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read precision values.

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  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field Simulators

    Suzhou 3ctest Electronic Co.,Ltd.

    Power frequency magnetic field simulator is a special designed instrument with high reliability according to the features of the power frequency magnetic field immunity test for electrical and electronic products.

  • Modular Performance

    MIZ-85iD - Zetec, Inc.

    The MIZ-85iD leverages the architecture of our industry-leading MIZ-80iD eddy current instrument into a modular, instrument-only system. It’s a small, rugged and lightweight unit that can be utilized in a variety of inspection environments.

  • Carbon Monoxide Analyzers (CO, H2O)

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    LGR's CO Analyzer (Carbon Monoxide Analyzer) measures ambient levels of carbon monoxide with a precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second. The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require cryogens. In addition, the CO Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor mixing ratios with high precision. As a result, the instrument also reports CO on a dry mole basis accurately, in real time, without the need for sample drying, empirical corrections, or any post processing.

  • Command Expert

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's Command Expert is no-cost software that provides fast and easy instrument control in many PC application environments. Download Command Expert 2017 Update 2 today! Learn about the new features in Command Expert 2017 Update 2Seamless integration with Excel, VEE, SystemVue, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Python, and LabVIEW Easy to find, use, and view full documentation for SCPI, IVI-C, IVI-COM, and IVI.NET commands Simplifies the process of retrieving measurement data from instruments

  • Compact MmWave Anechoic Chamber

    MBX02 - Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.

    MBX02 is a compact mmWave anechoic chamber which fits on a 6ft lab bench. The 2 instrument bays below the deck are ideal to fit your instruments for example a Spectrum Analyzer or a Vector Network Analyzer. Therefore saving space and shortening the coax length to your DUT. The 3D positioner and the Horn post are also provided with MBX02. As a result, you can get up and running quickly. Additionally, the controller software is written in Python source code, can integrate with any existing setup.

  • Digital Ultrasonic Maintenance System

    VPE-2000 - Superior Signal Company

    The Superior AccuTrak VPE-2000 is the first digitally controlled ultrasonic detector. Like two instruments in one it uses two independent sensors supported by separate electronic circuits configured specifically to their own sensor. This assures optimum sound clarity and frequency response. When switching between the airborne and contact sensors all settings are retained in memory! Digital LED meters let you establish baselines, perform trending, and accurately repeat these tests better than older more expensive analog instruments.

  • Drying Time

    TQC B.V.

    The drying time of paint depends on the various stages during curing. During the drying process of films various stages are easy to detect but difficult to define in terms of chemical and physical principles. To evaluate these stages objectively it is necessary to use instrumentation under controlled conditions. Drying time recorders in general are available as a single needle circular rotating instruments and as multiple needle linear instruments which has possibilities to set speed adjustments. The track produced by the needle varies according to the degree of dryness.

  • Field Communicator

    Xi'an HangSi Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Support all instruments with HART protocol 2)nickel-metal hydride battery power 3)High Quality, competitive priceBrief Introduction 388 Intelligent Field Communicator can support all instruments with HART protocol, performing functions like range setup, loop test, process variable monitoring and field calibration. HART375E Intelligent Field Communicator support not only the first primary device with HARTprotocol (HART net bridge and so on), but point to point and multi-point HART protocol communication mode.

  • High Impedance Contacting Voltmeter

    Model 820 Infinitron® - TREK, INC.

    The 2 kV Trek Model 820 Infinitron Voltmeter may be used in either contacting or non-contacting mode to acquire precision surface voltage measurements. It is especially beneficial when used with applications that demand infinitely high loading impedance levels far beyond the reach of currently available high impedance voltmeter instruments. The Model 820 comes with a guarantee of virtually no modification of the object being measured. This allows the instrument to indicate, with high precision, the voltage level of both conductive and insulative objects and surfaces.

  • Impedance Analyzer

    MFIA - Zurich Instruments AG

    The Zurich Instruments MFIA is a digital impedance analyzer and precision LCR meter that sets the new standard for impedance measurements in the frequency range from DC to 5 MHz. The MFIA provides 0.05% basic accuracy and a measurement range spanning from 1 m to 10 G. The instrument has a high measurement repeatability and a small temperature drift. With the LabOne user interface the MFIA offers a number of long-awaited innovations for the impedance and LCR measurement available without the need of any software installation.

  • Intelligent Temperature Water Level Recorder

    HR8800 - HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd

    The HR8800 water level recorder is a groundwater monitoring instrument with external power supply and internal battery self-power supply. It can be used for long-term recording of water depth (pressure) and temperature. It is all stainless steel structure. The recorder contains water level and temperature sensor, and the built-in large capacity is not easy. Loss memory and high-capacity long-life lithium battery, all functions are integrated in the instrument with a diameter of 24mm metal, suitable for water level measurement Of surface water, groundwater and marine environment.

  • Laser Diode Drivers

    Arroyo Instruments

    Arroyo Instruments offers a broad range of laser drivers to meet your exact test needs. From 100 milliamps to 100 Amps, all of Arroyo Instruments' LaserSource benchtop laser drivers include unique features not found on competing products such as optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs, programmable PD bias, and both RS232 and USB computer interfaces. The LaserSource also has laser diode protection circuits such as interlock, ESD protection, and hardware limits for current and voltage.

  • Laser Spectrum Analyzer

    771 Series - Bristol Instruments, Inc.

    The 771 Series Laser Spectrum Analyzer from Bristol Instruments combines proven Michelson interferometer technology with fast Fourier transform analysis resulting in a unique instrument that operates as both a high-resolution spectrum analyzer and a high-accuracy wavelength meter. With spectral resolution up to 2 GHz, wavelength accuracy as high as ± 0.2 parts per million, and an optical rejection ratio of more than 40 dB, the model 771 provides the most detailed information about a laser’s spectral properties.

  • NIR Food Analyzers

    PerkinElmer Inc.

    PerkinElmer is a leading supplier of IR and NIR instruments with more than 40 years' experience from developing solutions for the food and agricultural industries. Our expertise is unparalleled with deep knowledge in fields such as spectroscopy, chemometrics, Artificial Intelligence and software development. We offer the broadest portfolio in the market, with dedicated analyzers for specific applications like grain and dairy, as well as general purpose instruments suitable for a wide range of users, both for lab-based analysis as well as on-line process measurements.

  • Optical Balloon Theodolite

    F. W. Breithaupt & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG

    *Robust instrument*Bright scope with wide field occular and fix focus*Magnification 16x (20x optional)*Field of view 55,6m/1000m (optional 27,8m)*Open finder sights*Double vertical circles (reading from both sides of the instrument)*Reading of circles 0,1°*Convenient targeting through friction-controlled by endless wormdrive screws*Accessories upon request like alarm clock, filters, tripod etc.*Long life cycle, full spare part availability*Made in Germany

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