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  • FlyAway Systems

    Antenna Technology Communications, Inc.

    ATCi offers all types of complete custom systems, designs and configurations dependent on customerrequirements. Designed for worldwide transmit and receive operations, the versatile family of FlyAway Antennas can be easily transported to any place in the world via domestic or international carrier.

  • MWIR Systems

    L-3 Cincinnati Electronics

    L3 Cincinnati Electronics’ high-performance cooled mid-wave (3.5 – 5.0 µm) IR imagers are based on our patented InSb focal plane array architecture. Ideal for all combat conditions, L3 Cincinnati Electronics technology improves situational awareness in combat intelligence, sighting & tracking systems, threat deterrence and perimeter & border security with all-weather observation, day or night. These IR sensors can be utilized in urban, rural and remote situations where there are extreme climatic and terrain conditions. Well-suited for fixed or portable payloads, these imaging systems offer a substantially lower total life-cycle cost in comparison to other commercial IR imaging sensors.

  • Monitoring System

    Sensaphone WSG30 - Sensaphone

    The Sensaphone WSG30 Monitoring System offers a flexible monitoring solution when hard-wiring sensors is not a cost-effective or viable option. It also functions as a data logger to demonstrate compliance. The WSG30 is encased in a stylish, wall-mountable enclosure with an easy-to-read, 80-character LCD display.

  • Photoluminescence System

    RPMBlue - Onto Innovation

    The RPMBlue system is designed to provide accurate, precise and reliable PL spectral metrology across the entire wavelength range. This includes from high-Al content AlGaN alloys for GaN FET’s and UV lasers/LED’s to communication laser applications in the NIR and everything in between.

  • Rackmount Systems


    Corvalent Rackmount Systems are built around our powerful industrial strength Motherboards. All Rackmount workstations can be fully customized to fit your specific application. Corvalent Rackmounts are typically used in the Oil & Gas, Medical, Industrial Automation and Military industries.

  • Radio System

    FASST - Futaba

    Futaba is the first of the traditional radio manufacturers to bring the advantages of 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology to modelers – and the first to introduce that technology in a full-range aircraft system. For getting the full benefits of 2.4GHz technology, you'll find that Futaba's experience makes all the difference.

  • System Components

    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    For demanding computational tasks, Rohde & Schwarz offers the versatile, flexible equipment you need for everyday use – from the system controller and switch unit to the test chamber. All feature excellent EMC shielding, reliable test results and modular solutions.

  • Control Systems

    Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers a full range of machine control solutions, from cost-effective components to highly integrated systems. Each of these easily implemented solutions help you speed time to market and lower total cost to design, develop and deliver your machine.

  • Lithography System

    JetStep W2300 - Onto Innovation

    The JetStep W2300 System has been specifically designed to meet advanced packaging challenges head on. As resolution, overlay and many more technical specifications become tighter and more sophisticated for semiconductor advanced packaging processes, fulfilling lithography requirements becomes a challenge.

  • System Management

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Renesas CPU supervisors combine popular functions such as power-on reset control, watchdog timer, supply voltage supervision, and block lock protect serial EEPROM memory in one package, lowering system cost, reducing board space requirements and increasing reliability.

  • Digestion Systems

    Tecator line - FOSS A/S

    FOSS Tecator line Digestion systems are based on a digestion unit and a tube rack, allowing fully automated digestion for convenient, safe and flexible Kjeldahl analysis. Two way PC communication supports traceability and GLP. These versatile digestion systems are capable of handling eight, twenty or forty tubes in volumes of 100 ml, 250 ml or 400 ml dependent on chosen configuration. Parameters: Kjeldahl digestions, Chemical Oxygen Demand & other reflux chemistries, Trace metal analysis by AAS or ICP instruments. Sample types: Raw materials and finished products in Food, Feed, Agriculture and related matrices, Water & Wastewater and a wide range of industrial compounds.

  • Systems Integration

    Libra Industries

    Libra delivers customized manufacturing solutions for high complexity system integration requirements. No matter the industry, we most likely have experience in it across our 85 years of delivering solutions. We have expertise in large complex electro mechanical assemblies, both at the final product level as well as subassembly levels. From advanced robotics to intricate semiconductor capital equipment requirements, we combine system level capabilities with vertical capabilities and know how, that allows us to understand the technical underpinnings of your product. Our well equipped clean room facility allows us to deliver to the cleanliness standards that your product requires.

  • Analytical Systems

    MEXA-Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Quality and performance are our goal. As legislation on vehicle emissions grows more stringent, attention remains focused on next generation engine and after-treatment platforms. HORIBA analyzers and total systems provide for every need from R&D to emissions certification for engine development.

  • Automation Systems

    EIIT, S.A.

    We design automated systems applying innovation and creativity, adding value to the production processes of our clients and partners. Due to the synergies obtained between our engineering teams, we develop integral automation projects, with improved, more efficient and optimized industrial processes.

  • Medical System

    Sentinel III - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    The Sentinel III System provides complete Electrical Safety Testing to IEC60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-49 (Multifunctional Patient Monitoring Equipment) in a fully automated fashion. The Sentinel III saves time by scanning patient connections for leakage current without powering down the device.

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