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earthquaking event with a wave velocity 3-8 km/s.

See Also: Seismometers, Seismic Arrays, Seismic Accelerometers, Earthquake, Geophones, Shear Wave

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  • Seismic


    Seismic vibration instrumentation is used to measure structural vibration on bearing housings, piping, machinery housings, and machine support structures.  It is particularly suitable for machinery with rolling-element bearings. These types of bearings will generally transmit both shaft-and bearing-related vibration to the outside of the machine where it can be detected by seismic measurements.

  • Seismic Triggers

    Kinemetrics, Inc.

    Is designed to shut down elevators, escalators, industrial equipment and other critical devices during a strong earthquake. Small, lightweight, and inexpensive, the MitiGator+ seismic switch offers a powerhouse of strong features.

  • Seismic Equipment

    Starter Geophone - PASI srl

    STARTER GEOPHONE SIS-061-000 with connecting cable.

  • Seismic Sensor

    SmartPhone D - Teledyne Marine Real Time Systems

    The highly rugged encapsulated SmartPhone D was designed for use with the SmartSource controller, or SmartPhone D system, for real-time monitoring of near-field signatures.​ The integrated 24-bit digitizer at the sensor element provides the lowest noise interconnect between the phone element and digitizing electronics, eliminating the issues of long signal lines and cross coupling while providing unprecedented signature fidelity at a sample rate of 2 kHz. The unique straight-to-digital design allows more flexibilty in umbilical design by providing digital communications clarity with even the longest of umbilicals. Built-in calibration ensures that the system will always report calibration levels. An on-board disciplined precision oscillator provides PPM-level sample rate accuracy. Built-in testing features and self-monitoring provide the user with instant assessments of the health of the phone.

  • Seismic Analysis and Monitoring

    ZETLAB Company

    Seismic analysis and monitoring have been designed on the base of the contemporary seismic studies. We can offer you a wide range of tools for geophysical surveys, seismic tomography, automated monitoring of bearing structures (structural health monitoring), seismic monitoring of oil piping systems.

  • Seismic Signal Conditioners


    Seismic signal conditioners are designed to accept an input from (and provide power to) a seismic sensor. They convert the signal to a proportional 4-20mA DC signal that can be used as an input to process control instrumentation such as a PLC or DCS.  They provide additional convenience features such as optional displays, BNC connectors for access to the dynamic sensor signal, and bandpass filtering.  Metrix offers seismic signal conditioners that can accept either acceleration or velocity sensors, and are available with or without an integral display.

  • Seismic interpretation Software

    Intersism - PASI srl

    Intersism it's a software designed to make the entire processing of seismic data coming from a refraction seismic method acquisition. The software extract data directly from the file SEG2 format, SEGY or SU - and give you the possibility to put directly the first arrival picking time.

  • Seismic Electrical Interconnect

    Teledyne Marine

    ​A range of ruggedized connectors that withstand high-shock environments, such as those found in seismic survey applications.​​​

  • Seismic interpretation Software

    Win_Downhole - PASI srl

    Win_Downhole is an easy to use downhole seismic processing software. With it, you will be able to import various seismic file formats and work with triaxial geophones. Filtering capabilies, first break of P ans S waves, S-waves enhancement modules, Poisson ration, shear modulus are several of its main functions.

  • Seismic Detection System

    ZETLAB Company

    For the purpose of increased reliability and unification, the seismic detection system is delivered as a standard kit placed inside of the compact leak-proof casing.

  • CA Seismic Testing

    National Technical Systems

    Construction practices and equipment installations in earthquake-prone areas pose a special set of challenges to engineers. No structure is isolated from seismic activity.Recognizing this danger, governing jurisdictions in seismically active areas — such as California, Alaska and other affected areas — have adopted codes and standards. These standards require structures and equipment to maintain their integrity in spite of earthquakes, making seismic testing a vital part of validating prototypes and designs. Even if specific codes and standards do not exist within a given earthquake-prone jurisdiction, engineers may still need to provide assurance that their designs will withstand certain amounts of seismic activity. This helps protect equipment and provides safety to personnel.

  • Bandwidth-Controlled Seismic Source

    eSource - Teledyne Marine Bolt

    Teledyne Bolt, Inc. has engineered a new type of airgun designed to reduce the potential impact of seismic acquisition operations on marine life while also delivering optimal bandwidth for subsurface imaging. eSource is designed to reduce the high-frequency components believed to have most potential for causing disturbance to marine life while retaining the low-frequency components critical to seismic exploration.

  • Seismic Sound Sources

    Teledyne Marine

    Teledyne Marine supplies a wide range of seismic energy sources intended for application to all phases of exploration and production seismology, these include:Marine Sound Sources > eSource > Long-Life > Annular Port Gun > Down-hole Air Guns > Mud Guns for transition zone surveys > Portable Air Gun Systems for remote or environmentally sensitive areas > Borehole Air Gun Tool for cross-well seismic surveys

  • Seismic Nodal Recorder

    U-Node - Seismic Source Co.

    The most successful data acquisition system of our industry was designed by Sercel, France, the 408/428XL Land seismic acquisition system. Over 5,000,000 channels were delivered around the world! The two major building blocks of the field telemetry are the FDU and DSU3. U-Node Alpha connects to either the FDU or the DSU cables and immediately turns the system into a modern "autonomous" nodal system. Wi-Fi or Cable connections can be added to allow "Real Time" display of the seismic signals and records.

  • Seismic interpretation Software

    Visual-Sunt - PASI srl

    This program is a graphical interface for Windows® of the SUNT program, the 32 bits Windows® version of the SU (Seismic UNIX) freeware, the software for the data processing of “Centre of Wave Phenomena”.

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