Parametric Test: determine whether a DUT's electrical characteristics meet specification.

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  • 10 ns Pulsed IV Parametric Test Solution

    B1542A - Keysight Technologies

    Pulsed IV parametric testing is becoming an increasingly common requirement for the development of semiconductor process and the evaluation of semiconductor devices. In recent years, the need for very accurate Pulsed IV measurement has increased due to the development of more advanced processes. To meet these needs Keysight offers a variety of Pulsed IV parametric test solutions that supply the widest range of pulse widths, voltage/current output, and performance available in the industry.The Keysight B1542A 10 ns Pulsed IV parametric test solution has a pulse width range from 10 ns to 1 ms. It is the best choice for characterizing MOSFETs utilizing high-k gate dielectrics and MOSFETs fabricated on SOI wafers. This pulsed IV solution allows you to apply a 10 ns pulse with 2 ns rise and fall times (the fastest in the industry) that also has minimal overshoot and undershoot.

  • MEMS Wafer Fully Parametric Automatic Test System

    Acery Technologies

    If you are in the development and manufacture of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) wafer, then you need a test system to measure whether the chip wafer reaches your design requirements. In addition to the test system used to connect the chip pin probe station outside, still need a variety of instruments used to measure the dynamic parameters and static parameters of the wafer. In addition to these hardware devices, for volume manufacturing, the automation of the measurement is also very important aspect.

  • Probe Card Solutions

    MPI Corporation

    Cantilever Probe Card: LCD Driver IC, Logic IC, Parametric Test.

  • Pyramid Probe Cards

    Parametric Series - Cascade Microtech, Inc.

    The Parametric series Pyramid probe cards are the high performance, low-cost alternative to the existing solutions, compatible with all major parametric tester platforms, and designed to enable the accurate monitoring of 65 nm and 45 nm parametric test structures. Cascade Microtech's innovative PyramidPlus manufacturing process ensures a substantially lower cost of ownership, while delivering superior signal integrity and faster settling time, compared to traditional probe technologies. The Parametric series Pyramid Probe card is ideal for applications such as final process development, DC-only parametric volume production (in-line and end-of-line), and Wafer-Acceptance Testing (WAT).

  • Linear Device Tester

    IST-7500 - IST Information Scan Technology, Inc.

    THE IST-7500 is a programmable parametric tester that provides parameter measurements or parametric Go/No Go tests for a wide variety of Operational Amplifiers, Voltage Comparators, Voltage Regulators, Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters. The IST-7500 can be interfaced to an automatic handler for high speed production testing and is also equipped with a RS-232 port for PC interface.

  • Semiconductor Test System

    TS9xx - LXinstruments GmbH

    The test system is used for testing of digital and mixed signal semiconductors as part of the design verification, the specialized manufacturing and quality assurance. The system allows not only the static and functional testing and parametric testing of DC and AC characteristics of semiconductor. The system provides for DC parametric measurements a PMU (parametric measurement unit) per pin available. For the parametric test of AC characteristics, the system has a digital subsystem with flexible dynamic timing and a "timing per pin" architecture with a resolution of <1 ns. The implementation of the system as a PXI-based solution is an extension to custom instrumentation for verification example of modulated RF signals easily. The open system software enables the integration of corresponding driver and measurement functions.

  • Multisensor Integrated Automatic Test Equipment

    MI-ATE - GMA Industries, Inc.

    MI-ATE integrates multiple complementary test modes to detect fault signatures with electronic and mechanical systems: * Functional and Parametric Test * Electromagnetic Emission Analysis * Micron-resolution X-Ray Imaging * Chemical off-gassing Analysis

  • Parametric Probe Cards

    STAr Technologies, Inc.

    The use of wafer probing for parametric and reliability test plays an important role in assuring the quality of manufacturing processes and reliability of devices and interconnects. STAr's strong R&D with its high quality manufacturing line has enabled the development of advanced parametric and reliability probe cards for low-leakage current tests, high temperature probing, and small pad contacts.

  • Test Fixtures

    Applied Relay Testing Ltd.

    Pneumatically actuated Kelvin connection to custom manufactured device inserts either to complement ART's wide range of precision parametric test equipment or for use with third party measurement hardware.

  • Mini ATE

    MINI 80 - SEICA SpA

    MINI 80 represents the maximum miniaturization available to date with an ATE tester.All potentials of an automatic test equipment is available within 19″/2U rack as a support for those seeking parametric tests with few test points, or for those requiring a standard test-bench platform.

  • Test Systems

    Circuit Check, Inc.

    With over thirty years of experience in the test business and hundreds of satisfied customers, Circuit Check supplies all types of test automation, from automating small bench tests to supplying turn-key manufacturing end-of-line ATE systems to developing custom robotic and conveyorized ATE and parametric measurement systems.

  • Probe Card

    VC20E Series - Celadon Systems, Inc.

    The 20mm VC20 is a highly adaptable probe card solution for a wide variety of tests including Modeling & Characterization, Wafer Level Reliability or Parametric Test. It can be easily combined with different interfaces to create modular probe cards supporting Keithley, Keysight or other custom tester platforms. Probes can be configured in either single or dual layer.

  • Full Wafer Test System

    FOX-1P - Aehr Test Systems

    Enables High Throughput, Single Touchdown, Full Wafer Production Testing. Capable of simultaneously testing up to 16,000 die in a single wafer touchdown. Resource configurable up to 16,384 " Universal Channels " - each programmable as anI/O, Clock, Pin Parametric Measurement Unit ( PPMU ) or Device Power Supply ( DPS ). Software-enabled per site flexibility to support small and large device pin count test needs. Comprehensive functional and parametric test capabilities Deep functional pattern data and capture memory optimized for BIST/DFT testing. Per channel PMU for per site parametric testing Individual channel over-current protection to protect wafers and probe cards. Configured for high volume production. Compatible with industry standard probers and probe cards. Available as an integrated test cell with prober, probe cards and 16,384 channel probe I/F. Configurable as a single or dual system integrated test cell.

  • DWV/IR Test Systems

    Applied Relay Testing Ltd.

    When used in conjunction with ART's own parametric relay test systems such as the RT290, the RT900 offers high speed AC and DC Hipot (dielectric withstand voltage) and Leakage testing of relays or other multi-pin passive devices.

  • Modus Parametric Tester

    MPT - LR - Modus Test, LLC

    The Modus Parametric Tester for Leakage & Resistance (MPT™-LR) provides leakage and resistance measurements up to 5,320 contact points. Complement the MPT™ platform with the MTC™ Cycling Station for precision FDR characterization of Test Sockets and Probe Cards. Dock the MPT™ to a package handler or wafer prober for production environment emulation.