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tympanum, bioacoustic sensed pressure waves.

See Also: Ultrasound, Audio, Infrasound, Reverberation, Acoustic, Sound Calibration

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  • Voltage Tester, 90V to 1000V

    72-10385 - Tenma

    Non Contact AC Voltage Detector with Vibrating Alert The easy to use AC Voltage Detector provides site, sound, and vibration indication for added safety in even bright or noisy environments. Flashing, beeper, and vibrating indicators to alert use of AC voltage.

  • Partial Discharge Detector

    PDD 100 - Taurus Powertronics Systems

    The Insulator partial discharge detector is a state-of-the-art technology used by NASA. The Parabolic design of the disc helps to maintain and detect ultrasound from safe distance of 100 Meters. Enhanced ultrasound detection is provided to the device, by combining the features of the already proven Ultra sound sensing technology with extended range and sensing capabilities. A pistol like grip laser pointer, and rifle sights make the Insulator partial discharge detector easy to handle and use.

  • Short Circuit Finders

    Testec, LLC

    The ShortSniffer locates short circuits in electronics circuits, projects, and printed circuit boards. * locates PCB shorts under solder mask, under components, and even on inner PCB layers * non-contact (inductive) pickup wand * pinpoint short to within 2mm radius (SS2) * rapid location with audio feedback * "follow the sound to the short" * no need for relative or reference measurements * battery operated * diode clamped current drive, won't harm your circuitry

  • A Global Standard for Acoustic Absorption Measurements

    Alpha Cabin - Autoneum Holding AG

    The Alpha Cabin has been especially designed for the measurement of acoustic absorption properties of materials and components used for the noise insulation of vehicles. The Alpha Cabin is significantly smaller than normal reverberation rooms and therefore ideally suited to use within limited space capacities. The acoustic absorption of the Alpha Cabin itself is also very low: Thanks to the high level of sound insulation, background noise in the frequency range of interest is kept to a minimum.

  • Noise Dosemeter

    Castle GA257B - Castle Group Ltd.

    The SONUS Pocket Dosemeters are designed to be powerful and easy to use. These dosemeters are small and tough so measurements and data can be collected throughout the working period. Data can be reviewed on screen or downloaded to a PC for further analysis. The SONUS GA257B is a dedicated basic dosemeter fully compliant with IEC 61252:1993 and IEC 61672-1:2013, giving simultaneous sound exposure (Lep'd) and maximum peak (Zpeak) measurements, an essential feature for Noise at Work Regulations assessments.

  • Digital Surface Profile Gauge

    Smartech Inc.

    Backed by the sound experience of this industry, we have been able to offer an unmatchable assortment of Digital Surface Profile Gauge. Offered gauge by us will allow quick measurements of the top to bottom height of blast cleaned surfaces to be accurately measured. In addition to that, this gauge can also be used to measure the effects of corrosion. Known for its light weight and simple design, offered gauge is highly useful and user-friendly tool for paint, coating, and corrosion inspection.

  • Drone & UAV Detector

    DroneWatcherAPP - DeTect, Inc.

    DroneWatcherAPP .. the APP that turns your Android® smartphone into a drone and small UAV detector. The DroneWatcher APP runs in the background and only provides alerts when a drone is detected within its monitoring range (usually ¼ to ½ miles depending on site conditions). Features and options in this free version include user selectable alerts (visual and audible and 6 sound options plus mute and vibrate alert), ability to stop tracking specific drones and to reset the clear list.

  • Media Meter Software Tool

    Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

    Dolby Media Meter is an innovative software tool that accurately measures loudness the way your viewers experience it in programming for broadcast, packaged media, cinema trailers, video on demand (VOD), and games. Differences in audio levels between programs and channels, or between programs and commercials, are a major annoyance to TV viewers. Although easy to hear, these differences are much more difficult to measure. And without accurate measurement, you can't regulate these irritating shifts in sound level.

  • Hydrophone

    TC4059 - Teledyne Marine RESON B.V.

    The TC4059 broad band spherical hydrophone provides uniform omnidirectional characteristics over a wide frequency range of 1Hz to 480 kHz. The overall receiving characteristics make the TC4059 an ideal transducer for making absolute underwater sound measurements up to 480 kHz. The wide frequency range also makes the TC4059 perfect for calibration purposes, particularly in higher frequencies.TC4059 is provided with a titanium base with O-ring seals for easy installation on underwater electronic cans or housings.

  • Vacuum Degree Tester

    VC-VIB - Xi'an Multipower Technic Co.,LTD

    VC series Vacuum degree tester is the device to measure the vacuum degree of the vacuum interrupter and easily and accurately test the quality of the vacuum interrupter. The set is designed and developed by the well-known expert Mr. Jin jiping. Since it went into the market in 1994, it has been popular among the clients because of the outstanding performance and sound price. The sixth generation product of VC-VIB is the updated VC-VB added the new technic and more excellent advantages to guarantee the more accurate test.

  • Understanding TEM, TE, and TM Waveguide Modes

    Precision Milimeter Wave

    Energy can propagate through a medium or through what is currently believed to be a vacuum. Propagation modes vary depending upon the type of energy and the nature of the medium.Electromagnetic energy is transmitted in waves. Like sound, it may propagate equally in all directions, the wave energy radiating in concentric shells corresponding to amplitude. Or it may be directional, focused to form a tight beam.View more Understanding TEM, TE, and TM Waveguide Modes

  • Noise Dosemeters

    Castle Group Ltd.

    Noise Dosemeters are a type of sound meter designed to measure the levels of noise exposure to an individual over a period of time. All of our dosemeters are compliant to IEC 61252: 1993 / BS EN 61262:1997 and offer high quality and reliable personal noise monitoring solutions.

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    UTG-2800 - Phase II Plus

    State of the art, digital ultrasonic thickness gauge is packed with features typically found on high end models only. This multi-functional ultrasonic thickness gauge offers everything from basic measurement, Scanning Capabilities, Adjustable Sound Velocity, extended memory and USB output capabilities.

  • H.V. Detector

    290 HD - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Telescopic, compact, lightweight.● High voltage detection.● Self test button feature.● Angle adjustment for 290 HD.● Easy to recognize indication.● High intensity red light emitting diode and intermittent audible sound for easy recognition in full sunlight and noisy environments.● Waterproof.

  • H.V. Detector

    230 HD - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Telescopic, compact, lightweight.● High voltage detection.● Self test button feature.● Angle adjustment for 290 HD● Easy to recognize indication● High intensity red light emitting diode and intermittent audible sound for easy recognition in full sunlight and noisy environments.● Waterproof.

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