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  • PCE-LCT 1 - leakage current meter

    Company: PCE Instruments

    With PCE-LCT 1 leakage current meter it is possible to measure leakage current with a range up to 100 A. The PCE-LCT 1 leakage current meter can measure leakage current while current flows through electrical conductors that are not designed for conduction current. The PCE-LCT 1 leakage current meter can detect leakage currents and show them on the display. With the help of the PCE-LCT 1 leakage current meter, you can detect insulation failures in places where machines cannot be disconnected but the insulation still needs to be checked. The PCE-LCT 1 leakage current meter measures current flow, voltage up to 400 V, resistance and continuity. The PCE-LCT 1 is an ideal instrument for electricians and meets VDE standards. The PCE-LCT 1 has a compact design and can be placed in a pocket. The rubber protection protects the instrument against being damaged, so it is ideal for being used in electrical inspections and in workshops. Here you will find an overview of all the leakage current meters available at PCE Instruments.

  • IGR - ELB (Earth Leakage Breaker),RCD(Residual Current Device)

    Company: Jaeshininfo Co. Ltd

    IGR Leakage Current Analyzer is invented as the world first, and also can measure Insulation Resistance (MO) without power cut-off. This patented instrument can analyze leakage current, and display Igr(resistive), Igc(capacitive), and Io(vector sum), Ground Insulation Resistance, and the phase angle between voltage and current. (IGR ELB) - Operates due to Igr. - Properly-operating in spite of IGC in digital era. ( Not tripping on UPS load and Harmonics and noise area) - Possible to go down Igr for safety of people and animals. - Possible to manufacture high sensitive ELB. - Possible to prevent fire from electric leakage current.


    Company: Everfine Photo-E-Info

    YF2611 is specially designed to test the leakage current of the electrolytic capacitor, and meet the requirements of international standard. It can LED display the leakage current and testing voltage directly. User can preset the charging time, discharge time and the upper limit of leak current, and alert when exeeds the limit. It is the ideal test instrument for the manufacturer of EB and electronic capacitor.

  • CS5505F/5510F/5520F - Leakage current tester for medical apparatus

    Company: AllWin Instrument

    This series series leakage current tester is high performance instruments ,designed according to IEC, UL, GB and other domestic and international safety standards .This series of tester has the true effective value, average value,

  • DCM300E - Earth leakage clampmeter

    Company: Megger

    0.01 mA resolution. EMC and IEC61010-2-032 compliance. 30 mA, 300 mA, 30 A and 300 A range. The DCM300E Earth Leakage Clamp designed primarily to check earth leakage currents with a dedicated 30 mA range providing resolution down to 10 µA. The capabilities of the DCM300E extend to measuring currents of up to 300 A ac, making it a highly versatile instrument capable of taking current measurements in a wide variety of situations and applications.

  • SecuTest SIII+ Safety Tester - Electrical Safety

    Company: AYA-Instruments

    The SecuTest SIII+ is a universal test instrument that is ideal for testing the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment in commercial and medical applications. In order to evaluate electrical safety, tests are performed for protective conductor connections, insulation resistance, and leakage current (differential current, equivalent leakage current, device leakage current, patient leakage current, and contact current). The SecuTest SIII+ provides test sequences per IEC 62353: Medical electrical equipment - Recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment, IEC 61010: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use, IEC 60335: Safety of electrical household appliances, IEC 60950: Safety of information technology equipment, and IEC 60601: Medical Electrical Equipment (optional).

  • 9095 - Medical Equipment Safety Measuring instruments

    Company: Shanghai Beihan Electronics

    UNITEST TELARIS 0751Model: 9095Medical Equipment Safety Measuring instrumentsKey Functions• Earth bond resistance measurement• Insulation resistance measurement• Substitute leakage current measurement• Touch leakage current measurement• Substitute housing leakage current measurement according to DIN VDE 0751• Substitute patient leakage current measurement according to DIN VDE 0751• Trip voltage of over voltage protection devices(varistors)• Optional connection of external Schuko measure-ment adapter for measurement of earth current, differential current and load current• Optional connection of external current clampa dapter for measurement of earth current also on 3 phase appliancesGeneral Information• Integrated memory for approx. 600 measurement values equal to approx. 150 UUT• Standard, built-in IR-RS-232 interface for transfer-ring measurement data to PC or external printer• UNITEST software for recording test results is available as option (German version only)• UNITEST Protocol Printer as option available• Clear indication by exceeding limit values via LCD symbols• Easy, manual operation via rotary switch• Brief instruction on the quick reference guideSpecial Features• Measurements according to DIN VDE 0701/0702• Optional connection of external Schuko measure-ment adapter• Optional connection of external current clamp adapter

  • LKG 601 - Comprehensive Electrical Safety Analyzer

    Company: Netech

    The LKG 601, Electrical Safety Analyzer is an extremely easy to use portable Electrical Safety Analyzer designed specifically for testing non-ECG equipment. Ground resistance, leakage current, and instrument current test measurements are displayed on its large LCD. 

  • E3640 - 4kV Flash Tester

    Company: Martindale Electric

    Portable mains operated instrument, capable of operating from either 115V or 230V at 50/60Hz. It can apply up to 4kV AC and displays both output voltage and leakage current on the twin 31/2 digit LCD?s.

  • CS2674AX - Ultra high hipot tester

    Company: AllWin Instrument

    he withstand voltage tester is an instrument applied to measure the density of withstanding voltage. It can visually, accurately, quickly and reliably test the breakdown voltage, leakage current and other electrical security performance indices of various measured objects, and can act

  • XHJS401A - Arrester Monitor Calibrator

    Company: Xi'an Xu & Hui Electromechanical

    Currently, arrester monitor have been popularized among various sizes substations, their own condition is good or bad will directly affect the security of the power system. Usually to monitor its movements and leakage current monitored by lightning arrester monitor. Due to the bad seal, the monitor may enter water resulting in corrosion of internal components, or other causes can not properly monitor the counter action, leakage current instructions are not accurate, so "" stated "Provisions should be monitored to check for lightning once a year". This instrument is our best choice.


    Company: ROSS Engineering

    Ross Engineering Corporation’s Hipot Control Unit features Variable Voltage Control with safety return to zero. It provides adjustable current overload trip 3½ and or 4½ digit digital meters for easy viewing. Its simplified design is excellent for testing and accurately calibrating high voltage instrumentation or measuring insulation leakage current, and testing breakdown or withstand voltage for any type of device where Hipot testing is appropriate within its current limit.

  • SR759 - Leakage Current Meters and Probes

    Company: AEMC Instruments

    The SR759 probe is a range selectable probe that offers four switch selectable ranges: 1, 10, 100 or 1000A. This probe has a voltage output proportional to the current measured in the jaw of the probe. The SR759 has an integral 5 ft (1.5m) lead terminated by shrouded banana plugs compatible with DMMs and other instruments.

  • DMM4020 - Digital Multimeter 5.5 digit resolution

    Company: Tektronix

    With 5.5 digit resolution, the Tektronix DMM4020 multimeter enables you to measure volts, ohms and amps with a basic V DC accuracy of 0.015%. DC leakage current measurements and frequency measurements provide you with even more capability in the same instrument. And, dedicated front-panel buttons to access frequently used functions and to save your setups means measurements are just a button push away.

  • 3kV/4kV AC Highpot Tester

    Company: Megger

    The AC and AC/DC High-Pot Testers are designed for safety and ease of operation, and readily adapt to development, maintenance and production testing. Three models are available: two ac and one ac/dc. These instruments test the dielectric strength of electrical insulation and the ground circuit continuity of three-wire appliances and other devices. They feature front-panel adjustable leakage current trip, one-second or continuous testing, and automatic failure shutdown.

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