AC - aka Alternating Current

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  • GF3600 - Three-Phase AC/DC Instrument Test Equipment This device by program-controlled three-phase standard power resource, DC standard power resource, three-phase multi-function meter and the meter with standard and management software of the computer
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • 8532 - Handheld AC Field Instrument The MEDA handheld AC field instrument uses an induction coil with a ferromagnetic core to sense the magnetic fields produced by alternating electric currents. The sensor probe is separate from the signal conditioning electronics, allowing the operator to point the probe in any direction with one hand while comfortably reading the meter in the other hand.
    Macintyre Electronic
  • PROFITEST DC-II - Test instrument for AC/DC sensitive RCCBs Testing of the DC branch for AC/DC sensitive RCCBs - measurement of tripping current and time to trip for 30 and 300 mA RCCBs Can also be used for measurement of loop impedance within the system without tripping the RCCB
    GMC-I Messtechnik
  • GF211 - Double Clamp Phase Volt-ampere Meter F211 double clamp phase volt-ampere meter is a multi-functional portable instrument. It can measure not only alternating voltage, but also alternating current. Its important function is to measure phase angle between two voltages, between two current or between voltage and current.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF312D-S - Portable standard Meter for energy meter Portable standard Meter for energy meter is a precision AC energy meter testing instrument, mainly used to test three phase energy meter error on site and measure various of AC parameters.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • 5112 - Portable CATV Multi Carrier CW Test Signal Generator The Model 5112 is a portable RF four-carrier generator that is AC and DC powered. Each RF carrier can be activated individually or simultaneously. The RF carriers generated are extremely clean and stable, thus making the 5112 an ideal instrument for testing / aligning CATV forward and return bands, as well as institutional networks.
    Applied Instruments
  • 6000 Series - Multi-function Electrical Safety Tester The 6330 allows manufacturers to perform six of the most common electrical safety tests in a single instrument. This 6-in-1 Electrical Safety tester will perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Functional Run, and Line Leakage Tests in a single instrument.
    Slaughter Company
  • PQR 2020 - Power Disturbance Analyzer 3 Phase + Neutral The PQR2020 Power Disturbance Analyzer is a state of the art, fully integrated instrument which measures, records, and reports power disturbances, aiding in the analysis of power quality for AC power in medical, commercial and industrial applications
  • EX530-KIT - Industrial MultiMeter Test Kit with Voltage Detector True RMS CAT IV Digital MultiMeter with Type K probe, Test Leads and NCV Detector. Kit includes: EX530 CAT IV True RMS Industrial Autoranging Digital MultiMeter (40,000 count). DV20 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector (100V to 600V) with built-in Flashlight. TL810 Electrical Test Lead Kit (8 pcs). TL873 Type K Thermocouple bead probe (-22 to 572°F (-30 to 300°C)). Hanging strap with magnet. Kit comes in convenient carrying case for protection and organization of your instruments.
    Extech Instruments
  • 800045 - Indoor Air Quality Controller Poor air quality may cause tiredness, inability to concentrate, and even illness (i.e., Sick Building Syndrome). This instrument is ideal for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality in crowded public spaces with potentially high levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) such as offices, factories, classrooms, hospitals and hotels. When CO2 levels exceed a preset limit IAQ controller sends a signal activating ventilation units to bring them back to acceptable levels. Simultaneous display of CO2 level, humidity and air temperature, (or the user may choose a rotating display of dew point and wet bulb temperature instead of air temperature). Also calculates TWA (Time Weighted Average) and STEL (Short-Term Exposure Limit). Simple user calibration of CO2 and RH. Features visible and audible C02 threshold alarms, min/max/ave, and a computer interface. NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology ensures long-term accuracy, stability and reliability. Comes with an AC Adaptor.
    Sper Scientific
  • M300 - Digital Panel Instrument Our digital panel instruments, the M300 series, were originally produced for the power industry and can handle most normally-occurring measuring ranges and applications for both direct and alternating current and voltage.
    Cewe Instrument AB
  • GF211F - Handheld Phase Angle Meter GF211F multi-function double clamp digital phase angle meter is a multi-functional portable instrument. It can measure not only alternating voltage (U), but also alternating current (I), frequency (F), active power (P), reactive power (Q), power factor (PF) and so on. Its important function is to measure phase angle between two voltages, between two current or between voltage and current.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • PCE-PCM1 - Clamp Meter The PCE-PCM1 clamp meter is a multipurpose device for measuring both absorbed power and energy consumption. Apart from measuring alternating current and voltage, the PCE-PCM1 clamp meter can determine the current absorbed power in single and three-phase networks, as well as the energy consumption (kWh) in single-phase networks. Both phase angle and power factor are shown on its large backlit display. The PCE-PCM1 Clamp meter allows quick and easy valuation of absorbed power as well as the energy consumption in machines and installations. The compact dimensions and the robust case allow to use PCE-PCM1 on site or as a mobile device. Single values can be stored in the internal memory of the PCE-PCM1 clamp meter for further analysis. The PCE-PCM1 clamp meter also integrates a USB port for real time data transference to a PC where such data is represented as a chart or graphic. Here you will find an overview of all clamp meters available at PCE Instruments.
    PCE Instruments
  • PCE-360 - power analyser The PCE-360 power analyser is ideal for performing an analysis over a long period of time. It is a multifunctional meassuring device for analysing direct current, alternating current voltage and electric demand in watt. When the measuring results are negative a minus will appear on the display of the power analyser. When it is in normal mode the device is able to save 99 measuring results immediately but it possesses the opportunity of storing 20000 measuring results when the data logging mode is enabled. The PCE-360 is calibrated by the manufacturer before it is sent to the customer but it is also possible to get a calibration certificate by a specialized calibration laboratory later on. In addition to that a USB interface allows you to transfer the data from the instrument to your PC or laptop. this makes it possible to store the data in order to make use of it after some time. this is helpful when doing long-term measurements. The power analyser comes with everything needed to measure and evaluate power, including software and the data cable.
    PCE Instruments
  • GF211B-2 - Phasor Meter GF211B multi-function double clamp digital phase angle meter is a multi-functional portable instrument. It can measure not only alternating voltage (U), but also alternating current (I), frequency (F), active power (P), reactive power (Q), power factor (PF) and so on. Its important function is to measure phase angle between two voltages, between two current or between voltage and current. The current signal is obtained by the clamp current transformer without cutting off current wire. It can discern inductive circuit and capacitive circuit; can directly read differential protection phase among every unit of CT; can check connection of transformer; measure three way voltage phase sequence; can check whether the meter connection is right or not; can evaluate the running speed of electric kWh meter. It has high resolution of current, so can be used as a leakage current meter. It is an ideal choice for electric power bureau, factories, mine, petroleum -chemistry enterprises, metallurgy factories and so on.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • PCE-LCT 2 - Clamp Meter The PCE-LCT 2 clamp meter measures both alternating and direct current up to 80 A. Moreover, the PCE-LTC 2 clamp meter is used to measure and check alternating and direct voltage, resistance, diodes, capacitors and frequencies. This makes the PCE-LCT 2 clamp meter an ideal instrument for the inspection of electrical installations as well as for testing car electronics. Therefore, it should be in every toolbox. The maximum diameter of the conductor is 23 mm. The PCE-LCT 2 clamp meter is very small, so it can be used inside electric cabinets. Its large display with a resolution of 0.001 allows to perform highly accurate measurements. The PCE-LCT 2 clamp meter can be connected to a multimeter to read measuring values. The analogue output is 10 mV. Here you can see an overview of all the clamp meters available at PCE Instruments.
    PCE Instruments
  • US-454AC - Portable Multi-Frequency ECT Instrument he US-454AC is an AC version of the US-454A for use in facilities where AC power is available. Batteries are not required.
  • FP 80 - Panel AC ammeters, voltmeters Panel instruments FP 80 serve for measurement of AC voltages and currents, or other non-electric variables, which can be transferred on an AC voltage, or current.
    Metra Blansko A.s.
  • Absolute Contamination Standards (ACS) The Absolute Contamination Standard (ACS) is used to calibrate instruments which size and detect particles on the surface of bare silicon wafers. Use ACS to characterize particles, before particles characterize products.
    VLSI Standards
  • 2950 - Hot Winding Ohm meter The Hot Winding Ohmmeter measures AC winding temperatures during AC operation. It can be used for AC motors, transformers and other AC coils. This instrument uses the resistance method, measuring during operation. This equipment gives data logging of the test results. It is available with 1 to 3 measurement channels.
    Friborg Test Technology
  • DL6403 - 1000 Amp AC True RMS Digital Clamp Meter True RMS reading on AC current and AC voltages provide accurate measurement regardless of the wave form, which makes this the ideal instrument for commercial and industrial applications where no linear loads are present.
  • Ls/Lx Series - AC Power Sources The Ls Series is an improved version of the classic California Instruments L Series AC power sources. It provides many basic AC source capabilities at an economical cost. Additional capabilities such as arbitrary waveform generation and harmonic measurements can be added as options.
    Ametek Programmable
  • EA/WA/EAF/ES - AC Load & Accident Recorder The measuring instruments EA/WA/ EAF transmit and record information on the loads and accidents at AC substations and in AC systems of DC substations. They also store the information for 45 days and can record/reproduce it when necessary.
    SHOWA Electronics
  • HD100 Auto Series - AC/DC Hipot Tester The HD100AUTO Series of AC/DC Hipot Testers performs automatic production AC and DC dielectric withstand (hipot) tests. These benchtop instruments are designed to test electrical system components in a cost-efficient and reliable manner.
    Hipotronics Incorporated

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AC - Current Alternates direction of flow cyclically.