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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Line Leakage Tester

    LineCHECK II - Wavecontrol, S.L.

    Designed for Automated Test ApplicationsFull Compliment of Automation InterfacesComplete Line Leakage Testing SolutionEnhanced Graphic LCDCompatible with Scanning Matrix for Patient Lead TestingContinuous Run FeatureSoftware CompatibleSafety Agency Listed

  • Paper Moisture Tester

    SKZ111 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    High-frequency paper moisture meter is the high-performance and digital meter for testing moisture, which is firstly introduced to China from foreign countries. The meter uses high-frequency principle. It integrates sensor and mainframe with figure display and has six stalls to test the moisture of various papers, cardboard, corrugated paper and carton. The meter has many advantages, such as large testing range, high accuracy, and small dimension, light and portable for spot testing. It is the ideal instrument in the production process.

  • Beating Pulp Tester

    SKZ115 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    The instrument is applicable in testing all kinds of suspending pulp liquid that less than 100SR--- Schopper-Riegler. It can utilize the material economically with manual controlling and operate easily. Its parameters and performance accord with the standards QB/T1054-98, GB/T3332-1982 and ISO5267/1.

  • Brushless Motor Tester

    Shanghai Aoboor Electric Co., Ltd.

    Applicable for testing general properties of DC brushless motors

  • Analog In-Circuit Tester

    406C - Testronics Inc.

    The 406C is an open architecture power up test platform designed to facilitate the implementation of functional testing after the MDA test is completed. Internally dubbed as "Armadillo" the new architecture provides the user almost unlimited flexibility by combining the best of the VME buss and a dedicated ICT buss.

  • Automatic Transformer Tester

    CVCT-S20 - Vasavi Electronics

    Ideal for fast and fool proof testing of COILS AND SMALL TRANSFORMERS like SMPS transformers, Telecom transformers (HYBRID, POT CORE, RM-CORE), Pulse transformers etc. The systems scans at one stroke, all the windings of a transformer and tests as per definition of test procedure. The test procedure can be pre-programmed and stored under User friendly menu driven software . Any semi-skilled and unskilled person can be engaged for actual testing purpose. Can Select test frequency, pin number, parameters, test conditions, limits for each test. Test any pin to any other pin any defined parameter.

  • Lan CAble Testers

    TES Electrical Electronic Corp.

    Tests a wide range of FTP & UTP cables. Tests for wiring faults such as open, shorted reversed.

  • Multi Function Testers

    Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd.

    Live circuit warning LED:Immediate illumination of a warning lamp if the circuit under test is live Auto Discharge:Allows fast and safe discharge of electrical energy stored in capacitive circuits following testing Integral overload protection on internal continuity and insulation test circuitry Autoranging 500V DC test voltage for insulation tests 200mA short circuit current on continuity ranges Loop and RCD Testing Wiring connection check LED''s:Immediate indication if wiring of circuit under test is correct Overheat Protection:Rapid detection of overheating of internal circuitry,display of warning signal to user and automatic halting of measurement Supply Voltage Indication:Can display supply voltage value in loop impedance mode Low Current Loop Impedance Test:Short duration low test current will prevent tripping of many passive RCDs

  • Electronic Ballast Tester

    WT4000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure parameter: 1) Input: Vrms, Lrms, W, PF, Hz, Phasic angle, total harmonic and 0-39 component of harmonic. 2) Output: Lamp voltage, Lamp current, Filament current, Guided cathodic current, Lamp power, crest factor and oscillatory frequency, single high frequency analysis. • Startup: Startup lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current curve and parameter, preheating time; • Simultaneously display on 8 windows for input and output parameters, convenient for comparison and analysis; • Test preheat energy, filament preheat time. And the parameters changes from 0 to 5s of filament voltage, filament current and filament power; • Up to 1MHz lrms test content to every EB; • Analysis symmetry of high Frequency curve of lout; • 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 10MHz, can easily analyse signal curve of output; • Finish an input and output testing at the same time within 1 minute; • Portable, can test, display, print without computer. Test report include data and curve, comply with international standard; • Communication port for PC, run under Windows98 or Windows2000, English Version available.

  • Flying Probe Tester

    Pilot 4D M4 - SEICA SpA

    The Pilot 4D M4 is a full-performance, double-sided, flying probe test system with an extremely high level of flexibility, making it the ideal solution for those with a wide variety of testing needs, from prototypes to small/medium production volume, through the repair of field returns and reverse engineering. The vertical, compact architecture and the excellent board clamping system ensure that there is no oscillation of the board under test, which in turn greatly facilitates the precise positioning of the probes on the test points.

  • Insulation/Withstand Testers/Hipot Testers

    HIOKI E.E. Corp

    Supports remote control For automatic multipoint testing of insulation / withstand voltage Use with the 3153''''s program or with general-purpose logic sequencers

  • Installation Safety Testers

    VDE 0100 - PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    This innovative combination measuring device for testing electrical installations according to official laws convinces with its technical performance data in the high-end area. All important safety tests such as FI, voltage, loop, low-resistance, earth resistance and insulation tests for e-checks and new installations can be carried out safely by the electrician via the large 3.5“ TFT color display. Of course, the device comes with an extensive range of accessories, such as all necessary test leads, adapters, rods and the required software CD for the PC. The device can be charged with a power adapter or via a car adapter. During the daily use, this high-quality device is protected against dust and all-round water jets by its protection class IP 65.

  • Flexible Functional Tester

    igentic® 421t - Sterner Automation Limited

    Electronics customers require greater test flexibility to address the growing trend towards high-mix, low-volume printed circuit board (PCB) production. Sterner Automation is pleased to introduce the igentic® 421t, the next generation of automated test solution specially engineered to address these challenges. The igentic® 421t provides the flexibility, reliability and efficiency needed in one standard platform, allowing our customers to test multiple PCB's and significantly reduce individual product testing costs.

  • Insulation Resistance Tester

    WB2681A - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Insulation test voltages: DC250V、DC500V、DC1000V • Range of open-circuit voltage: ±10% rated voltage • Testing time: 3~99 seconds or controlled manually

  • Gas Permeability Tester

    EKT-2128BR - Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.

    Windows Operation Software SystemWindows operation software system provides friendly operation environment also the following characteristics: 1. User can pre-set and save the testing specifications to save time of setting procedures before test. 2. User can choose and arrange the related coordinates such as retraction value corresponding to time and temperature. 3. After tests, all test curves and related test data can be saved and retrieved for future use.

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