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Provider of fully integrated RF accelerated life-test/burn-in test systems for compound semiconductor devices which are used in the implementation of broadband wireless infrastructures and networks.

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  • DC Bias and RF Stimulus Control Module

    Quantum SMART Fixture - Accel-RF Corporation

    Accel-RF Corporation, the world leader in turnkey RF automated reliability test instruments, has "unplugged" the industry-leading RF SMART Fixture from their automated test platform and made it available for benchtop test. The NEW Quantum SMART Fixture is a programmable self-contained DC bias and RF stimulus control module capable of synchronizing sequenced independent pulsed-bias and pulsed-RF signals to a DUT or remote fixture. The signals are controlled from a user interface compatible with Accel-RF's LIFETEST software. The Quantum SMART fixture is capable of "active" temperature control and monitoring of a remote DUT through embedded firmware in the microprocessor

  • Characterization Platform

    Accel-RF Corporation

    This standalone integral software and hardware platform is capable of functioning as an independent single-channel or virtual multi-channel characterization test subsystem. The platform is USB controlled to provide temperature, RF-signal and bias-control to a device-under-test (DUT) for semiconductor performance measurement. When used in conjunction with Accel-RF's embedded Pulser-Card Assembly, the test device is capable of pulsed DC and RF stimulus.

  • DC Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS)

    DC-HTOL - Accel-RF Corporation

    The DC Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS) systems are designed to maximize channel density. The first systems developed by Accel-RF (ARF) were intended for RF and DC stimulus to the Device Under Test (DUT). However, there are some applications in which RF stimulus is not required.

  • High Voltage Switching Test System

    Accel-RF Corporation

    The advanced development of new technologies, such as SiC and GaN, have opened the opportunity for more efficient and higher voltage/power performance in switching and power management circuits. Their high cutoff frequencies, low on-state resistance, and very high breakdown voltages can increase power supply power handling densities approaching hundreds of watts/inch. Reliability of these new technologies and techniques is critical for realizing practical applications. While Silicon devices have a rich history of proven reliability, these newer compound semiconductor technologies are too new to have a reliability history and have not been well proven. Further, process variations, even in well-controlled lines, yield widely varying results. This has driven the need for additional testing and to burn-in devices prior to delivery.

  • Power-Switching Test System

    High Voltage Switching Test System - Accel-RF Corporation

    The Accel-RF Power-Switching Test System is capable of measuring reliability under a variety of conditions for switching power applications up to 1kV (off) and 25A (on) at rates up to 1MHz switching frequency, dependent on voltage. By leveraging technology developed for the RF burn-in tray platform with new fast switching measurement techniques, this system can support testing of multiple devices under elevated temperature stimulus in a small physical area, and offers the flexibility to test both soft- and hard-switching applications. The Accel-RF Power-Switching System is the most flexible and accurate power switching platform available.

  • RF Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS)

    RF-HTOL - Accel-RF Corporation

    The RF Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS) systems are designed to stress devices with RF, DC, and thermal stimulus. The systems were designed from their inception to include RF stimulus - it was not added as an after-thought. Hence, the software and hardware are fully integrated and provide full-featured support.

  • RF Bias Burn-In System

    Accel-RF Corporation

    These systems deliver an unbeatable combination of advantages over a wide range of RF frequencies and power levels. The Automated Multi-Channel RF-Biased Burn-In Test System is a turnkey system that incorporates all of the capability needed for accelerated aging and parametric testing of RF semiconductor devices. Its powerful software elegantly supports data acquisition, storage, and presentation. Accel RF’s customers choose system features to meet their technical needs and capital budget. In addition to cost savings, use of Accel-RF’s solutions accelerate product time-to-market, saving many months of product development.

  • Standard RF Fixture

    Accel-RF Corporation

    The standard RF fixture supports both pulsed and non-pulsed operation. It employs SMA input/output connections. For RF output powers over 10W, an N-type connector may be used to replaces the SMA connector because of its power-handling capability.

  • Millimeter-Wave Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Systems

    nm-Wave AARTS System - Accel-RF Corporation

    AARTS fully integrated, automated, turnkey system provides flexibility and accuracy in determining RF and DC performance degradation with aging to predict life expectancy for compound semiconductor devices. Our millimeter-wave Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Systems (AARTS) and fixture solutions are available in standard frequency ranges from 26.5 to 67 GHz.

  • RF-Ready DC Fixture

    Accel-RF Corporation

    The RF-Ready DC fixture provides space for mounting RF input and output matching circuits. Hence, it is possible to tune up the assembly at a remote test station, such as a network analyzer, to peak performance and then run the life test with DC stimulus. The matching structures also allow incorporation of more complex stabilization structures.