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Digital Power Meters

Measure the optical, microwave or electrical amounts of energy.

See Also: Power Meters, RF Power Meters, Magnetic Field Strength Meters

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  • Digital Power Meters

    Weschler Instruments

    Switchboard meters with one, two or three digital readouts for measuring AC power parameters, including ACV, ACA, frequency, watts, vars, power factor, and phase angle.

  • Digital Power Meter

    Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

    Intelligent Electric Quantity Measuring Instrument(Digital Power Meter), Can Measure The Voltage,Current,Power,Power Factor,Frequency,Electric Energy And Other Parameters ,Rich In Content,Has A Wide Measuring Range, The Preset Alarm,Latches And Communications Function.

  • Digital Power Meter

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    Digital Power Meter is designed for single-phase measurements of AC power signals and related parameters common to most electronic products. Instead of traditional analog measurement circuits, the 66200 uses state-of-the-art DSP digitizing technology.

  • Digital Power Meter

    66203/66204 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Chroma 66203/66204 Power Meters are designed for mul t ipl e pha s e powe r me a surement applications. The wiring mode function allows the user to take accurate power measurements for various wiring modes 1P2W/1P3W/3P3W/3P4W as well as providing accurate standard power measurements common for most electrical devices. A unique feature of the 66203/66204 is its stateof- the-art DSP digitizing technology instead of less accurate and slower traditional analog circuits. The internal 16 bits analog/digital converters with sampling rates of up to 250kHz provide both high speed and high accuracy measurements which is unprecedented within the industry for this class of power meters. The instruments include a four part display with 7-segment LED front panel readouts. Users can easily select desired parameters and readouts with a touch of a button. The 66203/66204 meters also include remote control using USB or GPIB interfaces via rear panel connections.

  • Digital Power Meter

    66205 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The 66205 is the 2nd generation of the 66200 series power meter designed specifically for single channel measurement. Its state of art design is capable of providing highly accurate power measurements to meet the requirements of IEC 62301/EN50564 standards. Functionality improvements of the 66205 increase power measurement capabilities to a wider range of applications. The Smart Range function is one of the most important new features added to the 66205 power meter. Smart Range allows the power integration mode to perform active power measurements with the measurement range in auto mode. Chroma’s proprietary design automatically selects the appropriate range, based on changes in sensed voltage and current, ensures the best accuracy when integrating the measurements over time. The 66205 provides 10 selectable current measurement ranges from 5mA up to 30A. External sensor options A662017~A662020 are available to increase the current measurement range. Six selectable voltage ranges are available up to 600V.

  • Digital Power Meter

    EPM 2000 - GE Digital Energy

    The EPM 2000 meter measures more than 40 electrical power parameters providing a low-cost, multifunction monitoring solution for industrial and power generation applications. EPM 2000 can easily be mounted in a panel for generator monitoring, substation automation and more. Meter can also provide data to RTUs, PLCs and other control devices.

  • Digital Power Meter

    CP-200 - Chyng Hong Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Proper for low capacity rectification load, the accuracy will not deviate even when PF=0.1True RMS voltage, current measure, auto/manual range.Frequency resolution 0.001Hz.All digitized type.Close case calibration, no adjust, soft calibration, high stability, long interval between two calibrations.IDRC CP-268 Series multi-range power meter seven measure parameter: V, A, W, PF, VA, VAR, HzBi-directional active power measurementPeak current over range indication.Current phase lead or lag indication4 screens display , 4 test values at same time, all function refresh rate is 5 times/sec.Last panel set memory.Build-in RS-485 interface, baud rate up to 115K bpsGPIB SCPI compatible (optional)CE approved

  • Digital Power Meter

    2406B - Chitai Electronic Corporation

    ‧Simultaneous display of W, A, V (PF or Hz)‧True RMS V, A, W‧Auto calibration via computer‧Data Hold∕Range Hold function‧Hight immunity to external noise‧CT ratio (1~99)‧REF function (0.800 ~ 1.200)‧Aux. power is AC 90 ~ 260V, 50/60Hz‧RS-232 interface (option)

  • Digital Ethernet Power Meters

    FU2200A - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Digital Ethernet power meter with data logger is a three-phase multifunction power and energy meter manufactured by GFUVE. It provides excellent value for monitoring power and energy management systems. It may be used as data gathering devices for intelligent power distribution or plant automation systems. All monitored data is available via a standard digital RS485 communication port, which is based on the Modbus RTU protocol.

  • Intelligent Digital Power Meter

    9800N - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    RK9800N series intelligent digital power meter can simultaneously measure the single and three phase electrical equipment’s voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, and harmonic parameters etc. It’s widely used in motor, household appliances, electric tools, water pumps, transformers, power supply, lighting, electricity and other fields.

  • Bench-top Digital Power Meter

    GPM-8213 - GW Instek

    GW Instek GPM-8213 power meter is designed specifically for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power supply’s power measurements. Powerful features, including 4” TFT LCD, five-digit measurement display, 19 power measurement parameters, integral measurement function, high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities, front/rear panel input terminals, and various communications ports, are to facilitate users with clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements.


    IBL-3500 - International Biological Laboratories

    The unique combination of features offered by this instrument makes it an essential tool for power measurement and diagnostics. This new equipment combines the functionality of a power quality meter, combines the functionality of a power quality meter, oscilloscope and data logger in a single hand-held instrument which has been designed for safety and ease of use.

  • Digital Power Meter, 30A

    66205 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    Voltage Ranges:15/30/60/150/300/600 Vrms1200Vrms (optional)Current Ranges : 0.005/0.02/0.05/0.2/0.3/0.5/2/5/20/30 ArmsFrequency Range : DC, 15Hz~10kHzEmbedded high speed DSP, 16 bitsAnalog/Digital converters withmax samipling rate up to 250kHzCapable of meeting the IEC 61000-4-7harmonics measurement requirementsSmart Range function provides seamlesspower integration measurement underauto range modeSupports external shunt and CT forhigher current applications5 mA minimum current range &0.1mW power resolutionMeets ENERGY STAR /EN 50564/IEC 62301/ErP requirementsUser-define criteria providesautomatic PASS/FAIL indicationsTHD and user-specify order distortionmeasurementInrush current and energy measurementsVoltage/ Current harmonics measurementsup to 100 ordersUSB (Host) interface provides data loggingfunctionalitySupport GPIB, USB, RS232, LAN (option)interface

  • Multi-Channel Digital Power Meters

    66203/66204 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    Voltage Range :15/30/60/150/300/600 VrmsCurrent Range :0.005/0.02/0.05/0.2/0.5/2/5/20 ArmsFrequency Range : DC, 15Hz~10kHzEmbedded high speed DSP, 16 bits Analog/Digital convertersHalf rack size, 4 input modules design (66204)Support different wiring configuration power measurement (1P2W/1P3W/3P3W/3P4W)Support external shunt and CT for higher current measurement application5 mA minimum current range & 0.1mW power resolutionMeets ENERGY STAR / IEC 62301 /ErP measurement requirementsAccumulated energy methods for unstable power measurementUser-define criteria provides automatic PASS/FAIL indicationsDual current shunt design provides high accuracy over a wide current rangeTHD and user-specify order distortion measurementInrush current and energy measurementVoltage/ Current harmonics measurement up to 50 orders

  • Digital Power Meter (AC Model)

    LS2008R - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    •  Measure Vrms, lrms, W, PF; •  Voltage range: 10-600v, Current range: 0.005-20A ; •  Accuracy: ± (0.4%reading + 0.1%range + 1digit); •  Can communicate with computer through RS-232 interface.

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