AC - aka Alternating Current

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  • GF3600 - Three-Phase AC/DC Instrument Test Equipment This device by program-controlled three-phase standard power resource, DC standard power resource, three-phase multi-function meter and the meter with standard and management software of the computer
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • 8532 - Handheld AC Field Instrument The MEDA handheld AC field instrument uses an induction coil with a ferromagnetic core to sense the magnetic fields produced by alternating electric currents. The sensor probe is separate from the signal conditioning electronics, allowing the operator to point the probe in any direction with one hand while comfortably reading the meter in the other hand.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • PROFITEST DC-II - Test instrument for AC/DC sensitive RCCBs Testing of the DC branch for AC/DC sensitive RCCBs - measurement of tripping current and time to trip for 30 and 300 mA RCCBs Can also be used for measurement of loop impedance within the system without tripping the RCCB
    GMC-I Messtechnik
  • GF211 - Double Clamp Phase Volt-ampere Meter F211 double clamp phase volt-ampere meter is a multi-functional portable instrument. It can measure not only alternating voltage, but also alternating current. Its important function is to measure phase angle between two voltages, between two current or between voltage and current.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF312D-S - Portable standard Meter for energy meter Portable standard Meter for energy meter is a precision AC energy meter testing instrument, mainly used to test three phase energy meter error on site and measure various of AC parameters.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF3200 - Instrument Calibrator This device is according to nation verification regulation JJG124-2005 "ammeter, voltmeter, power table and resistance meter calibration regulations, JJG126-95" ac power transformation for dc power electrical measurement transducer calibration regulations, Q/GDW140-2006 "ac sample measuring device travel inspection management rules" and JJG597-2005 "ac electric energy meter verification device" and the relevant countries standard requirements and design three-phase 0.05 magnitude table source integration calibration device.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF302-meter - Multi-Product Calibrator All kinds of electric measurement transducer can checks, including: AC/DC voltage transducer, AC/DC current transducer, frequency transducer, phase transducer, single three-phase AC active power transducer, 3-phase reactive power transducers;

    Check all kinds of electric measurement can indicating meter, including: AC/DC voltmeter, AC/DC ammeter, frequency table, phase table, single three-phase ac active power table, three-phase ac reactive power table, synchronous table, etc.;

    To detect the order, three-phase electronic type, mechanical watt-hour meter;

    To verify AC sample device, RTU, measurement device error;

    The built-in electric measurement transducer, electric measurement instrument and meter instructions of verification procedures, can fully automatic or semi-automatic for verification, can save 1000 group check data;

    Output voltage source, a current source and power source for high precision are high stability standard resource;

    The 6.4 "the big screen color display;

    The software calibration, it does not need to open the case, stable and reliable;

    Voltage output terminal with short circuit, current output terminal open protection and power amplifier overheating protection function;

    With automatic failure detection function, shows fault part, the convenience users check line;

    With RS232 interface, it can connect computer for data management.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • TEST-750 - Single Phase Relay Test Set TEST-750 single-phase protective relay testing instrument is a kind of excellent performance, portable test equipment in the field; it adopts aluminum alloy chassis, PC panel, beautiful shape; within the ARM chip control, LCD screen display single-phase protective relay test device of voltage and current output stopwatch; a full isolation, adjustable AC and DC voltage, AC direct current; an adjustable DC voltage and an adjustable AC voltage; output circuit with double overload protection, high output capacity, small volume, light weight, high reliability. The equipment is suitable for a variety of relay field calibration and performance test.


    1. All the isolation adjustable DC voltage output, short circuit, overload and over range protection automatically.

    2. The maximum output current: 0 ~ 150A.

    3. Equipped with LCD digital AC/DC ampere meter, it can show AC/DC voltage, current, stopwatch potential and contact.

    4. Internal electronic stopwatch, available electric contact work, potential of up to 250V, dual measurement.

    5. The light-duty design, small volume, light weight, function powerful.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF302 - Multi-functional Electric Measurement Test Equipment Applied in automation department of power dispatch center, power supply company, measurement department of power plant and electrical automation department for industries like railway and petroleum. Each functional module of the series of GF302 multi-functional electric measurement test equipment adopt modular design and can be divided into the such four products as GF302A, GF302B, GF302C and GF302D: GF302A Test AC/DC indicator, transformer, data display instrument and energy meter GF3021B Test transformer and AC sampling RTU GF302C Test AC/DC indicators, data display instrument and energy meter GF302D Test AC/DC indicators, transformer, RTU, data display instrument and energy meter
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF500 - protection measurement device In order to facilitate the power system dynamic class far and relay protection class of protection device and measurement device maintenance and development, meet the country electric power industry standard DL/T630-1997 "ac sample far move terminal technical conditions", Q/GDW140-2006 "state grid ac sample measuring devices running calibration standard management" and GB 14285-93 "relay protection and safety automatic device" technical specification requirements, the high speed A/D conversion, DSP, embedded processor and TFT LCD technology horizontal design of A new generation of intelligent field testing instruments.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • 6000 Series - Multi-function Electrical Safety Tester The 6330 allows manufacturers to perform six of the most common electrical safety tests in a single instrument. This 6-in-1 Electrical Safety tester will perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Functional Run, and Line Leakage Tests in a single instrument.
    Slaughter Company
  • Q110-1000A - clamp on CT High precision clam on ct is suite for instrument on site.
    • Measurement range of 100mA to 1000A AC
    • Large jaw opening accommodates conductors up to two 500kcmil
    • Improved ergonomic design and easy operation
    • Conforms to EN 61010, 600V CAT III
    • Low phase shift for power measurement
    • Designed for DMMs, recorders, loggers, oscilloscopes, power and harmonic meters
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • 5112 - Portable CATV Multi Carrier CW Test Signal Generator The Model 5112 is a portable RF four-carrier generator that is AC and DC powered. Each RF carrier can be activated individually or simultaneously. The RF carriers generated are extremely clean and stable, thus making the 5112 an ideal instrument for testing / aligning CATV forward and return bands, as well as institutional networks.
    Applied Instruments
  • LZCK310 - Outdoor Split core current transformer LZCK Outdoor Split core current transformer series instrument current transformers applicable for AC power system 35kV and measurement of current of power supply equipment below 10KV,and microcomputer protection. This type of current transformer employs imported silican steel which with high permeability as magnetic material, have the characteristics of Small magnetic circuit loss and can be cut, its semicircular core and secondary windings employ high quality epoxy resin vacuum, casting in plastic-case which is flame retardance anti-moisture, stable performance, no maintenance.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF302-B - Transducer calibrator Functions

    Indicating instrument: AC voltmeter and ampere meter, single-phase and three-phase active energy meter (four-wire and three-wire), reactive power meter (including four-wire real reactive, three-wire real reactive, artificial neutral reactive, two elements across the phase 90°reactive), phase meter, single-phase and three-phase power factor meter (several wiring methods), frequency meter, synchronized meter (several methods), DC voltmeter, ampere meter and power meter, etc.
    Power frequency and DC digital instrument: AC voltmeter, ampere meter, single-phase and three-phase active power meter (four-wire and three-wire), reactive power meter (including four-wire real reactive, three-wire real reactive, artificial neutral reactive, two elements across the phase 90 degree reactive), phase meter, single-phase and three-phase power factor meter (including several meter wiring methods), frequency meter, DC voltage meter, ampere meter and power meter, etc.
    Electricity transducer: DC voltage, current transducer, three-phase active power (four-wire and three-wire), reactive power transducer (including four-wire real reactive, three-wire real reactive, two elements across 90 and 60 degree reactive), phase transducer, three-phase power factor transducer (including several wiring methods), frequency transducer, DC voltage, current transducer, three-phase four-wire/three-phase three-wire active/reactive electricity transducer, etc.
    Energy meter: single-phase, three-phase four-wire and three-phase three-wire active/ reactive energy meter.
    AC sampling RTU.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF311-2 - 3 phase substation phase angle meter Functions and Features

    1, simultaneously measuring three-phase voltages, three phase current, power, frequency, power factor, phase, etc.;

    2, directly display vector map for the use of user;

    3, the horizontal liquid crystal big screen TFT, a screen all electric parameters;

    4, the small current can measure to 1 mA, 2 mA above can display vector diagram;

    5, small volume, light weight (0.8 kg), the operation is simple, convenient;

    6, DSP digital signal processing chip, wide measuring range, high accuracy, good stability;

    7, instrument can store data, test can be finished by using computer software to upload management;

    8, automatic switch range, precision instrument calibration software.

    Technical Data

    A/B/C three-phase voltage range: 0 ~ 450 V; Resolution: 0.01 V accuracy: 0.5%;

    A/B/C three phasecurrent measure range: 1 mA ~ 10 A; Resolution: 0.1 mA; Accuracy: 0.5 %

    Active, reactive power measurement accuracy: 0.5%;

    Phase Angle measurement 0 ~ 360 o accuracy: 1.0°;

    Frequency measurements 45-65 Hz resolution: 0.01 Hz; Accuracy: 0.1 Hz;

    Voltage circuit input impedance: > 500 K Ω;

    The power supply voltage: charging the battery power supply can be continuously used eight hours;

    The line voltage power supply range: 40 ~ 450 V AC frequency 50 Hz;

    The power consumption: ac power supply than 10 VA;

    Frequency influence: signal in 45 Hz to 55 Hz range <-0.04%;

    Temperature influence-10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ scope < ± 50 PPM.

    Volume and weight:

    Size: 195 mm x 120 mm × 45 mm

    Weight: 415 g
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF312D - Field Calibrator of Three Phase Energy Meter Product Description

    The instrument is a precision AC energy meter testing instrument, mainly used to test three phase energy meter error on site and measure various of AC parameters.

    Features and Functions

    w Three phase active or reactive electricity energy meter;
    w Calibrate three phase, single phase, active or reactive meter error;
    w Measure U(voltage) of three phase or single phase;
    w Measure I(current) of three phase or single phase;
    w Measure active power of three phase or single phase;
    w Measure reactive power of three phase or single phase;
    w Measure apparent power of three phase or single phase;
    w Measure power factor of three phase or single phase;
    w Measure phase angle between voltage and current;
    w Measure frequency of power line;
    w Display vector diagram;
    w Display waveform of U and I;
    w Analyze and display content of harmonic of U and I;
    w Store and look measured data;
    w Optional 5 A, 20 A, 100 A, 500 A, 1000 A, 2000 A current clamp;
    w Measure CT variable ratio;
    w Measure the ratio or lag-angle of low-voltage transformer.
    w Print the data of measurement on site;
    w Adopt 32 bit ARM processor, multi-channel 16 bit precision A/D convertor, high resolution TFT LCD;
    w Inner equipped with 0.01% wide-range current transformer and can be equipped with various type current clamps, wide range of measurement and high veracity.
    w Low consumption circuit design, high energy Li batter supply, intellectual power management software, which make the instrument can continuously work up to 10 hours.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • Test-630 - 6-phase Protective Relay Testing Set Six-channel current output, six-channel voltage output, six-channel share of DC current, six-channel DC voltage output, eight pairs of binary input, four pairs of binary output. 1、 Features Integration in the host crystal 8.4 inches true color, light weight and easy to carry; Built-in high-speed high-performance industrial computer, embedded operating system, running a stable and reliable; also be connected PC testing; Panel embedded user-friendly buttons can also be an external keyboard, mouse; High-precision DAC to 12 Road, simultaneous output to ensure that waveform fitting of high precision, good linearity; Matching electromagnetic compatibility components, can improve on-site anti-electromagnetic interference, protection devices can be connected electromagnetic compatibility tests; Analog output of the front panel, switch the amount of terminal design in the upper cover, all the wiring does not affect the operation of the panels and test parameters of the surveillance; Designed to the latest thermal structure, and to ensure the best ventilation. Automatically determine the over-current, over voltage, overload, short circuit, the temperature is too high, data anomalies and misuse warning prompt; Using voltage, current amplifier AC / DC sharing, output stage uses a unique ultra-linear amplifier technology, high precision, good reliability; six-phase AC output voltage and six-phase AC current; 12 analog ports, and the other optional auxiliary DC source output (220V/110V); Interface:RJ45 (Ethernet interface), USB interface (software upgrades, reporting transmission), industrial serial interface (GPS or other serial device use). 2、 Functions Host real-time operating system, fast response, when faced with an emergency situation, to better protection of instruments and equipment under test. Safe and reliable, not easy to be a computer virus violated; The newly designed software interface style, the host machine operation is fully consistent with the background and easy; Extensive testing capabilities: the state sequence determined in the trial, IT features analog oscillation, the entire group of tests, differential protection, harmonic superposition, low cycle load shedding, same equipment, measuring instruments, GPS synchronized debugging, fault playback, and custom test (special tests), etc., to satisfy various types of user testing microprocessor-based protection relay needs. Can easily complete the ABB, Siemens, AREVA and other foreign manufacturers of protective device test. The test report can be easily derived from the USB port to print.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF6018A-1000A - Clamp meter calibrator Main Functions and Features

    1. The Clamp meter calibrator consists of a single-phase ac voltage standard resource, current standard resource and dc voltage, current standard resource of standard resource.

    2. Have calibration function, which can according to the standard of external value, fixed standard resource output values.

    3. The setting of the range for verification 1999 (9), 3999 (9) a display of the digital multimeter.

    4. Manual and semi-auto inspection 0.2% and below levels of digital multimeter, an analogue meter installation type digital instrument, including dc analog output of digital instrument; All kinds of clamp ampere ammeter; Verification clamp ampere ammeter range for 200 A, 600 A, 1000 A.

    5. To generate containing 2 ~ 31 harmonic wave distortion, the harmonic number, number, amplitude and phase of the harmonic wave to base wave all can be programmed control.

    6. With RS232 interface and large capacity non-volatile memory, can store 500 blocks are inspection table test data. Through the PC software, the PC control this device automatic and manual inspection, and the results are processing and management.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF3021 - Panel Meter Calibrator The GF3021 Panel Meter Calibrator (PMC) integrates eight calibration functions: voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, phase, reactive power (VARs), and synchroscope into one
    compact, portable package. All of these functions in one lightweight yet rugged instrument, allow you to easily calibrate virtually every type of panel meter and many types of transducers, circuit breakers and overcurrent relays. A hand-held control is also provided, so you can operate theGF3021 at a distance when calibrating panel meters in the control room or substation.
    The GF3021's precision ac/dc voltage and current
    sources may operate independently to calibrate voltmeters,
    ammeters and frequency meters, or together to calibrate
    watt meters, watthour meters, power factor meters, VAR
    meters, and phase meters.
    The GF3021 is also an excellent source for
    calibrating high-accuracy transducers and revenue meters,
    when used with an external standard. The GF302
    Power System Analyzer is a good companion instrument
    for these tests, with basic accuracy of 0.05% and 0.05°,
    built-in transducer output measurement capability and
    timer. The Model 931A also performs a wide variety of
    other measurements. Together, these two instruments
    can calibrate and measure the vast majority of your work
    load requirements.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • LZCK-185 - Waterproof Split Core Current Transformer LZCK series instrument current transformers applicable for AC power system 35kV and measurement of current of power supply equipment below 10KV,and microcomputer protection. This type of current transformer employs imported silican steel which with high permeability as magnetic material, have the characteristics of Small magnetic circuit loss and can be cut, its semicircular core and secondary windings employ high quality epoxy resin vacuum, casting in plastic-case which is flame retardance anti-moisture, stable performance, no maintenance.

    Working conditions:

    Ambient temperature:-35℃~+55℃。
    Environment: outdoors or indoors
    The Height of above sea level:0~ 3000m .
    Atmosphere conditions: No highly polluted, errosion, erosiveness, radioactivity gases.
    (continuous working under the rated current is allowed)
    (P2 represents for primary polar end、S1,S2 represent for secondary polar end
    P2 and S2 are subtractive polarity.
    Technical parameters::

    Rated frequency::50Hz or 60Hz

    Rated secondary current:5A or 1A

    Secondary winding power frequency withstand voltage:3kV,1min

    Safety Factor Rating (FS) < 5

    standard of Application:GB1208-2006;IEC 60044-1;NTC 2205

    Accuracy Class: 0.5 or 1;

    Flame retardant ABS plastic shell or PC inside the filling, jaw waterproof apron.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GFUVE-5000 - Wind Power Farm of Power Quality Testing and Analysis System GFUVE - 5000 power quality test and analysis system is based on 1.2 G MAC's ARM9, large-scale FPGA, high speed and high precision of the AD sampling technology research and development of a new generation of high precision ac voltage sampling analysis and voltage flicker test equipment, is suitable for power system of power quality monitoring system, wind power, photovoltaic power station power quality testing and analysis. The inspection items and inspection methods conform to the state grid corporation the GB/T 19862-2005 power quality monitoring equipment general requirements ", "wind power generation unit power quality test standard", "wind farm power regulation ability and power quality test standard", "photovoltaic power station power quality detection technology rules, DL/T 1028-2006" power quality test analyzer calibration regulations and standards. The machine directly finish all the test work and data storage management; And to provide a variety of report format, user can choose according to demand. Data can be export to EXCEL, WORD editing. Through the computer control, can be fully automatic check analysis, This device adopts Window XP operating system, 15 inches of liquid crystal display (LCD), all Chinese display, interface clear simple and convenient operation, visual effect is good. The core module using 32-bit high speed CPU, powerful, high reliability, flexibility and adaptability, software can be upgraded, make the product performance greatly ascend; Is a standard instrument has high practical value in the one of the instrument, and can develop a variety of additional functions.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • K110 - DC/AC MicroProbes The DC/AC Microprobe Model K110 measures as low as 100µA AC or DC. The unit has proportional mV output for direct readings on DMMs. The high accuracy K110 is ideal for calibration of current loop process instruments (e.g., 4 to 20mA or 0 to 20mA). 
    AEMC Instruments
  • MR400 Series - AC/DC Current Probes The MR400 Series current probes are professional AC/DC current probes designed to extend current measuring capabilities of DMMs, oscilloscopes, and other instruments. The MR Series probes use Hall effect technology and measure AC and DC current. These probes measure to 400AAC/600ADC. 
    AEMC Instruments

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AC - Current Alternates direction of flow cyclically.