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  • JYR10C/05C DC - DC winding resistance tester

    Company: Kingrun Instrument

    We adopt new power supply technology and power supply without big power components to prolong life of the instrument and reduce damage rate greatly. We adopt DC and AC to make our instrument suitable for all inductive load measurements such as transformer, PT, CT, etc

  • JYR20S/10S - DC winding resistance tester

    Company: Kingrun Instrument

    JYR20S/10S DC transformer resistance tester:1.Automatic magnetic assist.2.Three channels simultaneous testing..3.Yn/D(Y) three phase winding measurement phase by phase.4.Temperature conversion.

  • JYR50A/40A/20A - DC winding resistance tester

    Company: Kingrun Instrument

    ●Instrument with big current output and light weight●The instrument has complete protection circuit and strong reliability●Vertical box structure brings convenience to on spot operation●Set audio device discharge alarming device to clarify discharge instructions. Deployment 50A 40A 20AOutput current 50A、20A、10A、5A 40A、20A、10A、5A 20A、10A、5A

  • JYR-80100 - DC winding resistance tester

    Company: Kingrun Instrument

    Three Gorger Project is attracting worldwide attention, mono block transformer capacities reaches 840 MVA, create the best in China, it was made together by Siemens Germany, Baoding Tianwei and Shenyang transformer factory. 80100 transformer direct-current electric resistance testing instrument have been to develop specially to resolve the difficult problem that temperature-rising tests have been suitable to the request that 220kV and the transformer above 220kV temperature test, have passed the strict acceptance check,

  • HTZZ-50A - Transformer Resistance Meter

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    Transformer Resistance Meter is an essential test project during transformer delivery, repair and changing tapping switch. Usually, it is a time consuming task to use traditional methods (bridge method and voltage drop method) to measure transformer winding and DC resistance of high-power inductive device. In order to change this situation: shorten measurement time and reduce the staff's workflow, our company has developed DC resistance rapid tester. The instrument using new power technology, with characteristics such as stable performance, rapid test, small size, light weight, easy operation, high measure precision and good data reproducibility, is the ideal equipment to measure transformer winding and DC resistance of high-power inductive device.

  • CHT3540-3 - DC Low Resistance Meter

    Company: Changzhou HOPE Electronic

    The CHT3540 is a high precision DC resistance meter with wide measurement range and controlled by high-performance microprocessor .It can be used to test resistance of 1μΩ~3MΩ, maximum display value is 30,000 counts. CHT3540 can reach accuracy of 0.05% and under its maximum measuring speed of 60 times/sec. In addition, the readings beating can be controlled within 3 counts or less. The special 3 current test modes (high current, low current and pulse current) and the standard temperature compensation function can be adapted to the tests of different requirements. It can be used to measure resistance of transformer, inductance winding, relay, switch, connector contact, lead, soldering point, PCB track and hole, metal detection, etc. The RS232C and HANDLER interfaces can be used to output GD/NG signal, to improve automatic measurement ability on production line.

  • RMO20TW - Winding Ohmmeter

    Company: IBEKO Power AB

    The Winding Ohmmeter RMO20TW is designed for the resistance measurement of inductive test objects and for on-load tap changer verification. The RMO20TW generates a true DC ripple-free current. The injection of current and discharge of energy from the inductance are both automatically regulated. The two independent channels enable testing of two windings in series. The RMO20TW has a very high ability to cancel electrostatic and electromagnetic interferences that exist in the HV electric fields. An automatic connections check is performed at the beginning of each test, and the instrument warns the user if an open connection is detected.


    Company: International Biological

    This Test Set is capable to measure low resistance like switch contacts, breaker contacts, busbar splices, joints, fuses, low inductive windings etc. by circulating high value of D.C. through the contact/junction and measuring D.C voltage drop (4 terminal method) which, sent to instrument amplifiers , thereby being displayed on resistance meter.

  • GDZRC-5A - DC Resistance Tester

    Company: HV Hipot Electric

    GDZRC series DC resistance tester is designed to measure DC resistance of inductive devices, such as transformers and power inductors. It uses new power technology,with the features of fast measurement,small size and high accuracy of measurement,which is ideal equipment of measuring transformer winding and DC resistance of big power inductance equipment.

  • HTZZ-2A - inding Resistance Ohmmeter

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    inding Resistance Ohmmeter is an essential test project during transformer transfer, repair and changing tapping switch. Measuring DC resistance of transformer winding, you can check out weld or connection quality of down-lead, the winding inter-turn short circuit or open circuit, and whether tap-changer is well contacted. In the previous it is generally to use QJ44 double bridge to measure DC resistance, but the measuring current for this type of bridge is mA level current. So measurement will take a long time, and accuracy is lower. In order to change the above situation, our company has developed HTZZ-2A DC Resistance Rapid Tester.

  • AB-602A - Micro Ohm Meters

    Company: AB Instruments

    Measures DC resistance of winding including contact resistanceHigher current upto10 Amps provided.Resolution of 0.1 microohm.Automatic zeroing facility for thermal voltages.Dampening of Oscillations facility for fast stability of readings.4 terminal Kelvin clips for accuracy.

  • 16502 - Milliohmmeter

    Company: Chroma ATE

    The Chroma 16502 Milliohm Meter is Chroma's newest digital Milliohm Meter. 0.001mΩ ~1.9999MΩ wide measurement range. DC, Pulsed, and Dry-circuit test current driving modes, enable the Chroma 16502 can be properly used in DC resistance measurement for various inductive components (coil, choke, and transformer winding etc.), cable, metallic contact (connector, relay switch etc.) and conduction materials.


    Company: Eltel Industries

    10A DC continuous current in 4 ranges of 0.01A, 0.1A, 1A and 10A4 ½ digit display for higher resolutionDual channel measurementSuitable for operation in energized switchyard conditionsSpecialized protection circuits for suppression of inductive voltage kickbackSMPS based - lightweight and portable

  • TH9201S - AC/DC Withstanding Voltage& Resistance Tester

    Company: Tonghui Electronic

    TH9201S AC/DC withstanding voltage & insulation tester is a kind of Hipot Tester. Due to simple and compact structure, mature technique, brand new structure and operating interface, the operation becomes more convenient, and more practical functions are included as well. TH9201S can be widely applied in transformer, device, component especially for winding safety inspection.

  • ATRM-20/ATRM-40 - Winding resistance meters

    Company: Amperis Sl

    The ATRM-20 and ATRM-40 are Amperis’ third generation transformer winding resistance meters. The ATRM line is designed specifically to measure DC resistance values of transformer windings, rotating machine windings, or any dc resistance of an inductive device.

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