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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Light and Energy Meter

    Model 659 - OAI

    UV Light and Energy Meter for use with all wafer steppers. For over 45 years, OAI is a world leader in UV Light and Energy Measurement Instrumentation used for reliable accurate calibrated control of the photolithography processes in the Semiconductor, MEMS, Wafer Packaging and Wafer Bumping Industries. The New Model 659 is an advanced UV exposure analyzer specifically designed for use with all wafer steppers including high intensity wafer steppers. This meter averages up to 400 exposure readings, has Ethernet and USB interface for downloading recorded measurements, and has intensity range of up to 7,500mW/cm2. Probes are available in wavelength of 365nm, 400nm, 420nm & 436nm. OAI has a complete certified calibration lab to maintain the performance, quality and reliability of our meters. The Model 659 meter is traceable to NIST standards.

  • Mode-Conditioned Light Sources

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' Mode-Conditioned Light Sources are fiber-coupled LED sources that have an output with a flat-top profile in the far field. Common applications include the testing of multimode fused fiber components as well as verification of modal behavior in fiber-based setups. Standard fiber-coupled LED sources can have a range of output profiles that are usually not uniform and vary from source to source. This can be dependent on emitter orientation, alignment with fiber tip, and connector assembly. These mode-conditioned sources have been engineered to distribute light evenly into all transverse modes, resulting in an equilibrium modal distribution at the output. The front panel includes an adjustment knob to control the power and an output port that accepts 2.2 mm wide-key FC/PC connectors. A DS15 15 V power supply with a location-specific plug is included with each device.

  • Digital Light Monitor

    LMC-20 - Eddy Co.

    The LMC-20 functions not only as a light monitor for coating thickness, but also allows control of multi layer/multi material coating processes. Up to 2000 individual layers in a coating are possible, by using 40 program banks of 50 layers each. The characteristics of up to 99 different coating materials can be input as well. Final thickness can be calculated to 1% of a quarter wave.

  • Interferometers (White Light)

    interferoMETER - Micro-Epsilon Group

    The innovative white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon set a benchmark in high-precision distance and thickness measurements. These sensors enable stable measurement results with sub-nanometer resolution offering a comparatively large measuring range and offset distance. The interferometers are available in 3 series: the IMS5400-DS for high-precision industrial distance measurements, the IMS5400-TH for accurate thickness measurements and the vacuum-suitable IMS5600-DS for distance measurements with picometer resolution.

  • Optical Light Sources

    FLS100 Series - Shanghai Tarluz Telecom Tech Co., LTD

    FLS100 Optical Light source could provide maximum 4 wavelengths in one unit, it is an cost effective solution to work with FPM100 series optical power for installing fiber optic network. The unit support Single mode and Multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um MM fiber) optical cable in one unit. It could support FC, SC, ST, LC and 2.5mm universal optical connector.

  • Light Sheet Microscopes

    Carl Zeiss AG

    Life science research can place high demands on your imaging capabilities: Sometimes you need to image whole living model organisms, tissues and cells as they develop. Or you may want to observe subcellular dynamics in living samples over hours and even days. Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) with its unique illumination principle is ideal for fast and gentle imaging of such specimens.

  • Light Intensity Meter

    MT-4617 - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    Measures the visible light produced by fluorescent lamp, metal-halide lamp, high voltage sodium lamp or electric incandescent lampBuilt-in precision photo diode sensor and color correction filterAutomatic and manual measured range switchingRelative and peak value measurementMeasures up to 200,000 lux / 20,000 FCExtra functions: Max./Min. value displayOver load indication/Low battery indicationAuto power offBacklightData hold, Zero calibration

  • Optical Light Source

    TM102N - T&M Tools Limited Co

    TM102N Optical laser light source is a self-developed instrument, Which features advanced control technology , high output, ultra low-power operation. It can work at 1625nm, 1550nm, 1490nm, 1310nm, 1300nm, 850nm、650nm, single wavelength, dual-wavelength or tri -wavelength. It can export a variety of modulation frequency (CW, 270HZ, 1KHZ, 2KHZ). It is widely used in optical communication, optical measurement, optical fiber sensing, and so on.

  • Optical Light Sources

    FLS200 Series - Shanghai Tarluz Telecom Tech Co., LTD

    FLS200 Optical Light source could provide maximum 4 wavelengths in one unit, customer could select arbitrary four output wavelengths from 650nm, 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm. The unit support Single mode and Multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um MM fiber) optical cable in one unit. It could support FC, SC, ST, LC and 2.5mm universal optical connector.


    TT9103 - Matco Tools

    *Portable and water resistant trailer light tester and trailer brakes tester that allows the user to perform all testing functions without the use of the vehicle*Tests 7-spade, 6-round and 4/5-flat pin type trailer harnesses*Short circuit protection*Turn signal simulation and power verification LED*Water resistant*Trickle charger and trailer plug adapter includedInternal battery compartment (battery not included)

  • Light Intensity Sensor

    ENVIROMUX-LIS - Network Technologies Inc

    Detects and measures the luminous intensity of light. Ideal for monitoring unmanned closets, telecom rooms, remote data rooms, or other low traffic facilities. Applications from 0 to 128,000 lux. Human eye response (540 nm peak sensitivity). IR and UV rejection. RJ45 connector. Supports CAT5/5e/6 cable up to 1,000 ft. (305 m). Powered by ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D. Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS. Compatible with ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D.

  • Measuring Light Curtains

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    These devices are perfect for measuring moving objects as they pass by. The measurement results can be output via the fully integrated interface. At the same time, the programmable switching outputs allow downstream elements to be manipulated. Likewise, multiple light curtains can be cascaded. The nearly unlimited possibilities for configuring multiple measurement areas and evaluation functions make the devices problem solvers for a variety of measurement tasks. The range of available resolutions and measurement field lengths ensures optimum adaptation to your application.


    LUMAXIS - Lumaxis

    Lumaxis strives to become an industry leading supplier of state-of-the-art-projection engines for 3D Metrology. Our mission is to accelerate the industry’s transition to the most advanced and economically compelling structured light projectors available. Please take a moment to tell us your requirements in the form below. We understand this is a very price-sensitive industry. Our ability to deliver projection engines at an aggressive price depends largely on quantity and the capability of the projector you’re requesting. Thank you for taking time to provide this information.

  • Light Section Sensors

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    Switching light section sensors are designed to perform scanning, two-dimensional object detection along a laser line. They are especially well suited for completeness monitoring or product monitoring in the case of multiple track transport. The short measurement time and the detection range from 200 to 800 mm enable an inspection of the content at a high throughput rate even with deep containers. The internal data processing offers programming and differentiation of 16 different object types, thereby conserving control capacity. Complex detection tasks can be solved with one sensor. The compact housing ensures high flexibility during installation and saves installation space.

  • Digital Light Meter

    DL7040 - Di-Log

    000 count digital LCD display c/w bar graph.

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