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  • ATST-01PL - Auditor I Torque Analyzer Sequential Memory w/Plus Technology Provides 16 hours of continuous use and only 1½ hour charging time. Will not develop "memory set" eliminating the need for battery management. Can be operated on partial charge or directly plugged into AC power
  • MM-5428CN - NVRAM PCI Memory Card The MM-5428CN is a half size PCI card with a 64-bit/66MHz PCI interface and 256MB to 1GB of NVRAM. Redundant, rechargeable lithium ion batteries are on-board to provide data retention in the event of a power loss. Status LED lights are software programmable and battery status registers in the CSR can be enabled to monitor battery voltages. The battery circuitry and failover have been refined over twenty-five years of product development to ensure the utmost in data retention and availability. ** Tier I/II OEM Product ** This is an OEM product not sold through distribution channels.
    Curtiss-Wright Controls
  • 4007 - Traceable® Memory Wide-Range Thermometer Expansive range of -212 to 1200°C and a backlight for dark areas.
    Control Company
  • 4082 - Traceable® Memory Humidity/Temperature Displays ambient and probe temperatures. Remembers high/low readings. LCD digits are 1/2 inch high.
    Control Company
  • ATST-01 - Auditor I Torque Analyzer Sequential Memory Auditor I: Torque Analyzer with sequential memory of 200 samples. Provides quick, easy and accurate: testing capability of power tools, verifiable accuracy of hand tools, monitoring capability of fastening process, auditing quality of assembled joints
  • N2911A - 8 Mpts memory upgrade for 100MHz-300MHz 6000 Series scopes Maximize your mixed signal viewing by upgrading your InfiniiVision 100 MHz and 300 MHz 6000 Series MSO or DSO to 8 Mpts of MegaZoom III memory.
    Keysight Technologies
  • SDS9302 - 300 MHz 3.2GSa/s Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope SDS9302 300 MHz 3.2GSa/s Deep Memory DSO with 10 M points memory, 2 channels. Includes 2 probes, power cable, USB cable, manual and CD with software. New user manual: Series Oscilloscopes USER_MANUAL_V1.5.0.pdf 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • ETMemory - Memory BIST LogicVision's ETMemory provides a complete solution for at-speed testing, diagnosis and repair of embedded memories, targeted specifically for nanometer scale designs. On-chip generated algorithmic test patterns are delivered to the memories at application clock frequencies.  
  • R.S.T. Pro PCI-Express - Memory Diagnostic R.S.T. Pro PCI Express is the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tool designed for the rigorous testing needs of desktop & server memory manufacturers, system builders, design engineers, and service professionals. 
  • 8826 - MEMORY HiCORDER 32-channel recorder with large display and wide printer installed Simultaneous sampling, display and recording of all 32 analog and 32 logic channels High resolution of 12-bit, 1 M-sampling /second
    HIOKI E.E.
  • 4048 - Traceable® Memory Monitoring Thermometer Min/max memory and high/low adjustable alarms. Audible alarm.
    Control Company
  • SIMCHECK II LT PLUS - SDRAM and SIMM Memory Tester SIMCHECK II LT PLUS (p/n INN-8558LT-PLUS) includes the popular Sync DIMMCHECK 168 Adapter and includes all of SIMCHECK II's advanced capabilities, but without the 30-pin socket. This allows you to test all of your 72 and 168-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM modules.
  • MR8875 - MEMORY HiCORDER Although easy portable size with one hand, but can measure for many channels Max. 2 μsec high-speed logging in simultaneously for all input channels Save directly to the SD Card in real time, Long term uninterrupted recording Logger 16-bits high-resolution measuring for voltage, temperature, distortion and CAN signals FFT calculation, waveform calculation functions for advanced analysis Intuitive touch screen for optimal operability
    HIOKI E.E.
  • TCIII-100NF - Multi-Site Memory Test System TurboCATS III-100NF is a high speed multi-site tester designed for high volume production environments.  With a built in device library you are able to test NAND flash products from most manufacturers.  You can test individual chips to 128 Gbytes in size with rating up to 100Mhz.
    Triad Spectrum
  • Ez-SPD - Memory Modules The latest Memory Modules come with a small EEPROM call the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) which the computer uses to identify the characteristics of the memory modules. Computer manufacturers identify modules through SPD signatures written on the DIMM Module. Some computers cannot work with memory modules having mis-match SPD. 
  • FS2334 - DDR2 800 DIMM Memory Bus Analysis Probe With this versatile product, designers can use their Agilent logic analyzer as a DDR2 800 DIMM SDRAM bus analyzer. The FS2334, coupled with the powerful triggering and analysis capabilities of Agilent`s state and timing analyzers, gives the user an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating DDR2 800 DIMM SDRAM memory systems.
    FuturePlus Systems
  • ABES-IV - Automatic Burn-In\Environmental Systems for Logic and Memory Devices Automatic Burn-In/Environmental System for Logic and Memory Devices. Up to 256 digital I/O channels per burn-in board. Up to 130 amps of programmable power to the devices under test (5 separate voltages). Large system capacity of up to 32 burn-in boards; Large burn-in boards with 20.25 inches x 21.5 inches of socket space.
    Micro Control Company
  • WBK30 - Memory Option for the WaveBook and ZonicBook Allows full-speed sampling with resource-limited PCs. Frees PC resources for other tasks. Transparent operation
  • SDS8102 - 100MHz 2GSa/s Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope SDS8102-V 100 MHz 2GSa/s Deep Memory DSO with 10 M points memory, 2 channels. Includes 2 probes, power cable, USB cable, manual and CD with software. New user manual: Series Oscilloscopes USER_MANUAL_V1.5.0.pdf. 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • N2913A - 8 Mpts memory upgrade for 500MHz- 1GHz 6000 Series scopes Increase acquisition depth to 8 Mpts For 500 MHz and 1 GHz 6000 Series oscilloscopes User self-installable, no tools or calibration required
    Keysight Technologies
  • DIMMCHECK 72P PRO - Memory check your 72-P Small Outline DIMMs The DIMMCHECK 72P PRO (p/n INN-8558-3) tests all 72-pin Small Outline DIMM modules with basic configurations of 18, 32, and 36 bits. The test can be selected by the user at 5V or 3.3V.
  • RAMCHECK DDR1 - Memory Tester The RAMCHECK DDR1 memory tester provides an inexpensive, simple way to test high-speed 184-pin DDR modules. It combines the industry-standard RAMCHECK base unit and the popular 184-pin DDR Pro adapter.
  • Memory Tester for DDR Innovation on Memory Tester for DDR. High Quality and Stable Performance, including DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4.
    Sireda Technology
  • NTS3700 - FLASH MEMORY AND EMBEDDED FLASH MEMORY A gang parallel write/erase/verify FLASH memory endurance cycling system for engineering and characterization. Includes functional test and environmental stress capability. 3 independent environmental chambers.
    Novtek Test Systems

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