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  • Power Control and Monitoring

    Froment Signal Dynamometers

    Monitoring is essential to effectively manage your critical systems. Our power controls and monitoring products can give you visibility and insight to make informed decisions. They also help increase reliability, compliance and efficiency of critical facilities.

  • Monitoring Power Quality

    PQWeb - Electrotek Concepts Inc.

    PQWeb® enables utility and industrial users to view power quality data via a Web browser program such as Netscape Navigator® or Microsoft® Internet Explorer. Utilizing these readily available applications, PQWeb eliminates the engineering effort and costs of developing custom client-side applications.

  • Power Monitoring Dynamometer

    90085 - HITEC Sensor Solutions Inc.

    Model 90085 is designed to measure machine tool output. This model acquires the necessary torque and speed data needed to calculate the horsepower of the machine tool under test conditions. It is a portable, self-contained data acquisition and monitoring system consisting of three major components: a pneumatic brake assembly, a torque and speed transducer, and the control and display module.

  • PTO Power Monitoring System

    Datum Electronics

    Datum Electronics Series 420 PTO (Power Take Off) Shaft Torque and Power Monitoring System will monitor and log the torque, shaft speed and transmitted power accurately when testing new systems driven from all standard PTO Shafts. The tractor's PTO or stub shaft, transfers power from the tractor to the PTO-driven machine or implement. Power transfer is accomplished by connecting a drive shaft from the machinery to the tractor's PTO stub shaft. Common examples include elevators, grain augers and silage blowers. The PTO and drive shaft rotates at 540 rpm (9 times/sec.) or 1,000 rpm (16.6 times/sec.) when operating at full recommended speed. At all speeds, they rotate in proportion to the speed of the tractor engine.

  • Power Monitoring / Surge Protection

    P4330 Kill A Watt PS-10 - P3 International Corp.

    Now you can protect your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you. Simply connect these appliances into the Kill A Watt® PS-10, and it will assess how efficient they are while the built-in surge protection keeps them safe. Advanced features such as over current, over voltage, and no load detection provide clean, safe power to your expensive equipment.Check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, Amperage, KWH, Current Leakage and more. Now you'll know how much power your entire computer or home theater system is using. With the innovative Kill A Watt® PS-10 you'll have peace of mind in more ways than one.

  • Current Monitoring, Power Relays

    DI Series - Mors Smitt Group

    Heavy duty, current monitoring relay for demanding applications. Current activated coil.

  • Distributed Power Cable Monitoring

    LIOS EN.SURE - NKT Photonics A/S

    As demand for electricity continues to rise, so does the challenges for power companies and power grids. To overcome one of the main factors of optimization of underground power transmissions and distribution installations we designed EN.SURE – with a temperature resolution better than 1°C and real time thermal rating you can safely utilize the existing network capacity to its maximum.

  • Power Distribution and Environmental Monitoring

    Panduit Corp.

    Across the globe, enterprises are awakening to the ways that their operations affect the environment in various areas over time. As data center energy usage and costs increase, the importance of reducing power consumption is critical to reduce costs and deploy initiatives that promote energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable business strategies. Organizations are requiring greater computing capacity and an agile physical infrastructure to enable data centers to adapt to changing business needs.Panduit helps enterprises achieve energy efficiency and increase operations by enabling them to leverage a reliable, robust physical infrastructure that provides an overall picture of their power and environmental topology. By improving availability, scalability, power, and cooling efficiency, Panduit helps organizations minimize network downtime and increase data center productivity with cost effective unified physical infrastructure solutions that:

  • Electrical UPS Backup Power and Monitoring

    Eaton Corp. Electrical Group

    Eaton’s power quality portfolio encompasses a comprehensive offering of power management solutions from a single-source provider. This includes uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), DC power solutions, surge protective devices, switchgear, power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring, meters, software, connectivity, enclosures and services.

  • Nuclear Power Radiation Monitoring Systems

    Fluke Biomedical

    From continuous area monitors, radiation detectors, process monitors and remote indicators and alarms, featuring industry-standard technology, Victoreen instruments are the trusted source for radiation monitoring systems and quality assurance for nuclear power professionals. With a wide range of solutions for maintaining Code of Federal Regulations-compliant facilities, Victoreen delivers the safety, reliability and quality needed to guarantee top performance for the global atomic energy community.

  • Electricity Usage Monitoring Power Strip

    P4320 Kill A Watt PS - P3 International Corp.

    Now you can protect your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you. Simply connect these appliances into the Kill A Watt? PS, and it will assess how efficient they are while the built-in surge protection keeps them safe. Advanced features such as over current, over voltage, and no load detection provide clean, safe power to your expensive equipment.

  • Power Monitoring Kit For SAR System Validation

    PMK - ART-Fi SAS

    Test labs have a daily requirement to ensure SAR measurements are highly accurate. SAR systems must be vigorously checked to ensure the measuring accuracy meets the system manufacturer uncertainty budget. The PMK features technologies usually found in more expensive equipment at an affordable price. The ability to measure the S11 parameter for dipoles and antennas while continuously monitoring their linear behaviour differentiates the PMK from other systems. The ART-Fi PMK is an all-in-one solution that requires only three connections to perform automatic, highly precise validations and verifications. The lack of moving parts also leads to improved durability and fewer bugs, faults, and workarounds.

  • Power Quality Monitoring Terminal Detection Platform

    PQC1650 - Ponovo Power Co., Ltd.

    PQC1650 power quality terminal detection platform is a test system specially designed for power quality terminals. It can fully complete the power quality test method and accuracy test of power quality terminals.

  • Power Monitor

    P4455 Power Monitoring For Dummies - P3 International Corp.

    Now anyone can cut electricity costs and find out what appliances are worth keeping plugged in. Simply connect an appliance to the meter, and it tells you the monthly cost. The unit measures consumption by the kilowatt hour — the same way as your local utility company.By using this device, you can figure out how efficient each appliance actually is. Now you can decide if it's finally time to get that shiny new refrigerator you've been eyeing or if your old air conditioner is the power hog you thought it was.You can calculate your cumulative electrical expenses and forecast usage by the day, week, month, or even an entire year. Also check the quality of your power by monitoring the voltage. With Power Monitoring For Dummies, you can now know "watts" killing you.

  • Power Quality Analyzers


    The Dranetz HDPQ merges the state-of-the-art power quality monitoring capabilities, with ‘best in class’ communication capabilities to provide a revolutionary monitoring experience.