SCIL functions (see more images below for a picture of the JT 2147/FXT).

  • DIOS (Digital I/O Scan Module)

    JT 2122/MPV - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 2122/MPV DIOS (digital I/O scan module) increases the coverage and improves the diagnostic resolution of boundary-scan testing by extending test access to connectors and/or test points. JT 2122/MPV DIOS provides bi-directional parallel-scan access to up to 128 or 133 I/Os in a standard DIMM-168 module.

  • USB Explorer (Two Port)

    JT 3705 - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JT 3705/USB Explorer is a low-cost two port USB powered boundary-scan controller interface specifically suited for low volume testing and in-system programming of (C)PLDs. Explorer supports two fully-compliant boundary-scan test access ports (TAPs) which can be synchronized for test purposes.

  • 19" Rack Mount Chassis, Industrial JTAG-Powered PCB Tester-Programmer 'CombiSystem'

    JT 57××/RMIC - JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The new-concept, industrial JTAG-powered PCB tester-programmer the JT 57xx/RMIc ‘CombiSystem’ comprises a sleek base-level 19″ rack-mount chassis assembly that can house up to four customer-specified modules chosen from various JTAG (IEEE 1149.x) controllers, digital IO and analog IO and other measurement modules.

  • JTAG Live Controller

    JTAG Technologies Inc.

    The JTAG Live Controller is USB connected and powered and features a single test access port in JTAG Technologies standard 10-way IDC pin-out. The JTAG Live controller is a smart, low-cost and easy-to-use USB JTAG/Boundary-scan interface.

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