Parametric Test

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  • 4082A - Parametric Test System Standard low-current and ultra low-current matrix card configurations (12 to 48 pins) Standard low-current version supports up to 2 x HPSMUs and up to 8 total SMUs Ultra low-current version supports up to 2 x HRSMUs, up to 2 x HPSMUs and up to 8 total SMUs 8 auxiliary inputs and 48 extended path inputs for support of external instrument
    Agilent Technologies
  • ITC5730 - Dynamic Parametric Test System The ITC5730 Dynamic Parametric Test System mainframe accepts Test Heads that perform nondestructive transient measurements on semiconductor devices such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT), power MOSFETs, diodes, and other bipolar devices. Included in the mainframe are all test equipment and software necessary to analyze and perform switching time, switching loses, gate charge, Trr/Qrr, and other transient tests. 
    Integrated Technology
  • Sagittarius - Intelligent Parametric Test System STAr Sagittarius revolutionizes the era in semiconductor parametric test and measurement solutions spanning across all semiconductor test needs: Si/GaAs ICs, flat-panel display (FPD), wired/wireless communications components, smart high-power ICs, RFICs, etc. Sagittarius enbles flexible configuration by integrating most parametric instruments and probe stations.
    STAr Technologies
  • IST-8800 - Programmable Parametric Tester for Discrete Semiconductors The IST-8800 is a fully programmable, low cost tester that provides parameter measurements or parametric GO/NO GO test for transistors, diodes, MOS-FETs, Regulators, Triacs, Zeners, SCRs, and J-FETs. These devices can be tested up to 5 amps or 1200 volts with a measurement range down to the nano amp range. Only four universal test fixtures are required which can test the device across a wide range of packages.
    IST Information Scan
  • 6103 GSM/GPRS - Cellular Parametric Test The Aeroflex Digital Radio Test Set model 6103 has set new industry standards in cellular radio testing. It is a high performance, portable, fully integrated instrument for production and maintenance of modern digital telephones. The 6103 addresses GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 and has been selected by most of the world's mobile manufacturers for field service operations.
  • 4220 - CHAMBER FOR PARAMETRIC TESTING Chamber cover removed exposing rotating fixture.
    Saunders & Associates
  • VersaCore - Parametric Test Probe Cards VersaCore™ is the industry's new price and performance leader for parametric test probe cards. The VersaCore™ provides a temperature range of -65°C to 200°C, and has two available core types for low leakage of <5fA/V and AttoFast™ settling to sub-1fA/V ultra high performance. This new ceramic probe technology delivers long lifetime and infinite rebuilds.
    Celadon Systems
  • 6413A - Cellular Parametric Test Comprehensive on-site testing of Node Bs using real-world scenarios, both at initial installation and then during ongoing maintenance, plays a vital role in preventing and solving performance problems before they impact subscribers. Thorough testing also gives network operators greater confidence in the quality of the deployed network.
  • Cellular Parametric Test Aeroflex, through its IFR and Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions brands, is able to offer a wide selection of cellular test sets addressing both mobile and base station test applications.
  • OPTIMUM Series Model 200-CT - Parametric Measurement System, Memories The OPTIMUM 200-CT burn-in system has been designed to specifically address parametric and functional testing in a burn-in environment. By utilizing an PMU through an IEEE interface, we can measure a wide variety of parametric measurements.
    Advanced Microtechnology
  • ELA 10 - DATA LINE ANALYSER Comprehensive parametric testing in the frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • IST-7500 - Linear Device Tester THE IST-7500 is a programmable parametric tester that provides parameter measurements or parametric Go/No Go tests for a wide variety of Operational Amplifiers, Voltage Comparators, Voltage Regulators, Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters. The IST-7500 can be interfaced to an automatic handler for high speed production testing and is also equipped with a RS-232 port for PC interface.
    IST Information Scan
  • RI-40 - Test System Delivering precision measurements at production speeds, the RI-40 modular dc parametric test system is the smallest footprint full-featured tester on the market.
    Reedholm Instruments
  • Reflex 10 - Relay Test System Parametric Relay Test System that combine a flexible hardware architecture with advanced test software. The system is ideal for low-cost production applications.

    See also Reflex 10M, RT290 and Reflex 510 Parametric Relay Test Systems.
    Applied Relay Testing
  • Low Leakage For parametric test that can measure 10fA order ultra low current. Applicable to Agilent Testers 4071, 4072, 4073 etc.
    Micronics JAPAN
  • PDC50 - DC Parametric Pyramid Probe Cards PDC50 DC parametric Pyramid probe cards are the high performance, low cost alternative to the existing solutions. The PDC50 is compatible with both Agilent 4070/4080 Series and Keithly S600 Series, designed to enable the accurate monitoring of 65nm and 45nm parametric test structures.
    Cascade Microtech
  • 41000 - Integrated Parametric Characterization Environment Agilent 41000 Integrated Parametric Analysis and Characterization Environment (iPACE), enables integrated system performance to parametric test environment. iPACE enables users to realize the full 1-femtoamp measurement potential of semiconductor parameter analyzer through a switching matrix, wafer prober interface, and probe card without any loss in measurement performance.
    STAr Technologies
  • IST-6500 - RAM Tester The IST-6500 is a low cost, fully programmable tester for functional and parametric testing of DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, and SIMM devices up to 144 bits wide and 64 MB in size. The 6500 offers four different ways to automatically measure the access time of these devices from 2ns to 160ns with a resolution of 2ns. The DRAM timing parameters are programmable at the resolution of 1ns to allow for testing DRAM, SIMM, or VRAM at their required operating speeds, thus providing real time test conditions.
    IST Information Scan
  • Reflex 10M - Relay Test System A parametric relay test systems offering MIL spec relay testing. The system is based on the popular Reflex 10 architecture but adds both AC coil PSU capability and the 0-10 Amp contact current measurement capability of the ASY0700 in one unit.

    See also Reflex 10, Reflex 510 and RT290 Parametric Relay Test Systems.
    Applied Relay Testing
  • RTC25 - Relay Tester A breakthrough in design innovation brings you affordable relay testing. Beginning at under $4000 you can have a complete parametric test system offering full-screen data display, datalogging capability, unlimited file capacity and completely programmable test parameters and conditions. This new system is expandable to accommodate a wide variation in testing requirements from low-volume incoming inspection to full-blown relay production manufacturing.
  • RI-70 - High Pin Count Test System High pin count dc test system in one cabinet with 48 to 600 pins, with full parametric capabilities. Can be expanded in the field as pin count needs increase.
    Reedholm Instruments
  • 431-TT - Discrete Device Test System The Model 431-TT is Tesec’s newest DC Parametric Test System which employs an Open Architecture with V/I Source Measurement Modules.
  • SPECS - Semiconductor Process Evaluation Core Software SPECS (Semiconductor Process Evaluation Core Software) provides an automated, interactive, integrated test environment for Agilent 4070 Series Parametric test systems. 
    Agilent Technologies
  • SIFT - Stimulus Induced Fault Testing SIFT allows for the analysis of numerous stimuli to identify speed, fault, and parametric differences in silicon. The heart of the SIFT technique revolves around intentionally disturbing devices with external stimuli and comparing the test criteria to reference parts or timing/voltage sensitivities. Synchronous interfacing is possible to any tester without any wiring or program changes. The system can be based on either a motorized probe station or portable microscope stand for test head applications.
    FA Instruments

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Parametric Test - determine whether a DUT's electrical characteristics meet specification.