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high speed bus plane connector rated at 6.25 Gbps.

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  • 3U OpenVPX Switch, PCIe Gen 3 With Integrated Health Management

    VPX004 - Vadatech Inc

    The VadaTech VPX00x family, with integrated health management, are the most feature-rich VPX Switch products on the market. The management software is based on VadaTech’s robust Carrier Manager and Shelf Manager which have been deployed for years with proven results. The MCMC manages the Power Modules, Cooling Units, and up to 12 payload modules within the chassis. It also manages the PCIe Gen3 switch and the standard GbE with 10GbE uplink Base Channel switch.

  • Direct Attached Storage

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Curtiss-Wright Direct Attached Storage products enable solid state and rotating media to be incorporated in embedded computing VPX and VXS system solutions for a wide range of applications. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) enables data storage devices to attach directly to the host. These data solutions are scalable, enabling storage of your critical data from multiple Gigabytes to Terabytes. In addition, some of products feature encryption and sanitization capabilities allowing you to keep your information secure.

  • OpenVPX Boards

    pixus technologies

    Configuring OpenVPX systems can be tricky.  Utilize Pixus' expertise in selecting the right VPX modules for your application.  With our key partnership, Pixus can help you find the right boards at the right price.  For simplicity, you can order your full OpenVPX system and boards through Pixus or we will refer you to the best fit for your application.  Our flexible approach leaves the choice to you, and helps ensure you are getting the best performance and value required for your system.

  • Rugged Modular Chassis Systems

    PCI EmbeddedComputer Systems

    Our modular, aluminum chassis variants give you many different and interchangeable options for VPX and cPCI, as well as our rugged small form factor VITA 73. System design is better than mix and matching parts. PCI-Systems Inc. rugged chassis sysrems and its electrical components were completely designed in-house with a modular approach in mind. We can cover *all OpenVPX backplane profiles with our backplane, as well as creating custom profiles for you in a short time frame.

  • Single Board Computers

    North Atlantic Industries

    NAI offers a comprehensive line of adaptable, 3U cPCI, 3U VPX and 6U VME, rugged Single Board Computers (SBCs) specifically designed for harsh, SWaP-constrained environments in a range of demanding, embedded computing applications for the defense, commercial aerospace and industrial applications. These Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and modified COTS SBCs are based on the latest Intel®, NXP (PowerPC™), and ARM® Cortex®- A9 processors, each delivering unique advantages in deployed applications.

  • OpenVPX Backplane, 3U 8 Slot

    Hartmann Elektronik GmbH

    Compliant to VITA 46.0 baseline specificationSupports VITA 65 Open VPX8 Slots VPX, 6 Payload Slots, 2 Switch SlotsM3 studs and ATX connector for power entryPCB size 128.5mm x 229.4mm x 5.4 mm5 HP from slot to slot (25.40 mm)Flexible keying and alignment mechanismSystem Management Interface on the backplane (I2C1, I2C2)with geographical address pinsReference clockNon-Volatile Memory Read Only signal set by Jumper BR1Battery backup option setting by Jumper X5. Vbat external or connected to 3.3 AUX.

  • Single Board Computers

    AdTEC Electronic Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

    AdTEC offers Single Board Computers (SBCs) supporting various microprocessors including Freescale, ARM and Intel processor families. These embedded computers come in standard form factors in compact sizes with rich I/O, high flexibility and easy expansion capabilities. AdTEC offers a comprehensive portfolio of 3U and 6U rugged cPCI, VME and VPX Single Board Computers which are designed to meet almost any high performance application need. All these products are available in both commercial and ruggedized extended temperatures. Operating System supports are available for most popular OS flavours such as Windows, Linux, RTLinux, VxWorks, LynxOS and INTEGRITY etc.

  • Power Supply

    VITA, VPX, VME, cPCI - PCI EmbeddedComputer Systems

    PCI-Systems Inc. intelligent power supplies integrate a microcontroller (MCU) for a fully programmable and flexible solution. Intelligent power conversion allows configuration and reconfiguration for different applications. With intelligent power conversion, the power supply becomes a platform solution for many different applications. The power supply can easily be reprogrammed to support different operating limits and control inputs.

  • Cots Boards

    Data Patterns Pvt. Ltd.

    Built in strict adherence to open architecture standards, Data Patterns designs COTS module products which are used in today's rugged applications and automatic test equipment platforms. Open standard form factors include cPCI, FMC & XMC, IP, MM, PCI, PCMCIA, PMC, VME, VPX and VXI.A portfolio of 'Off the Shelf ' products for testing and on-board applications have been developed by Data Patterns. COTS boards developed have been sold to many customers, in India as well as Europe and North America. They are used for system level products such as Automatic Test Equipment, Rugged Military Electronics, etc.Data Patterns focus on building COTS product is to provide the technological capability to develop system level products with very fast run around times. Use of Data Patterns' COTS module in system level products ensures Data Patterns ability to maintain the products for a significantly longer life cycle. The proximity to the system level engineering team with the COTS development team ensures that end applications are delivered faster, enabling a shorter time to market for the customers

  • Processor Cards

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Curtiss-Wright addresses the demands for increased data and signal processing performance, along with requirements for lower power and high performance I/O, through our full line of processor cards supporting Intel Core and Xeon D, NXP Power Architecture, AMD & NVIDIA GPGPU/Graphics, and processors. These processor cards include Single Board Computers as well as Data and Digital Signal Processor boards from mezzanine card to 3U and 6U form factors in open standards architectures like VPX, OpenVPX, VME, XMC, PMC and VXS. Curtiss-Wright supports the long lifecycle of defense and aerospace programs by offering most single board computers with backwards pin-compatibility to enable easy system upgrades from older products. Designed to fit the most rugged military applications, these COTS building blocks enable application stability and predictability. DO-254 safety certifiable COTS Single Board Computers (SBCs) along with associated artifact kits to support platform level certification enable rapid deployment of Curtiss-Wright cards in rugged conduction-cooled applications.