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  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage and Dielectric Strength

    ASTM D149 - National Technical Systems

    This test method covers procedures for the determination of dielectric strength of solid insulating materials at commercial power frequencies, under specified conditions. Unless otherwise specified, the tests shall be made at 60 Hz. However, this test method is suitable for use at any frequency from 25 to 800 Hz. At frequencies above 800 Hz, dielectric heating is a potential problem. This test method is intended to be used in conjunction with any ASTM standard or other document that refers to this test method. References to this document need to specify the particular options to be used. It is suitable for use at various temperatures, and in any suitable gaseous or liquid surrounding medium. This test method is not intended for measuring the dielectric strength of materials that are fluid under the conditions of test. This test method is not intended for use in determining intrinsic dielectric strength, direct-voltage dielectric strength, or thermal failure under electrical stress (see Test Method ASTM D3151). This test method is most commonly used to determine the dielectric breakdown voltage through the thickness of a test specimen (puncture). It is also suitable for use to determine dielectric breakdown voltage along the interface between a solid specimen and a gaseous or liquid surrounding medium (flashover). This test method is similar to IEC Publication 243-1. All procedures in this method are included in IEC 243-1. Differences between this method and IEC 243-1 are largely editorial. Note: The above information is taken directly from the test method Scope published in ASTM D149.

  • Dielectric Channel

    LT-439 - Lambient Technologies

    The LT-439 Dielectric Channel is a cost effective, compact instrument designed for cure monitoring in large-scale research and development, quality control/quality assurance, and manufacture of thermoset materials such as resins, composites, paints and coatings. The LT-439 will accept all Lambient Technologies dielectric/conductivity sensors, and most other dielectric or conductivity sensors.

  • Dielectric Assessment Kit

    DAK - Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

    The Dielectric Assessment Kit (DAK) is ideal for all applications where high-precision dielectric parameter measurements (permittivity, conductivity, loss tangent) are required, including applications in the electronic, chemical, food, and medical industries. The dielectric probes are designed for fast, precise, non-destructive, and user-friendly measurements of liquids, solids and semi-solids over the 10 MHz – 67 GHz frequency range.

  • Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy

    Material Sensing & Instrumentation

    Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy is a powerful tool for investigating a variety of dielectric processes for both electrical and non-electrical applications. Also called Impedance Spectroscopy, the measurement separates molecular process on the basis of response time, providing a unique relaxation frequency along with a signature variation with frequency.

  • Dielectric Test Fixture

    16451B - Keysight Technologies

    The 16451B is used to evaluate the dielectric constant of solid dielectric materials accurately, and complies with ASTM D150. The 16451B employs the parallel plate method, which sandwiches the material between two electrodes to form a capacitor. An LCR meter or an impedance analyzer is then used to measure the capacitance created from the fixture.

  • Dielectric Probe Kit

    N1501A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight N1501A dielectric probe kit with N1500A materials measurement software suite with Option 004, and a Keysight network analyzer, determines the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of many dielectric materials. Because these properties are determined by the molecular structure, they can be related to other properties of interest as well. Measuring them can provide critical insight into applications in many industries.

  • Dielectric Insulation Analyzer

    DIRANA - OMICRON electronics

    DIRANA uses dielectric frequency response (DFR) analysis in order to determine the condition of high-voltage insulation systems such as those in power transformers, bushings, cables and generators.

  • Dielectric Cure Monitor

    LT-451 - Lambient Technologies

    The LT-451 Dielectric Cure Monitor is a versatile instrument designed for research and development, quality assurance/quality control, and manufacturing applications involving thermoset materials such as resins, composites, and paints and coatings.



    For decreasing the capacitance of interconnection isolators in integrated circuits:Decrease of RC time delay (increase of operating frequency)Decrease of power consumptionFor further decreasing the dielectric constant, the material has to be porousThis implies additional reliability questions, eg.:Cracking / adsorption loss (need to stay on the substrate for long)Mechanical strength (need to survive chemical-mechanical polishing, CMP)Typical Young modulus of SiO2 is 70 GPa (for dense SiOCH: <15 GPa, for porous SiOCH: <10 GPa)Moisture absorption (need to be hydrophobic, in order to remain a good insulator)Dielectric constant depend on porosity, eg. for porous SiOCH*:ULK (ultra low-k): k 2.5 , with porosity 20% and pore size 3-4 nmELK (extreme low-k): k 2.3, with porosity 30% and pore size 5-6 nmCharacterization of porous dielectric layers is necessary to ensure reliable layer fabrication

  • Dielectric Strength Meter

    Dielectrotest - Amperis sl

    The Dielectrotest is a fully automatic dielectric oil meter for determining the breakdown voltage of insulating liquid. It is designed for both laboratory and field use for commissioning and maintenance purposes. The test standard is selected via menu.

  • Automatic Dielectric Tester

    LD-LADT-A10 - Labodam

    Automatic Dielectric TesterLD-LADT-A10is a fully automatic oil tester. The oil tester adopts industrial SCM to control which is applied to integrate circuit. It features anti-jamming technology which largely improves the machine capacity.

  • Dielectric Strength Tester

    HY - Chongqing Lushun Scientific & Technological Development Co., Ltd.

    The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T 507 "Test Methods for Breakdown Voltage of Lubricating Oil". It can be widely used to determine dielectric constant of lubricating oils in the field of railway, aviation, power plant, petroleum industry, and scientific institutes.

  • Dielectric Resonator Oscillators


    Dielectric resonator oscillators (DRO) are free running oscillators that utilize state-of-the-art planar circuits, three-terminal devices and dielectric resonator technology to generate high-quality microwave signals with excellent frequency stability. In addition, these oscillators are equipped with an internal voltage regulator that further improves the frequency stability by isolating the external bias pushing and modulation. In general, these oscillators are fixed. However, a small mechanical or electrical tuning range can be achieved by use of a self-locking screw or an integrated Varactor diode. The standard offering covers the frequency range of 2 to 40 GHz. While standard models are equipped with female SMA and K connectors at the RF port, other RF interface options are also available.

  • Dielectric Fault Analyzer

    DFA100 - Doble Engineering

    The DFA100 Dielectric Fault Analyzer is a handheld survey tool used to identify and locate partial discharge, particles, and mechanical defects.With three measuring modes, continuous, phase and pulse, the DFA100 uses its acoustic emission sensor to find in-service acoustic signals produced by partial discharge and loose components.

  • Dielectric Withstand Tester

    Weshine Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    The induction withstand voltage test of transformers and transformers is an important test to ensure that the quality of transformers conforms to national standards. The longitudinal insulation induction withstand voltage test of the inter-turn, inter-layer, inter-section and inter-phase insulation of the transformer winding is an important item in the transformer insulation test.

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