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A check of a groups interdependency, interrelations and interaction as a whole.


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  • 4000 AQ - Entry level TEST-OK system with 192 testpoints

    Company: Test-ok BV

    The test modules feature proven test probes, made in-house and unique to each PCB. Making a set of test modules is as easy as ordering a PCB. In fact it’s the same. This is one of the innovative parts of the TEST-OK system

  • DTS270 - Unit Level Test System

    Company: Phillips Aerospace

    The Phillips DTS270 Unit Level Test Sytem is a low cost comprehensive, automated test system capable of powering, fixturing, stimulating, and monitoring a wide range of electronic units under test (UUTs). The various pieces of test equipment are controlled and monitored from a single test environment software application operating on a Windows NT PC.

  • HTEMC1000ATS - Device-Level Test System for Military Use

    Company: Shaanxi Hitech Electronic

    According to requirements of GJB151A/152A-97, EMC Department of Hitech Electronic has developed the Device-Level Electromagnetic Compatibility Automatic Test System for Military Use (HTEMI1000ATS and HTEMS1000ATS) relying on years-long rich experience in terms of electromagnetic compatibility test for military use.

  • MTS-3060 SmartCan™ - Universal O-Level Armament Tester for Smart & Legacy Systems

    Company: Marvin Test Solutions

    The MTS-3060 SmartCan™ is an advanced flight line tester for suspension and Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) including pylons, launchers, bomb racks, and pods. The MTS-3060 SmartCan™ is a high—performance hand-held device with a shape of a “beercan” but with previously unavailable flight-line test capabilities.

  • Symphony Wafer-Level Reliability Test System

    Company: Cascade Microtech

    Symphony WLR is a compact wafer-level reliability (WLR) test system that supports Cascade Microtech's comprehensive suite of intrinsic reliability test applications such as EM, TDDB, BTI and HCI. When combined with Cascade Microtech's Conductor software package, a fully automated test solution is provided.

  • MS1119 - Surface/Subsurface EW systems Card Level Testers (CPCI BTA)

    Company: Meltronics Systemtech

    CPCI Based BTA is used to test ECM System Processor (80386 & 8051) Boards. This system consists of a Single Board Computer (SBC), CPCI RS422 Communication and Bus Interface Board (CBI), CPCI Digital Input & Output (DIO) Board and CPCI Analog Input & Output (AIO) Board to provide the necessary input/output signals to/from the board to be tested.

  • PCB-level functional / ICT Test & Flashing System

    Company: JOT Automation Ltd

    Maximal test capacity, minimal footprint. True scalability by application-specific test boxes, handlers and racks. Just pick the most suitable modules. Scalable, modular and cost-effective solution for PCB-level functional and ICT testing, flashing and RF-tuning of smart devices and industrial electronics. The M10 consists of test boxes, handlers, and racks.

  • ATS 503X Series - System Level Test for Semiconductors

    Company: Astronics Test Systems

    The ATS 503X can simultaneously test up to 32 different work orders, each with your own test recipe consisting of voltage, temperature, burn-in time, digital test, and more. Multiple input and output lanes manage simultaneous testing of devices in parallel.

  • 2900 Series - AC / DC Hipot Tester

    Company: Slaughter Company

    The 2900 Series is our most popular line of Hipot testers. These testers are designed to simplify every aspect of safety testing for operators of all comfort levels. Our 2900 Series includes the most intuitive user interface in the industry and won't take up too much space on the production line. With multiple memories and an optional RS-232 interface, you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUT's from the front panel or with a PC. Use this series in stand-alone applications or interconnect with a 2600 Series tester to form a complete test system for NRTL compliance. Choose from 3 different models to satisfy your testing requirements.

  • LinkTest™ DualE1 - E1, Datacom, Jitter, Wander Tester

    Company: GL Communications

    GL's LinkTest DualE1™ is a handheld dual-port tester for E1 and data communications (V.11 / X.24, V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36/RS449, EIA-530, EIA-530A) interfaces. With the support of a large range of software options for E1 services and sub rate multiplexing system, this handheld unit provides a scalable test solution for E1 and data testing. It provides a large, clear screen with a full set of physical layer tests for E1 balanced and unbalanced circuits including BERT, VF, round trip delay and signal level.

  • PSL-3000 - PowerSync Programmable Load

    Company: Sifos Technologies

    ■ Multi-Port PSE Flexible and Accurate DC Loading ■ Low Cost PSE Analysis ■ Configure 2 to 24 Test Ports (up to 12 4-Pair PSE Test Ports) ■ PSA Interactive-PL Graphical User Interface ■ Flexible PD LLDP Emulation and Analysis ■ Automated Multi-Port PSE System Testing ■ Replaces All General Purpose Test Equipment ■ Multi-Port Live PD Emulation Including LLDP and 4-Pair PoE ■ Backwards Compatible to PSA-1200-PL ■ High Level Scripting with Tcl-Based PowerShell PSA ■ Smart Fan Control - Runs Cool and Quiet

  • RT66B - Ferroelectric Test System

    Company: Radiant Technologies

    Radiant's Rt66B offers amazing performance at an affordable price. The Rt66B is a perfect entry level system for measuring Ferroelectrics. This system does include Radiant's famous Vision Data Management System which offers all the standard measurements of ferroelectrics including Hysteresis, Fatigue, Waveform, C/V, I/V, PUND and much more.

  • XR-3 - Signal Level Meter

    Company: Applied Instruments

    From satellite dish alignment, to UHF off-air antenna pointing, to cable TV MER measurements, the XR-3 is the meter for you! The XR-3 is the most capable meter offered by Applied Instruments. It's more durable than the popular Super Buddy meter, and has added features and performance. The XR-3's modular design with field swappable modules provides wide versatility to fit different measurement applications, including DBS satellite (i.e. Dish Network, DIRECTV, Bell TV, Shaw Direct), VSAT satellite (i.e. iDirect, Hughes Ku band, and more), VHF/UHF off-air (analog and ATSC digital), and CATV (QAM and analog). The XR-3 is great for installing and troubleshooting DISH SmartBox, Blonder Tongue, and other SMATV headend systems often used in hotels, multi-dwelling units, and institutional facilities. Modular Test Instrument. Satellite Finder. Installer Signal Meters. CATV Analyzer. Modules.

  • Vacuum Capacitors Fixed & Variable

    Company: LBA Group

    The LBA Technology vacuum capacitors store maintains a large stock of all types of RF capacitors, both vacuum and mica capacitors. While LBA is a factory dealer specializing in COMET and JENNINGS fixed and variable vacuum capacitors, we can supply virtually any style, value, or manufacturer's product on special order. Typical of other brands supplied are Meiden, Sangamo, and Cornell Dubilier. We provide fast quotes and worldwide shipping.The high quality vacuum capacitors we stock and sell typically have capacitances from 3 pF to 6600 pF, and peak test voltages to 100 kV at 1000 amps. These include both fixed and variable styles. A full line of capacitor accessories such as cylometers, insulators, corona rings, and mounting hardware is available from LBA.Vacuum capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications that require the generation and management of high power radio frequency energy. The vacuum capacitor is extremely stable in electrical characteristics, has extremely low internal dissipation factor (loss) and withstands electrical overloads, such as lightning, with less damage than other types of capacitors. The vacuum capacitor is a key component in high frequency RF generators, industrial RF process applicators and antenna systems operating from low frequency through VHF, at power levels reaching and exceeding 1,000,000 watts. Both air-cooled and water-cooled vacuum capacitors, in fixed and variable styles are used.Vacuum capacitors are employed in broadcast transmitters for long wave, medium wave (MW or AM), short wave, and VHF (FM and TV). They also serve in broadcast antenna systems, particularly in AM directional antenna phasing systems, diplexers, triplexers and line tuning units.Vacuum capacitors find wide application in industrial applications of radio frequency energy. High power RF systems are found in RF dielectric heating devices such as RF welders, radio frequency sealers, RF process heating such as drying and baking ovens. The ubiquitous vacuum capacitor finds frequent application in such medical RF areas as MRI, CAT scanners, RF surgery, and high power particle accelerators. High power RF devices also use vacuum capacitors to help generate RF energy for laser systems, plasma generators, semiconductor foundries, research RF applications, and more.

  • SLT Socket

    Company: Leeno Industrial

    Mobile Phone, Tablet, TV Board, Set-top box etc.LEENO can provide a System Level Test solution on various types of packages.

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