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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Lamp Testers


    is a pocket-sized tool that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting fluorescent lighting systems. Quickly determine by process of elimination, whether it’s the bulb, pins, voltage or ballast.

  • Hoist Tester

    JGB Consulting, Inc.

    The system has the capability of operating hyraulic powered hoists, DC powered hoists and 400Hz AC powered hoists. When a unit is connected to the system it is automatically detected and the system will load the unit's control software, acceptance procedures and operational safety limits. By doing all of this the operator does not need to worry about anything other than installing the unit and clicking Run to execute a full test procedure.

  • LCRZ Tester

    DU-6218 - Delta United Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Wide Measuring Range & High accuracy 0.1%Zeroing Offset FunctionProvided HI/LOW limit and BIN Sorting comparator function, to meet your needed.100 sets of memory, can be saved test parameter and comparator setting, easy to use.Cover up free, system firmware upgrade can be update via RS-232, easy to maintenanceEasy Test Condition Setting with Auto Parameter Selection & Auto Ranging Function High speed FADC, max. test speed up to 55 meas./sec, faster your automation equipment240*64 Graphic LCD display, can be read the reading clearly and easier.User friendly programmable interface, easy to useProvided RS-232C and Handler combinatorial interface option, to meet your needed

  • Earth Tester

    TAURUS PRECIOHM ET - Taurus Powertronics Systems

    The TAURUS PRECIOHM ET is one of the specially designed products by TAURUS to measure earth resistivity and earth resistance in a power station. These tests are performed based on 4 point (Wenner) and 3 point (fall of potential) methods respectively. All electrical equipment in the substation and power stations are electrically connected to station earth mat with earth electrodes. The earth electrode ensures that in the event over voltage on the system due to system fault or lighting discharges etc., the parts of the equipment which are normally ”dead” as far as voltages are concerned; do not attain dangerously high potentials. An earth electrode will only be effective so long it has a low resistance to the earth and can carry large currents without deteriorating. Thus the resistance of earth electrode should be low to give good protection and it must be continuously measured and monitored in all the substations and power stations.

  • Grounding Testers

    Electro-Tech Systems, Inc.

    Measures the electrical integrity of personnel grounding systems.

  • EOS Tester

    KT-200SG - Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    This test instrument stands for the EMI(Electro Magnetic Immunity) ability test to the electric devices, electronic circuit boards & electric equipments. Recently this instrument is widly used in many companies in Korea & other countries to test the immunity to thier products-power supply, drive PCBs, communication systems, LCD display panels whether they are safe or not against the impulse & noise.All for the purpose, of this object, it generates 4 ~ 5 kinds of different impulse test waveforms.Output test voltage level : 5 ~ 200 V ImpulseOutput voltage polarity : Positive, NegativeType of waveforms

  • Earth Testers

    Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd

    Most facilities have grounded electrical systems, so that in the event of a lightning strike or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth. A ground electrode provides the contact between the electrical system and the earth.

  • Installation Testers

    Fluke Corporation

    Safety and performance are two of the most critical requirements for any electrical system. Good quality insulation, a properly working grounding system and active protection assure the safety of people, electrical systems and buildings, and protect them against electrocution, fire and other equipment damage.

  • LocoNet & Testers

    Digitrax, Inc

    The LNRP Xtra LocoNet Repeater Module Isolates and Protects LocoNet Layouts, it allows for greater expansion of the LocoNet system on large installations. The LNRP Xtra allows "protected" sections of LocoNet to continue functioning even when a fault occurs elsewhere, the LNRP Xtra automatically reconnects the faulty section once the issue is resolved. Now includes the PS14 power supply.

  • Rope Testers

    NDT Technologies, Inc.

    The LMA Signal measures loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) caused by corrosion, abrasion, etc. The LMA Signal is quantitative and can be calibrated. (Typically, a rope must be retired when the LMA exceeds 10%).The WRR Signal measures wire rope roughness (WRR). WRR is defined as the aggregate surface roughness of all wires in a rope. WRR is typically caused by and indicates internal and external corrosion pitting, broken wires and clusters of broken wires. The WRR signal is quantitative, and it is calibrated together with the LMA Signal.The LF Signal can indicate localized flaws (LF), for example, broken wires, corrosion pitting, etc. Because it is only qualitative - and cannot be calibrated - it is of limited value for assessing rope deterioration and for making rope retirement decisions.

  • Prodution Testers

    Effitest E50 - UNITES Systems a.s.

    Effitest e50 is a flexible and cost efficient solution with easy programming, debugging of test programs and life-cycle support.

  • Sensor Tester

    Bernstein AG

    *Connection facilities for DC 2-wire and 3-wire sensors, *Change in switching status signalled visually and acoustically, * 15 V operating voltage for sensors when using a 9 V block battery, * Switches off automatically when not in use, * Visual indicator for operating voltage, switching status and low battery

  • Voltage Testers

    Shenzhen Everbest Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.

    Non-contact detection of 50 to 1000V ACRugged and double molded caseSuitable for outlets or against wire insulation testingFlashing red LED light indicatorBuilt-in bright flashlight with on/off buttonConvenient size with pocket clipAuto power offSystem self testUse on 50/60Hz circuitsComplete with two AA batteriesCATIII 1000VDimensions: 158 x 21mmWeight: 48g

  • Solenoid Tester


    • Touch Screen Interface• Windows® 10 Pro• High Reliability with Proven Design• USB Interface – No I/O boards in Computer• Remote Control Software for Factory Diagnostics/Updates• Full Network Compatibility• Integral Statistical Reporting• Test Data May be Stored in Multiple Formats• Two Year Warranty on Electronics

  • Voltage Tester

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Uses voltage detection technology for the detection of voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires.

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