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LBA manages the application and safety of electromagnetic energy, We offer a world of safety, RF, and wireless telecommunications industry infrastructure products and services supplied by the LBA Group companies, as well as resources, tools, and connections to the dynamic technology risk management, wireless, and radio frequency communities worldwide.

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  • Digital RF Power Monitor

    3024 - LBA Group, Inc

    The COMM-connect 3024 RF Power Monitor from LBA Technology can control up to 8 external RF Measuring heads. The high dynamic range with external couplers and RF measuring heads cover from 1W to 1MW. The Power conversion algorithms handles multi carrier, multi mode, peak, average and RMS signals. The power readout is auto scaled and VSWR can be calculated between any probes. Also the measured and calculated results along with alarms can be shown in the local LCD. The instrument has SNMP support to allow network management. The instrument can be configured for VSWR and Power limits to give alarms. The alarms can be configured to operate relay drivers or isolated Optcouplers. The alarms can also be configured as SNMP traps sending relevant information to the network control center. The COMM-connect 3024 WEB enabled RF Power Monitor gives an unlimited number of applications to monitor and control the last part of your RF network installation from transmitters to the antenna.

  • Diplexers, Triplexers, Multiplexers & Combiners

    LBA Group, Inc

    LBA Technology custom engineered diplexers, triplexers, and multiplexers provide broadcast ers the ability to transmit two or three different AM signals for one series-fed antenna.

  • Insulators

    LBA Group, Inc

    LBA Technology offers a wide range of styles of high power radio frequency (RF) feedthrough, standoff, and tower insulators.

  • Lightening Protection

    Towers & Antennas - LBA Group, Inc

    LBA offers a wide variety of lightning air terminals in the form of lightning dissipaters. Sometimes called a static dissipater, or static dissipation array, this relatively new and advanced air terminal replaces conventional lightning rods in most applications. It functions as a streamer retarding air terminal.

  • Lightning Masts

    PLP- 32 - LBA Group, Inc

    PLP- 32 Lightning Masts are recommended for a wide range of lightning protection applications where it is impossible or undesirable to attach conventional lightning terminals. Other models in the series share the same attributes and differ only in height and weight.PLP-32 Lightning Masts provide a cone of protection within which lightning charges are diverted to the mast and grounded instead of to the protected object. Multiple PLP-32 masts may be used to protect extended areas. Protected areas may be determined by use of the widely accepted “rolling sphere” concept. For example, a single PLP-32 mast will protect 9 foot (2.14 m) high portable buildings wholly within a 40 foot (12.19 m) radius. An array of five PLP-32 masts will protect a camp of portable buildings within a 25,000 square foot (2323 m2) area. Consult LBA Technology™ for specific layouts you wish to protect.

  • Manpack MW Antenna

    TGR-50 class - LBA Group, Inc

    The TGR-50 class of rapidly deployable AM antennas is designed for easy transport and erection by limited personnel. No tower climbing or sophisticated lifting equipment are required for installation by a crew of three or four persons. Weight and packaging, according to model, typically permits transport by bearers, light vehicle, small boat, or helicopter. Disassembly and relocation is similarly convenient.

  • RF Inductors

    LBA Group, Inc

    LBA Technology "Blue Line" RF inductors are based on over 30 years of proven international performance. Blue Line inductors are unsurpassed for hi-Q, stability, and low RF losses. These inductors are manufactured from heavy silver plated copper conductors and brass fittings, treated to resist tarnishing. Windings are insulated with melamine or G-1 0 epoxy laminates. These materials are recognized for their exceptional RF qualities, arc resistance, mechanical strength, and low moisture absorption. Supporting frames are engineered to permit maximum access to windings for convenience in adjustment. The metallic frames are separated by insulators to prevent induced current flow.

  • RF Monitor Recertification

    LBA Group, Inc

    The use of RF personal monitors is widespread among wireless tower climbers and technicians. This is a relatively new development of the last five years or so. Prior to that, only a few monitors were in use. These were typically models developed for use by engineers, with a host of features not needed for routine climber protection. Consequently, they were expensive and not frequently used. As safety managers have begun to require all personnel working on wireless facilities to have personal monitors among their personal protective equipment, a new generation of cost effective equipment has emerged.

  • Static & Lighting Chokes

    LBA Group, Inc

    Lighting chokes are used to pass tower lighting voltages across the base insulator of a series-fed tower without appreciably altering the tower impedance. LBA TC-300 general purpose tower lighting chokes are provided for three wire 110/220 VAC circuits. Maximum current is 25 amps. These chokes are rated for peak base voltages to 10,000 volts, and present a typical reactance of +j5000 ohms at 530 kHz. Bypass capacitors are provided on each winding.

  • Vacuum Capacitor

    LBA Group, Inc

    The LBA Technology vacuum capacitors store maintains a large stock of all types of RF capacitors, both vacuum and mica capacitors. While LBA is a factory dealer specializing in COMET and JENNINGS fixed and variable vacuum capacitors, we can supply virtually any style, value, or manufacturer's product on special order. Typical of other brands supplied are Meiden, Sangamo, and Cornell Dubilier. We provide fast quotes and worldwide shipping. The high quality vacuum capacitors we stock and sell typically have capacitances from 3 pF to 6600 pF, and peak test voltages to 100 kV at 1000 amps. These include both fixed and variable styles. A full line of capacitor accessories such as cylometers, insulators, corona rings, and mounting hardware is available from LBA.

  • Versatile RF Network Analyzers for LF and MF

    TE3000-series - LBA Group, Inc

    The TE3000-series of RF vector network analyzers have full vector measurement capability, and accurately resolves the resistive, capacitive and inductive components of a load. The user can display the vector impedance plus a range of related parameters including SWR, reflection coefficient, return loss and R-L-C equivalent circuit.

  • Wideband Digital RF Watt/VSWR Meter

    RF ONE 3029 - LBA Group, Inc

    The RF One Power Meter is a very versatile instrument covering both analog and digital carriers in an extremely wide frequency range from 30MHz to 6GHz. The RF One is capable of measuring forward and reflected power in the range of a few milliwatts up to 500 Watts. The internal operating system controls measurement, display and the I/Os allowing serial communication to PC, USB to memory stick and USB Serial communication. The I/O options are used to write plots to either memory sticks or to a connected PC, the I/Os can also be used to operate the instrument, giving commands and receiving data. For documentation reference the instrument has a real time clock. Multilayer menus are used to setup and control the operation of parameters. The RF One instrument is small, handy and light weight battery operated with more than 3 hours of continuous operation on the internal NiMh cells. Feature with XML data handling and application viewer is included. Accessory kit with soft carrying bag, car charger and coax adapters for standard types.

  • RF Safety Monitoring

    fieldSENSE 2.0 - LBA Group, Inc

    LBA's FieldSense 2.0 personal RF safety monitors are an effective and economical means to monitor the strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from wireless cell phone towers, microwave ovens, television stations, and other common workplace RF sources between 50 and 6000 MHz, E-field and H-field (sensed as a plane wave). The Personal RF Monitor is essential RF safety equipment in complying with FCC, OSHA, Canadian and other workplace rf safety requirements.

  • Cable & Antenna Analyzer and Vector Network Analyzer

    SiteOne 3028 - LBA Group, Inc

    The SiteOne 3028 is a Cable, Antenna Analyzer and a Vector Network Analyzer for cables, antennas and more, a truly handheld instrument. It covers all major communication bands from 50 kHz to 4400 MHz. It has a variety of measurement screens available, in order to accommodate all the different parameters in an antenna installation. These measurement screens can show two simultaneous graphs, from two different parameters in order to bring further clarity to your measurements.

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