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  • Detection impedance (input unit)

    Partial Discharge PD Test - Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Detection impedance is the importance unit to detect the discharge information from discharge testing loop, also known as input unit. There are two kinds of detection impedance, ordinary detection impedance and capacitive divider detection impedance, capacitive divider one can test voltage and zero mark position without connecting to external divider.

  • Tone/Pluse Telephone Analyzer


    Caller ID simulation. Programmable 15 groups of QC limit. 2 artificial line option. DTMF distortion test. Input terminator/output impedance 600/900 selectable. Make/Break/Loop resistance test. On time/Off time test.  

  • Cable Heat Cycle Test System

    HCTS Series - Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric Co., Ltd.

    The HCTS Series Cable Heat Cycle Test System is designed to raise and control the temperature of conductor or other low impedance electrical loop to simulate the current loading conditions found in the electrical circuits up to 10000A.

  • Multi Function Testers

    Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd.

    Live circuit warning LED:Immediate illumination of a warning lamp if the circuit under test is live Auto Discharge:Allows fast and safe discharge of electrical energy stored in capacitive circuits following testing Integral overload protection on internal continuity and insulation test circuitry Autoranging 500V DC test voltage for insulation tests 200mA short circuit current on continuity ranges Loop and RCD Testing Wiring connection check LED''s:Immediate indication if wiring of circuit under test is correct Overheat Protection:Rapid detection of overheating of internal circuitry,display of warning signal to user and automatic halting of measurement Supply Voltage Indication:Can display supply voltage value in loop impedance mode Low Current Loop Impedance Test:Short duration low test current will prevent tripping of many passive RCDs

  • Multifunction Installation Testers

    Shanghai Beihan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Loop impedance and prospective short circuit current measurement• Line impedance and prospective short circuit current measurement• Earth loop resistance in TT-systems• Rotary field test• RCD measurements (contact voltage, trip time, trip current - ramp method)• RCD analysis for test of all RCD parameters • Low Ohm and continuity measurement • Insulation measurement up to 1000V (suitable for 690 V industrial mains systems)• Earth resistance measurement with probes and clamp adapters• Voltage and frequency measurement • Current measurement with clamp adapters(optional)• Power and energy measurements• Harmonics measurement for voltage and current upto the 21st harmonics

  • Multi-function Tester

    MFT5010 - Summit

    It can be used to test insulation resistance, continuity, loop impedance and RCCB, earth resistance tester, five major test requirement in the electrical testing industry. Phase indicator. Can check a wide range of 3-Phase Power source from 110V to 600V

  • Multichannel Impedance Line Failure Analysis System

    MIR1101 - Acery Technologies

    Multi-channel impedance line failure analysis system MIR1101 mainly used for online measurement impedance variation becomes an incubator PCBA / PCA, and can visually show the impedance of each loop on the PCBA / PCA with temperature trends. From these data, you can quickly determine PCBA / PCA circuit failure and failure temperature cycle and temperature values ​​at failure, and can do further analysis of the reasons for the failure on this basis. As an impedance failure analysis complete solution, MIR1101 addition to having the advantages of a long, multi-channel, online testing, offline playback, but also can greatly save your test fee. LXI and VXI architecture which can be more reasonable to optimize your equipment investment.

  • Installation Testers


    Offers two models that verify the safety of electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Has been developed to carry out the following safety measurements of electrical installations in accordance with EN 61557 and DIN VDE 0100: Insulation resistance, RCD tests, Low Ohm resistance, Earth ground resistance, Loop impedance, Phase sequence.

  • Socket-Tester


    A socket tester is a portable electrical instrument used to test for correct operation and wiring standards on power outlet sockets. It is typically a hand-held instrument that either plugs directly into the socket with pins mounted on the tester or comes equipped with a short lead and plug. Depending on the sophistication of the socket tester, a range of status indications may be returned including disconnected phases, reversed phases, and, in the case of a top end instrument, earth loop impedance. Most testers display test results on an array of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and some also allow for an earth leakage test to be carried out with the push of a button. Socket testers are available for most common industrial and domestic voltages and pin configurations.

  • Multifunction Tester w/ Loop Test Confidence Meter Installation

    MFT1741 - Megger Group Ltd.

    The MFT1741 multifunction tester has been designed for testing low voltage electrical installations, particularly in locations that suffer from high electrical noise. It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations. Enhanced non-trip loop impedance measurement technology. “Confidence meter” measurement analysis (patent pending). Full single and 3 phase compliant installation testing. 10 mA to 1 A single and 3 phase RCD testing.

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    DN6.66xx Series - Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic GmbH

    The DN6.66xx series adds eight new instruments (Table 1) to the company’s generatorNETBOX line of AWGs. LXI compliant, they are easily integrated into any test system by a simple Ethernet connection to a PC or local area network (LAN). Using state-of-the-art 16 bit digital to analog technology (DAC), the AWGs offer from 6 to 24 fully synchronous channels, output rates up to 1.25 GS/s, analog bandwidth as high as 400 MHz, large on-board memories (up to 1 GSample per channel) and generous output voltage ranges of up to ±5 V into high impedance and up to ±2.5 V into 50Ω. Importantly for most applications, all the output channels are clocked and triggered synchronously so they maintain a constant, inter-channel clock phase relationship. The clocking system uses a precision phase locked loop (PLL) control process that can be generated internally or, alternatively, from an external clock or reference. Time skew between the channels is also minimized with the maximum skew, between all channels, being less than 130 picoseconds.