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Microwave Oven

safety check to assure free from leaks.

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  • E-Alert Compact EMF Detector

    Osun Technologies, llc

    For cell phones, routers, microwave ovens, power lines, TVs, computers, electrical fans, AC alarm clocks, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and washers and dryers.

  • Microwave Leakage Tester

    TEK500 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    An easy to use, low cost pass / fail microwave leakage detector suitable for commercial and domestic microwave ovens. It is designed to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels. The TEK500 includes a self test which simulates a real microwave input to ensure the unit is working correctly at all times.

  • Radiation Finder

    Osun Technologies, llc

    This Radiation Finder will detect EMF strength of your cell phone, microwave oven, TV, computer monitor, alarm clock, hair dryer, and other appliances. Based on the measurement you can choose the appliances with lowest radiation, determine the save range of microwave oven, and adopt other steps introduced in the manual attached to the product to avoid potential harmful effects.

  • The Environmental Microwave Monitor

    COM - Sensory Perspective Ltd

    This monitor is ideal for checking general public exposure levels against best practice standards in the vicinity of mobile/cellular phone base-station masts, dishes, cordless DECT phones and baby monitors, microwave ovens, and all other microwave frequency sources operating between 50MHz and 3000 MHz (3GHz).

  • Field Strength Meter

    DIGI-FIELD - I.C. Engineeering

    Measuring radio frequency and microwave radiation has never been easier! This unit covers the amazing range of DC - 12 GHz and will give you digital readout of the relative field strength of broadcast signals such as cellular phone, microwave oven leakage, TV station, CB radios using the (1MHz - 1GHz) telescoping antenna provided.

  • High Voltage Probe with Meter

    72-6530 - Tenma

    Built in meter measures voltages up to 40KVDC ?Factory calibrated at 25KV (±2% accuracy); full scale ±3% accuracy ?Input impedence: 600Mohm ?Meets IEC1010 safety requirements ?35" ground lead ?Positive polarity only, not for microwave ovens

  • Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers (radio frequency)

    Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Radio frequency or “RF” refers to high frequency fields and microwaves emitted by microwave ovens, cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, TV and radio broadcast towers, Wi-Fi, wireless computer devices, and other electronics. The electric and magnetic parts of RF fields are not separated, so you only need one meter to detect the RF field. RF is usually measured in units of microwatts per centimeter squared (μW/cm²).

  • RF Safety Monitors

    FieldSense 2.0 - LBA Group, Inc

    FieldSense 2.0™ personal RF safety monitors from LBA Technology are an effective and economical means to monitor the strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from wireless cell phone towers, microwave ovens, television stations, and other common workplace RF sources between 380 and 2,700 MHz, E-field and H-field (sensed as a plane wave). The Personal RF Monitor is essential RF safety equipment in complying with FCC, OSHA, Canadian and other workplace rf safety requirements.

  • Thermal Engineering

    Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH

    In the field of industrial thermal technology, we are developing, planning and producing reliable systems for almost every application with an experienced team. Our portfolio includes a wide range of heaters and dryers, industrial ovens, cleanroom dryers, hot air sterilizers, vacuum dryers, infrared and continuous furnaces as well asThe future-oriented microwave technology. In addition to a comprehensive selection of serial products, our focus is on the realization of customer-specific, process-integrated solutions.

  • Smart Fieldmeter

    RFP-04 - EMC Test Design, LLC

    •Safety and regulatory assessment of AM/FM/TV and GSM cellular transmitters. Safety and Regulatory assessment of microwave ovens and RF heating equipment. Monitoring of the RF radiation from industrial, scientific and medical equipment. Monitoring of RF fields from GTEM cells and antennas for EMC testing of consumer, industrial, automotive and military products. Data logging of RF fields during Electrosmog testing and environmental monitoring in stand alone and remotely controlled testing sites. Personal RF field monitoring and protection.

  • Inverter/Chargers

    Xantrex Technology

    A Xantrex inverter/charger is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and transfer switch into one complete system. When AC power is available, the inverter/charger recharges the house batteries. It also allows any surplus AC power to pass through and power downstream AC loads, such as a television set or microwave oven. When AC power is disconnected, the unit inverts DC battery power into AC electricity.

  • EMF/ RF Field Strength Meter


    RF power measurement for transmitters. - High frequency(RF)electromagnetic wave field strength measurement. - Mobile phone base station antenna radiation power density measurement. - Spy camera, wireless bug finder. - Wireless communication (CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT) applications. - Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation. - Cellular /Cordless phone radiation safety level. - Microwave oven leakage detection. - Personal living environment EMF safety.

  • Personal RF Safety Monitors

    SI-1100XT - LBA Group, Inc

    SafeOne Pro SI-1100XT from LBA Technology is an effective and economical means to monitor the strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from mobile phone towers, microwave ovens, radio and television installations, high frequency welders, and other common workplace RF sources between 10 and 11,000 MHz. The Personal RF Monitor is an important tool in complying with FCC, OSHA, and other safe workplace requirements.

  • Trifield Meter

    100XE - Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The Trifield Meter is a gaussmeter, electric field meter, radio field strength meter in a single unit. When measuring electromagnetic fields (EMFs), the primary concern is usually magnetic fields, which can be tricky to measure. If a less sophisticated 1-axis gaussmeter is used, a reading of zero could result even where the field is strong. A 1-axis meter must be oriented correctly to measure the field (which is a vector). The 3-axis Trifield Meter solves that problem by measuring the true strength of the field regardless of which way it is oriented. Therefore, the Trifield Meter can be scanned rapidly across an area without having to stop at each point to search for the orientation that gives a maximum reading. Another section of the meter detects AC electric fields, which can exist independently of AC magnetic field. The third section detects radio/microwave, such as from a leaky microwave oven.

  • PC Controlled Bench Top Power Analyzer

    PA2100 - Powertek LLC

    The PA2100 is a PC controlled bench top power analyzer, allowing several electrical power measurements to be taken simultaneously during testing - from just one set of input connections. The PA2100's power measurement ability is a must in research and development, manufacturing and required for certification and traceability of manufactured goods. In addition to power measurements, apparent power (VA), harmonics, voltage, current, power factor can all be viewed and stored with ease. The PA2100 wattmeter simply connects between the ac supply and the load, various current transformer options allow measurement with any size of current from 10mA to 10000A. Typical watt meter applications include appliance testing; microwave ovens, electric stoves, heating, air conditioning, TVs, monitors, computers, electronic lighting, fans and motor controllers. Powertek wattmeters are equipped with 4mm/banana safety terminals along with optional "breakout" boxes and clamp current probes for fast and safe measurement.