Wire Cable Test: The verification of wire cable integrity.

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  • Wire and Cable Test Equipment

    Company: Haida Equipment Co

    Wire torsion test equipment specially test of various kinds of metal wireenameled wire break strength and the resistance to twist number.Metal wire torsion testing machine for measuring a diameter (or feature size) of 0.1-14.0mm metal wire ability to withstand plastic deformation and display wire surface and internal defects in one or both directions in reverse.Test method for the sample is clamped at both ends, one end is fixedon the other end is continuous 360 degree rotation exercise reversed torsion.

  • CableEye HVX, HVX-21 - High Voltage (Hipot) Cable & Wire Harness Test Systems

    Company: CAMI Research

    Scans for continuity (opens, shorts), miswires, resistance, diodes, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, intermittent connections | HVX (Item 829) 1500 Vdc, 1000 Vac HVX-21 (Item 829A) 2100 Vdc, 1200 Vac | For diagnostic and Pass/Fail Testing — Permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown (DWV). | All CableEye testers are suitable for production, fault diagnosis, QC (Quality Control), assembly, and prototyping of standard or custom cables. Each combines test, fault location, design, documentation, labeling, and database storage in one instrument. | Tests can be performed on long cables (with or without connectors) or no cables (e.g. connectors, backplanes, PCBs, components). | Features & Benefits: USB certified, PC-based tester for a versatile, fast, robust system with long life-cycle. Multilingual, dynamic, graphic-rich display (netlist & wiring schematic) provides clarity and speeds diagnosis. 128 Test Points, expandable to 1024 providing flexibility as your product line changes. User-selectable voltage to each connection group in the cable simplifies an otherwise complex process, accelerating testing. Programmable Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Dwell Time (same as Test Time), Trip Current, and Trip Delay (same as Soak Time) adds versatility. Current leakage detected during HV test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to 1 GΩ (HVX) and 5 GΩ (HVX-21) - any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts. Real-time screening for intermittent connections for pinpointing elusive faults and improving quality. Automation scripting in a simple, intuitive language allowing non-programmers to reduce operator error by automating repetitive steps. Flexible tolerancing: optionally define as percentages or absolute terms, as well as asymmetrically (e.g. +0%/-10%) for improved yields. Barcode-tracking & archival data-logging to achieve error-proof test process and improved traceability & productivity. Print test reports (with or without wiring schematics/netlists) and log reports to satisfy ISO9000 reporting requirements. Compatible with laptop and touchscreen PCs for fieldwork and rack/off-bench mounting. Includes: CB29 board set (Item 759) for bare wire connections; PC software; Database of >200 standard cables; Warranty: 1yr parts & labor with free tech support and free software upgrades. Renewable yearly; Options: 128-point Expansion Module (attaches to base); 4-Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement, 1 mΩ at 1 A; Remote Control Connector for Deadman Switch | camiresearch.com | info@camiresearch.com | @CAMI_CableEye | +1.978.266.2655

  • SS8681 Series - Cable Tester

    Company: Sanshine Electronis

    The SS8681 series cable tester is used for test and measure wire cable harness, wire harness, like as: auto cable, audio cable, power cable, network cable, telephone cable, USD cable, HDMI cable, video cable, etc. Up to 700Vdc/500Vac Test Voltage. 512 Max test points.

  • MS6810 - Multi Network Cable Tester

    Company: Sinometer Instruments

    The cable tester is specified to quickly test by auto scanning the wires of Etherenet (BNC/TNC)..

  • Fiber Optic Tools

    Company: Fiberstore

    It is a tool to test the cable and the coaxial cable as well as the telephone wire, tec. It can also test the the situations like the breaking at the set point, the short circuits, the Gross pair wire, and the split pairs as well the reversed pair wire,etc.

  • Netcable Testers

    Company: All-sun

    A cable tester is a device that is used to test the strength and connectivity of a particular type of cable or other wired assemblies. There are a number of different types of cable testers, each able to test a specific type of cable or wire (some may be able to test different types of cables or wires).

  • Cable Testers

    Company: Starmeter Instruments

    device that is used to test the strength and connectivity of a particular type of cable or other wired assemblies. There are a number of different types of cable testers, each able to test a specific type of cable or wire (some may be able to test different types of cables or wires).

  • DSE Wire Testers

    Company: DSE Test Solutions

    DSE Test Solutions your gateway to a world of wire technology. We supply high-quality test equipment for the wire and cable industry. Our extensive range of intelligent test equipment is used for quality control and production optimisation of enamelled wire and cable.

  • PHCT65 - LAN/Ethernet/Telephone Cable Tracker & Tester

    Company: Pyle Audio

    Trace Telephone Wire and LAN CableTrace Wires In Electrical SystemVerify LAN Cable ConditionContinuity TestDC Voltage ProbeBright White LED FlashlightSold as : Unit

  • 185 LCT - Lan Cable Tester

    Company: Standard Electric

    Designed for RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 10/100 base-T cable and Token Ring cable.● The LAN cable tester can verify cable continuity, open, short circuit and miss-wired. ● The remote receiving unit is available for installed cables far away either on the wall plates or on the patch panels.● Auto and manual scan functions.● Ground wire test. ● Lock status function.● Buzzer sound warning for wire status.● Display : LED indication for wire status.

  • 2006 - UNITEST Echometer 3000

    Company: Shanghai Beihan Electronics

    UNITEST Echometer 3000. only required one cable end (with two wires) Cannot only used for multi-wire conductors ! Key Functions • Cable length measurement by pulse reflection measurement, only required one cable end (with two wires) • Resistance measurement • Acoustic continuity test.

  • SG-L14 - Computer Hydraulic Horizontal Universal Tester

    Company: Jinge Testing Machine

    This machine is mainly used for tension under rated force. It can test the tensile strength of materials, such as wire rope cable, porcelain insulator, chain round and plate specimen.

  • HTNY-H - hipot test set

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    This product applies to test the voltage function of electric components, wires, cable and other electric products, easy to operate, excellent product features, convenient to maintain.

  • DCSS502BC - Resistance Tester

    Company: Sanshine Electronis

    Resistance meter is designed to measure copper resistance of transformers, wires, cables, other conductors and other coil products etc. 4 terminal test clamp.