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  • Integration

    Aegis Industrial Software Corp.

    MES cannot exist as an information island. Other systems such as ERP, time and attendance, PLM and factory and warehouse equipment all benefit from MES data and vice versa. To ensure efficient connection to the enterprise, FactoryLogix offers the most integratable architecture and options available. Business system integration via an Service-based API, programmatic data export for basic integrations, and standards-based machine data acquisition to connect the factory assets to the system.

  • Integration testing


    Integration testing primarily focuses on verifying data communication among different modules of the software project. Integration tests determine the effectiveness and performance of different software modules when they are connected to each other.

  • Integration Spheres

    SphereOptics GmbH

    Light measurement system offers a wide range of integration spheres (0.25m to 3 m diameter) and spectrometer options, application-specific modules and Integral® software helping user to maximize productivity while maintaining high accuracy.

  • Integration Solution

    SPHEREA Test & Services

    rapid prototyping, which enables the algorithms developed in a simulation environment to be tested on a real system,command and control applications,verification, validation and integration benches, enabling simulation of the tested system’s operational environment (component, computer or complete system).

  • System Integration

    ET System Electronic GmbH

    More and more customers want integrated systems in which the devices are supplemented with additional components and delivered turnkey. ET System electronic offers all services for this system integration from a single source. The sources and electronic loads are fully wired according to customer requirements, installed in 19 "cabinets and equipped with special features. For example, sources and loads can be combined with one another and supplemented with special interfaces or emergency stop functions. The integration of insulation monitors, interlock functions and the installation of industrial PCs is also possible, as is the installation of special safeguards, for example if each channel is to be safeguarded separately in multi-channel devices.The respective configuration can be based on any machine guidelines and standards, and the systems can be integrated into any existing environment with additional connections. On request, space and connection options for additional devices can be provided in the 19 “cabinets so that customers can easily integrate their own components.

  • System Integration


    Eastern OptX now offers System Integration for all of our equipment along with other instruments including: RF, microwave, and Optical test equipment, power conditioning, distribution, and back-up, system controllers, and data recording devices. We also offer test solution development including mechanical design, rack layout, and custom control software. Eastern-OptX will help you to design and develop your test solution and deliver a completely assembled and tested system.

  • Data Integration

    Lens10 Pty Ltd.

    At Lens10, we know that marketers and analysts alike are searching for the holy grail of the ‘single view of the customer’. We also know that most data sources and tools don’t integrate easily with each other to get your teams there. We understand that breaking data out of individual tool silos can unlock extremely powerful unified insights. To help you get the best view of your customers, Lens10 offers data integration capabilities developed through a wealth of experience in integrating tools.

  • Integration API

    Bitbar Inc

    Testdroid API is an easy-to-use gateway for managing your development and testing effort on real Android and iOS devices. As an alternative for an official Testdroid Cloud site, the API provides all infrastructure through different clients (e.g. Java, Python, Ruby) following the RESTful architecture paradigm and returning JSON with appropriate HTTP response codes.

  • Integration Test

    Hitex GmbH

    We test the interfaces between the functions and modules and the time dependence between the different functions to ensure that they meet the specification determines by the Classification Tree Method (CTM)

  • Laboratory Integration

    Aceonn Corp.

    Aceonn can integrate your existing laboratory equipment to improve data reliability, repeatability and responsibility: Reliability comes from setting test equipment via electronic controls; minimizing human error; Repeatability ensures that all tests for every device is performed to the same exact specifications; Responsibility flourishes in an environment that utilizes state-of-the art test systems. Aceonn will streamline your laboratory’s testing process and make your business more efficient. There is no need to buy new test equipment, just a better communication system.

  • NTCIP Integration

    Delcan Technologies

    NTCIP is a standard protocol for allowing traffic management systems to talk to intelligent transportations systems field devices such as: dynamic message signs, CCTV cameras, vehicle detection sensors, traffic signals, Road weather information stations (RWIS), along with many other types for roadway devices.

  • System Integration

    G Systems, l.p.

    G Systems develops fully integrated systems and we know that both software and hardware are equally important to system design. Our focus on code quality and optimization ensures customers receive efficient and maintainable code. We specialize in LabVIEW development and all of our LabVIEW developers are certified developers or architects. We’re also highly skilled in mechanical and electrical hardware design and builds on a wide variety of data acquisition, signal conditioning, RF, and distributed communication platforms.

  • Test and integration solutions


    NEXEYA provides test, integration and control-command solutions, and supports its customers throughout each phase of their projects: design, test, production, operational maintenance, repair and obsolescence management.

  • Integration Tool Suite

    TurboDFT - Syntest Technologies

    TurboDFT contains a suite of very useful and powerful DFT integration tools. TurboDFT allows users to automatically integrate and stitch DFT cores, whether they are created using DFT tools from SynTest or other vendors

  • SoC Integration At RTL

    DeFacTo Technologies

    Before logic synthesis, STAR enables full implementation capabilities towards IP and connectivity insertion with a real-time monitoring of the integration progress. This enables SoC creation in minutes and maximize design reuse from existing projects.