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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • ZonuSkyShot GPS Tester

    Optical Zonu Corp.

    The ZonuSkyShot GPS Tester is a compact GPS receiver which detects the presence and, the signal strength of a GPS signal, and identifies all the satellites “seen” carried by the signal. The device enables laptop or phone connectivity to report and indicate this at the LED device’s screen.  Furthermore this GPS receiver can be accessed at the USB port on the Base Unit, or via a Bluetooth™ device allowing the user to see the available satellites using the app provided with the system.

  • Earth Ground Tester

    1625-2 - Fluke Corporation

    The Fluke 1625-2 earth ground tester measures earth ground loop resistances using only clamps, only stakes, or one clamp and stakes. With the stakeless test method, the Fluke 1625-2 is able to measure earth ground loop resistances for multi-grounded systems using only current clamps. This technique eliminates the dangerous, and time consuming job of disconnecting parallel grounds, and finding suitable locations for auxiliary ground stakes.

  • Respirator Fit Tester

    PortaCount - TSI Inc.

    The PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester features intelligent touchscreen solutions, providing assistance across your entire respiratory protection program from training through compliance. FitCheck™ mode allows you to quickly identify the right mask and provide staff with a better understanding of how a respirator fits. Video animations guide staff through the proper movements for each exercise, better identifying poorly fitting masks.

  • Digital Insulation Testers

    The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    Motwane is India’s first company to design and develop an intelligent digital insulation tester that conducts insulation resistance tests on high voltage electrical equipment. Products like transformers, generators, motor cables, bushings, LAs, and switchgear, are prone to gradual degradation over time due to the adverse effects of temperature, humidity, and dust. The gathered test data allows clients to verify the current quality of insulation, and take appropriate action.

  • Electrical Safety Tester

    Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Basic testing methods of Glow wire device> and UL 746A, IEC829, DIN695, VDE0471, the Glow wire tester ZRS-3H/ZRS-3HS is suitable for resistance to abnormal heat and fire test on lighting lamps, electronic products and household appliances. Adopting high-temperature coating spraying on steel structure and imported instrument display, with easy operation, stable performance the equipment is applicable to flame resistance tests of all levels of QC departments and corresponding enterprises.

  • Tester for Voltage Regulators

    MS012 COM - MSG Equipment

    The device simulates installation of voltage regulator on faultless alternator in order to test its operating performance under different loads and modes, under various rotor resistance parameters. The handset tester conducts diagnostics of all existing types and models of voltage regulators.New types and models of voltage regulators can easily be added by updating software through USB-port. The equipmentis controlledby three encoders and a sensor on colored display. Diagnostics lasts about 2 minutes.

  • AMIDA 3KS Tester

    Amida Technology, Inc.

    The AMIDA-3KS test system provides a lower cost, cost-optimized test solution for all consumer power management ICs and portable product components. The AMIDA-3KS tester provides 6 board slots in the test head for the required number of analog board channels, thus reducing the overall system procurement cost, making the cost-effectiveness of each board channel 2 times higher and more flexible. The customer's product testing time is greatly shortened.

  • C-Mic Tester Lite

    BK2011 - BaKo Co., Ltd

    For quick quality assessment or for portable C-mic testing, take a serious look at the BK2011. The BK2011 produces a fast, highly reliable measurement that doesn't include all the extra data given by the BK3010. It's ultra portable, and from your briefcase to testing takes about a minute. If you don't need the full functionality of the BK3010 C-Mic Tester, or if you need an easy to set up, portable machine, ask us about our BK2011.

  • Impulse Spark Tester

    IT-25B - Clinton Instrument Company

    While most military standards now favor high frequency spark testing over impulse spark testing, the IT-25B Impulse Spark Tester is available for use in some aeronautic applications that still specify the impulse method. The IT-25B meets the test requirements of military specifications MIL-C-13777E, MIL-W-16878, and NEMA standards for hook-up wire used in high temperature wire applications. This method is favored as an alternate to a wet dielectric test.

  • Rubber Abrasion Tester

    SKZ129A - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    This tester is applied to test the wear ability of vulcanized rubber. It tests the abrasion consumption in certain testing range by the friction under certain tilt angle and load. The machine is designed according to GB/T 1689-1998: Rubber vulcanizedDetermination of abrasion resistance (Akron machine) equal to ISO:4661-1:1993, ISO 2481:1988, ISO 471:1983, ISO 1826:1981, with digital setting and displaying the times of friction, automatically stop and integrate the host and controller.

  • Pitot Static Tester

    ADSE 650 - ATEQ Aviation

    The ADSE 650 caters fully for all aircraft types and the different electrical power supplies.It can be used for testing high performance civil and military aircraft, fix and rotary wings. This Pitot Static Tester is designed primarily for flightline use to cover the testing of all barometric and manometric pressure instrument systems.The large touch screen display, with on-screen help ,enables all checks to be carried out easily on the flight deck or in the cockpit, by a single operator.

  • Transformer & Capacitor Testers

    Greenlee Tools

    *Quick and easy check for opens or shorts on transformers before energizing*Provides clear indications of open circuits, short connections and confirmation that the test results are OK*Tests overhead, pad-mount and other distribution transformers*Tests the primary and secondary sides of de‑energized transformers without disconnecting*Helps prevent line workers from installing a fuse on a shorted transformer*Automatic self-test feature*Magnet holds the tester in place while testing

  • Bending Resistance Tester

    79-25 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    Model 79-25 is a user-friendly microprocessor controlled instrument to determine the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire. Bending stiffness is a characteristic associated with the rigidity of a material. This property is related to the modulus of elasticity of the material's stiffness. Our Bending Tester was originally developed to produce a more concise, consistent measurement for the paper industry. This property is now used in a variety of industries including personal products, paper, flexible films, packaging and non-wovens.

  • Package Drop Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    The Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series simulates the drop/fall of the packaged finished products to evaluate their damages. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the package container can be tested. so that the manufacturer can know how to take measures effectively to protect Its products against damage during transportation. During dropping, the carrier will rotate to allow the packed products to fall can test the faces, edges and corners of the product, with small vibration, and stable and reliable operation.

  • Heat Seal Tester

    HST-01 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    HST-01Heat Seal Tester seals the specimen to determine the seal parameters of basicfilm, laminated films, coating paper and other heat sealing laminated filmsaccording to the requirement of relative standards. The seal parameters includeheat seal temperature, dwell time, and the pressure of heat seal. Heat sealmaterials that have different melting point, heat stability, fluidness, andthickness of could show various heat seal properties, which cause obviouslydifferent seal technique.

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