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  • AS-120 MF - Portable Memory Foam Hardness Tester Specially applicable to measure hardness of memory foam, latex, slow rebound sponge, TEMPUR material, low rebound foam, viscoelastic sponge > It meets standards: DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619, ASTM D 2240, JIS K7215 > LCD display, intuitive readings with no guessing errors > With metric and imperial conversion > Auto switch off and manual shutdown > With average value calculation function > With low battery alarm indicator > With maximum value stored > Use USB data output with connection PC > Provide Bluetooth data output choice
    Guangzhou Amittari
  • BurnIn64 - x64 CPU / Motherboard / Memory / HD Tester Burnin64 is a burn-in tool designed for AMD64 architecture to test the major components of computer under Windows For 64-bit Extended Systems(x86-64 platform) environment. It is specifically designed to test CPU(s), Motherboard, Memory and Hard drive(s) with the new features of x86-64 architecture in mind.
    7Byte Computers
  • MR8880-20 - MEMORY HiCORDER Capture high- to low-voltage signals in a single device! Rugged, Professional and Ready for the Field
    HIOKI E.E.
  • AL4000 Series - Hybrid Memory Recorders AL4000 series is a hybrid recorder which employs bright and clear, easy to view LCD display. Measuring value display is prepared as 1 point display, multi-points simultaneous display and digital display + bar graph display. Various measuring and recording settings can be easily done by front key switch and confirmed by LCD digital display. Equipped with SD card (sold separately) and it can record data, read and write setting value.
  • FS2359B DDR3 800 - 1600 SO-DIMM Memory Bus Interposer With this versatile product, designers can use their Tektronix logic analyzer as a DDR3 1600 SO-DIMM SDRAM bus analyzer. The FS2359B, coupled with the powerful triggering and analysis capabilities of the Tektronix logic analyzer, gives the user an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating DDR3 1600 SO-DIMM SDRAM memory systems.
    FuturePlus Systems
  • MCA4000 - Memory Compliance Analyzer Automates protocol compliance and performance statistics Supports JEDEC DDR3 and DDR4 Concurrent real-time protocol and state trigger analyzers iCiS (I see eyes) and programmable front-end enable DDR PHY level debug Family of 20+ interposers preserve analog signal characteristics; Compatible with Tektronix 7XXX LA
    Nexus Technology
  • N2911A - 8 Mpts memory upgrade for 100MHz-300MHz 6000 Series scopes Maximize your mixed signal viewing by upgrading your InfiniiVision 100 MHz and 300 MHz 6000 Series MSO or DSO to 8 Mpts of MegaZoom III memory.
    Keysight Technologies
  • FlexROM III - Memory Emulator FlexROM emulators provide engineers with a flexible development tool for any Embedded project that uses an external FLASH, EPROM or SRAM device. FlexROM provides quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles during development.
  • Memory Tester for DDR Innovation on Memory Tester for DDR. High Quality and Stable Performance, including DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4.
    Sireda Technology
  • T5511 - High-Speed Memory Test System With a maximum test speed of 8Gbps, the T5511 is the world's fastest memory testers, supporting the very fastest GDDR5-SDRAM devices with capacity to spare. Furthermore, since all the system's test pins support 8Gbps, no reduction in parallelism occurs when operating at high speed.
  • 4007 - Traceable® Memory Wide-Range Thermometer Expansive range of -212 to 1200°C and a backlight for dark areas.
    Control Company
  • DocMemory Pro - Memory Diagnostic Test Card DocMemory Pro-PCI Test Card is a user friendly PC Memory Diagnostic Software tool targeting at the Memory Module Manufacturers. �DocMemory Pro � is an advanced self-booting PC Memory Diagnostic Software. This user-friendly software is designed to capture all possible memory failures in a PC. Rigorous test pattern is exercised on both the PC Base and Extended Memory to locate defective memory. During Boot up, DocMemory is able to determine memory capacity with its Auto-Identification feature, displaying easy to read memory related information.  
  • ETMemory - Memory BIST LogicVision's ETMemory provides a complete solution for at-speed testing, diagnosis and repair of embedded memories, targeted specifically for nanometer scale designs. On-chip generated algorithmic test patterns are delivered to the memories at application clock frequencies.  
  • Handy Digital IC/Memory Tester Digital IC Tester for testing TTL / CMOS / DRAM/ Most of the Digital circuits use 74 series TTL, 40/45 series CMOS & 41/44 series DRAM. It is essential to test the ICs before it is put into the circuit. This Tester is also useful for servicing/maintenance.
    The IC Tester is having 24 Pin ZIF socket for testing the ICs. It has its own display of 16x1 LCD and own menu for guiding the user. It has the function of selecting the IC number, Auto Search for unknown ICs, and test the ICs. Its average search time is less than 0.8 sec.
    A Popular Science
  • Memory Card and USB Switch Fixture Allion Smart Switch is designed for USB and Memory Card related devices testing in R&D, DVT, QA stages. The four Bi-Way USB Master/Slave ports and four Memory Card slots enables you to quickly connect the devices you need to test with. The software controlled switch operation helps to reduce the testing time and avoid unnecessary operation error.
    Allion Test Labs
  • ABES-IV - Automatic Burn-In\Environmental Systems for Logic and Memory Devices Automatic Burn-In/Environmental System for Logic and Memory Devices. Up to 256 digital I/O channels per burn-in board. Up to 130 amps of programmable power to the devices under test (5 separate voltages). Large system capacity of up to 32 burn-in boards; Large burn-in boards with 20.25 inches x 21.5 inches of socket space.
    Micro Control Company
  • T5503 - Memory Test Systems With broadband communications now widely used in households and business throughout the globe, continued expectations for higher quality, and larger capacity applications for video, audio, and other on-line content is on the rise. This demand is prompting the transition from DDR2-SDRAM to DDR3-SDRAM as the main memory for computers. DDR3's increased performance, coupled with lower power requirements, promise to measurably enhance the capabilities of equipment such as PCs, notebooks and servers. Accompanying the shift from DDR2-SDRAM to the faster DDR3-SDRAM, is the corresponding requirement from device manufactures for higher-speed and more accurate test capabilities, coupled with a renewed insistence on lowered test costs for mass production of these new devices. Advantest's T5503 is the memory test system that realizes lower costs and gives device manufacturers the upper hand in volume production.
  • SureTouch™ - Memory Probe Cards SV Probe's SureTouch™ is a single touchdown NAND Flash Memory test solution offering superior performance and cost of ownership. The SureTouch™ utilizes a segmented architecture allowing for faster production and effective reparability while at the same time maintains tight scrubs and controlled planarity. Please contact an SV Probe Sales Representative for more information on the SureTouch™ one touch probe card.
    SV Probe
  • U-Probe - Multi-die Test of Memory IC Probe card for multi-die testing of a memory device using our original "micro-cantilever" probe technique, to which MEMS technique has been applied, and "MLS (multi-layer substrate) production technique. This supports contact on large-sized probe areas and achieves 8"/12" full wafer contact
    Micronics JAPAN
  • MM-5428CN - NVRAM PCI Memory Card The MM-5428CN is a half size PCI card with a 64-bit/66MHz PCI interface and 256MB to 1GB of NVRAM. Redundant, rechargeable lithium ion batteries are on-board to provide data retention in the event of a power loss. Status LED lights are software programmable and battery status registers in the CSR can be enabled to monitor battery voltages. The battery circuitry and failover have been refined over twenty-five years of product development to ensure the utmost in data retention and availability. ** Tier I/II OEM Product ** This is an OEM product not sold through distribution channels.
    Curtiss-Wright Controls
  • UX90-005M - Occupancy/Light Logger, Extended Memory The HOBO Occupancy & Light data logger monitors room occupancy and indoor light changes to identify occupancy patterns and determine energy usage and potential savings. The HOBO UX90-005 Room Occupancy/Light Logger is available in a standard 128 KB memory model (UX90-005) capable of 84,650 measurements and an expanded 512KB memory version (UX90-005M) capable of over 346,795 measurements.
    Onset Computer
  • T5503HS - Memory Test Systems With today’s mobile electronic devices and the servers that support them handling ever-increasing volumes of data, semiconductor memory manufacturers need a highly capable, cost-efficient means of testing their latest generations of high-speed, high-capacity memory ICs – including emerging DDR4-SDRAM and LPDDR4-SDRAM chips. Advantest’s T5503HS tester gives memory manufacturers that industry-leading performance and a low cost of test along with an upgradeable system design.
  • IR-2G - 2 in 1 InfraRed Thermometer & Flash Memory 2 in 1 InfraRed Thermometer & Flash Memory
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • GlowCode - Performance Profiler / Memory Leak Detector GlowCode is a complete real-time performance and memory profiler for Windows and .NET programmers who develop applications with C++, C#, or any .NET Framework-compliant language. GlowCode helps programmers optimize application performance, with tools to detect memory leaks and resource flaws, isolate performance bottlenecks, profile and tune code, trace real-time program execution, ensure code coverage, isolate boxing errors, identify excessive memory usage, and find hyperactive and loitering objects.
    Electric Software

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