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  • FS2336 - DDR 400 DIMM Memory Bus Analysis Probe With this versatile product, designers can use their Agilent logic analyzer as a DDR 400 DIMM SDRAM bus analyzer. The FS2336, coupled with the powerful triggering and analysis capabilities of Agilent`s state and timing analyzers, gives the user an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating DDR 400 DIMM SDRAM memory systems.
    FuturePlus Systems
  • 200-SEM - High Performance Memory TDBI System The OPTIMUM 200-SEM is one of the most sophisticated burn-in systems developed for both engineering and production test applications. With a high speed timing generator and local processor at each burn-in board location, it represents the state-of-the-art in Test During Burn-In (TDBI) for semiconductor memory products. The system has been developed for high density memory testing in a burn-in environment.
    Advanced Microtechnology
  • MR8740, MR8741 - MEMORY HiCORDER High-speed/isolated multichannel measurement system recorders (rack-mounted) Introducing the DVM Unit MR8990 with high 24-bit resolution! Perform high-speed, high-accuracy measurement without going through a scanner.
    HIOKI E.E.
  • R.S.T. Pro ExpressCard - Memory Diagnostic R.S.T. Pro ExpressCard is the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tool designed for the rigorous testing needs of mobile memory manufacturers, system builders, design engineers, and service professionals. Revolutionary since its initial debut back in 1995, the tradition of innovation continues with R.S.T. Pro ExpressCard. 
  • 4126 - Traceable® Big-Digit Memory Thermometer Extra-large digits and "easy to use" buttons. Max/min temperature memory.
    Control Company
  • MiniSting - Memory Earth Resistivity and IP Meter The MiniSting is a low cost resistivity & IP meter especially designed for small resistivity jobs like electrical grounding-grid testing, soil resistivity test using the Wenner four electrode method, survey for corrosion control, electrical surveys with the four electrode method (vertical electrical sounding or profiling). This instrument is also recommended for educational purposes.
    The MiniSting is pre-programmed for Wenner, Schlumberger, dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, pole-pole, mise-a-la-masse, SP, resistance and azimuthal surveys in the manual measurement mode.
    Advanced Geosciences
  • SureTouch™ - Memory Probe Cards SV Probe's SureTouch™ is a single touchdown NAND Flash Memory test solution offering superior performance and cost of ownership. The SureTouch™ utilizes a segmented architecture allowing for faster production and effective reparability while at the same time maintains tight scrubs and controlled planarity. Please contact an SV Probe Sales Representative for more information on the SureTouch™ one touch probe card.
    SV Probe
  • NTS3700 - FLASH MEMORY AND EMBEDDED FLASH MEMORY A gang parallel write/erase/verify FLASH memory endurance cycling system for engineering and characterization. Includes functional test and environmental stress capability. 3 independent environmental chambers.
    Novtek Test Systems
  • SDS9302 - 300 MHz 3.2GSa/s Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope SDS9302 300 MHz 3.2GSa/s Deep Memory DSO with 10 M points memory, 2 channels. Includes 2 probes, power cable, USB cable, manual and CD with software. New user manual: Series Oscilloscopes USER_MANUAL_V1.5.0.pdf 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • FS2354 DDR3 - SO-DIMM Memory Bus Interposer With this versatile product, designers can use their Agilent logic analyzer as a DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM bus analyzer. The FS2354, coupled with the powerful triggering and analysis capabilities of the Agilent logic analyzer, gives the user an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating DDR3 SO-DIMM SDRAM memory systems.
    FuturePlus Systems
  • Eureka-2 - Memory Tester CST is proud to present the next generation of Eureka tester capable of testing DDR1,DDR2 & DDR3 in blazing speed. The Eureka-2 is the fourth generation benchtop DIMM/SODIMM test system specifically designed for high-volume memory distributors, memory module manufacturers, memory module design engineers, DRAM Test Labs and other PC manufacturers. 
  • NTS5100 - Flash Memory Engineering Development System Bench top system for program development and small quantity cycling.
    Novtek Test Systems
  • MM-5428CN - NVRAM PCI Memory Card The MM-5428CN is a half size PCI card with a 64-bit/66MHz PCI interface and 256MB to 1GB of NVRAM. Redundant, rechargeable lithium ion batteries are on-board to provide data retention in the event of a power loss. Status LED lights are software programmable and battery status registers in the CSR can be enabled to monitor battery voltages. The battery circuitry and failover have been refined over twenty-five years of product development to ensure the utmost in data retention and availability. ** Tier I/II OEM Product ** This is an OEM product not sold through distribution channels.
    Curtiss-Wright Controls
  • NTS5700 - Flash Memory Endurance Cycling System Three environmental chambers, 12 independent zone controllers, 4 electrical zones per chamber and so much more.
    Novtek Test Systems
  • FS2332 - DDR2 667 DIMM Memory Bus Analysis Probe Use this versatile product with an Agilent logic analyzer to view and analyze DDR2 667 DIMM SDRAM bus transactions and protocol. The FS2332, coupled with the powerful triggering and analysis capabilities of Agilent`s state and timing analyzers, provides an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating DDR2 667 DIMM SDRAM memory systems.
    FuturePlus Systems
  • ETSystemMemory - Embedded External Memory Test LogicVision?s ETSystemMemory provides a complete solution for the at-speed testing of component memories. The solution provides support for most SRAM and DRAM memories, including those that utilize burst modes of operations, such as DDR and QDR memories. 
  • ABES-V - Automatic Burn-In\Environmental Systems for Logic and Memory Devices Automatic Burn-In\Environmental Systems for Logic and Memory Devices
    Micro Control Company
  • 4082 - Traceable® Memory Humidity/Temperature Displays ambient and probe temperatures. Remembers high/low readings. LCD digits are 1/2 inch high.
    Control Company
  • TCIII-100NF - Multi-Site Memory Test System TurboCATS III-100NF is a high speed multi-site tester designed for high volume production environments.  With a built in device library you are able to test NAND flash products from most manufacturers.  You can test individual chips to 128 Gbytes in size with rating up to 100Mhz.
    Triad Spectrum
  • ETMemory - Memory BIST LogicVision's ETMemory provides a complete solution for at-speed testing, diagnosis and repair of embedded memories, targeted specifically for nanometer scale designs. On-chip generated algorithmic test patterns are delivered to the memories at application clock frequencies.  
  • RAMCHECK DDR - Pro-High-Speed DDR Memory Tester The RAMCHECK DDR Pro offers a powerful, yet inexpensive way to test high-speed DDR modules. RAMCHECK DDR Pro is identical to the RAMCHECK Plus Pro tester, but without the support for older SDRAM/EDO/FPM modules.
  • MM-6165D - 4GB SDRAM Memory Buffer The MM-6165D is a 2GB or 4GB 64-bit 66MHz PMC SDRAM Memory Buffer node. The peak transfer rate is 533 MB/s. Memory on the PCI bus is mapped into I/O space, which easily creates a separate and distinct memory partition for buffering data, caching data, or storing application files.
    Curtiss-Wright Controls
  • BurnIn64 - x64 CPU / Motherboard / Memory / HD Tester Burnin64 is a burn-in tool designed for AMD64 architecture to test the major components of computer under Windows For 64-bit Extended Systems(x86-64 platform) environment. It is specifically designed to test CPU(s), Motherboard, Memory and Hard drive(s) with the new features of x86-64 architecture in mind.
    7Byte Computers
  • MemoryScape™ - Dynamic Memory Debugger Advanced memory debugging and analysis capability helps you identify and resolve difficult memory problems in C, C++ and Fortran. It provides a graphical, real-time view into heap memory, memory usage, memory allocation bounds violations and memory leaks, without instrumentation. Its built-in scripting language makes batch mode testing easy and efficient; incorporate the scripts into your nightly processing to verify that new development has introduced no new memory errors.
    Rogue Wave Software

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