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  • Electrical Testers

    Traceable Products

    Designed specifically for easy and intuitive use. After one minute, you’ll never again look at the directions. LCD displays exactly which measurement is being made. Audible beep confirms each measurement. Three distance memories and one calculation memory are maintained even when the unit is off. Calculator function permits addition/subtraction of readings.

  • Hardness Tester

    Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    Hardness is the property of a material that enables it to resist plastic deformation, usually by permanent indentation. Indentation hardness measures the resistance of a sample to material deformation due to a constant compression load from a sharp object; they are primarily used in engineering and metallurgy fields. The tests work on the basic premise of measuring the critical dimensions of an indentation left by a specifically dimensioned and loaded indenter.

  • Jerking Tester

    JLD-10 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3; Inspection standard:JB/T4279.5-2008Used to measure the film adhesion property of enameled round wires with nominal conductor diameter of 1.000mm and below;Built-in small ultra-quiet air compressor would provide power supply and automatic constant pressure;Samples, while being jerked, would not move and slip out;

  • Elongation Tester

    SC-5 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.3-2008Used to test elongation (ductility) of copper wires covered with φ0.100-3.0 mmenamel, silk or other insulation materials and other metal wires with tensile strength ≤2000N;Application of SCM control allows for fast operation and strong anti-interference capacity;Preset elongation of samples with two-digit toggle switch and, when the preset value is reached during test, motor and counter would automatically stop action and display results;The instrument is capable of measuring elongation while also the tensile force and holding the maximum tensile force value during stretching;Clamps are designed according to characteristics of various wires to prevent samples from breaking at clamp jaws, easy to load samples and, after samples are compressed, enamel can be automatically broken;While sample is broken, movable clamp would automatically stop moving, with error between displayed and actual elongation value less than 1%;

  • Solderability Tester

    ZHX-35 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.4-2008/IEC60851-4; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.14-2008Used to detect the self-solderability of enameled round wires and wire harness;Set variable temperature range and automatically maintain constant temperature;Under mechanical driven, samples would be withdrawn by the action of automatic insertion and lateral movement, free from vibration and noise;

  • Peeling Tester

    BN-3 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3;Inspection standard: JB/T4279.6-2008Used to measure the film adhesion property of enameled round wires with nominal conductor diameter of 1.0mm and below;High-end SCM control is used;Set arbitrarily the number of twist;LED would automatically display the number of twists;Twist counter performs accurate and reliable counting;High-strength steel scraper would complete sample scarping at once, easy to operate and use.

  • Bending Tester

    BXW-16 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3;Applicable to bending test for various electromagnetic wires such as enameled flat wires, paper covered flat wires, glass fiber covered flat wires and thin film covered wires with narrow side less or equivalent to 16mm and corresponding copper and aluminum flat wires.

  • MTM-Bus Tester

    PXIe-1149.5 - Corelis

    The Corelis PXIe-1149.5 is a versatile, multi-mode instrument for interfacing with MTM-Bus modules. The PXIe-1149.5 adds MTM-Bus master, slave, and monitoring with full IEEE-1149.5 electrical and protocol compatibility with a standard PXIe interface for convenient integration into any Test Program Set (TPS).

  • Network Tester

    Shaanxi Aitelong Technology Co., Ltd

    Devices that can be used to check network cables and network connections in the Ethernet.

  • Prodution Testers

    Effitest E50 - UNITES Systems a.s.

    Effitest e50 is a flexible and cost efficient solution with easy programming, debugging of test programs and life-cycle support.

  • MIDI Tester

    MIDI-Scope - Artistic Licence Asia Ltd

    MIDI-Scope™ is a small hand-held MIDI receiver and transmitter. It is invaluable for debugging MIDI control problems and testing MIDI equipment.

  • Rope Testers

    NDT Technologies, Inc.

    The LMA Signal measures loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) caused by corrosion, abrasion, etc. The LMA Signal is quantitative and can be calibrated. (Typically, a rope must be retired when the LMA exceeds 10%).The WRR Signal measures wire rope roughness (WRR). WRR is defined as the aggregate surface roughness of all wires in a rope. WRR is typically caused by and indicates internal and external corrosion pitting, broken wires and clusters of broken wires. The WRR signal is quantitative, and it is calibrated together with the LMA Signal.The LF Signal can indicate localized flaws (LF), for example, broken wires, corrosion pitting, etc. Because it is only qualitative - and cannot be calibrated - it is of limited value for assessing rope deterioration and for making rope retirement decisions.

  • Cable Continuity Tester, VGA Link Tester

    72-9270 - Tenma

    The 72-9270 is a VGA In-Line Signal Link Tester. Quickly test VGA connections with this handy tester. No need to carry bulky, expensive cable testers to test only one or two cable types. Mini link tester fits easily in your pocket or tool box and requires no external power. Connects in-line and displays signal data connectivity on LED's per each conductor. Save time and money by diagnosing connectivity issues.

  • Defibrillator Analyzers, Pacemaker Testers and AED Testers

    Fluke Biomedical

    Fluke Biomedical’s defibrillator analyzers and defibrillator/transcutaneous pacemaker testing devices are rugged, portable precision test instruments that ensure proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment. We offer best-in-class defibrillator testers that feature capabilities which encompass a wide spectrum of worldwide established pulse shapes, showcasing AED tester compatibility, and outperforming competitors in accuracy and standards.

  • AC Hipot Tester /DC Hipot Tester

    YD-Series - Chongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

    YD series HIPOT tester is applied to test the insulation ability of electric power equipments and insulation materials at power frequency high voltage. The insulation test result of the tester is go or not go. Also the YD series HIPOT tester is a universal power source in HV test. The maximum output voltage and capacity could be customized according the requirements of custom.The tester is consists of single HV transformer and main control box. There are two kinds of HV transformer according to the insulation materials of the HV transformer.They are dry HV transformer and oil HV transformer. For the dry HV transformer the insulation material is epoxy resin.For oil HV transformer the insulation material is insulation oil. The dry HV transformer has a smaller size and less weight than oil HV transformer. But the maximum output voltage is less than 100kv for dry HV transformer. The functions of the main control box are voltage output regulation, protection in emergency and voltage/current value indication

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