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register the presence of a stimuli.

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  • Volumetric Flow Detectors

    FP-5000 Series - Ono Sokki

    In engine evaluations such as emission mode tests and transient tests for performance evaluation, the evaluation methods have been shifting from steady-state tests to transient tests. In the evaluation of fuel consumption, the requirement for evaluating the fuel consumption characteristics in transient duration has been increasing as well as the total fuel consumption for each mode. The FP-5000 series has achieved high pulse resolution and wide measurement range. It enables to detect changes in the flow rate effectively and responsively, and measure large flow rate. It can be used when the flow rate increases, such as when measuring alcohol fuel.

  • Cable Continuity Detectors

    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic CO.,LTD

    NOYAFA Cable Continuity Detector can test the open circuit, short circuit, crossover and continutiy for RJ11/RJ45/BNC/USB cable, and the test result is displayed by the visible LED light status.

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

    Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    Application of ultrasonic flaw detector : It can not only be used in lab but also can be used on engineering site. Also, it can be widely used for safety checking and life evaluating in fields of aeronautics, rail transportation and boiler pressure vessel, it can used to test, orient, evaluate and diagnose various flaws such as crack, lard, air hole in work piece’s interior swiftly and accurately without any destruction. It is widely used for flaw detecting in fields of power engineering , boiler pressure vessel , Steel Construction , war industry , aeronautics , rail transportation ,auto and machinery etc. It is the essential flaw detecting instruments in NDT industry.

  • Wheel Play Detectors

    Van Leeuwen Test Systems BV

    A play detector consists of two plate units on which the wheels of an axle are placed. The plates are moved horizontally in an oscillating fashion by hydraulic cylinders. This movement can be done in different directions. In this way an inspector in the inspection pit can easily check for play on the different components underneath the vehicle. To make it even easier, the remote control unit to start and stop the plate movement has a built-in lamp.

  • Non Contact Detectors

    Greenlee Tools

    *Adjustable to safely detect power and low voltage*Safely detects AC voltage without touching the bare conductor*Adjustable for use on power wiring plus lighting, thermostats and other low voltage circuits*Use to detect voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, wires and cables*Finds breaks in wires*Identifies hot and neutral conductors*Low battery indication

  • Proximity Voltage Detectors

    Greenlee Tools

    *Verify the presence of voltage without contacting the conductor*Audible and visual alert when voltage is present*Powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery*HI/LO proximity voltage detector with two voltage ranges, 50V-4kV and above 4kV

  • Personal Voltage Detectors

    Greenlee Tools

    *Provides another level of safety for line crews, storm restoration workers and first responders*Alerts user to the proximity of electric fields or energized electrical equipment with a loud alarm and bright lights*Frequency of alarm increases as the user gets closer to the electrical hazard*Detects voltage above line-to-line*Typical initial warning distance is about 7 ft from a conductor*Warning distance increases with higher voltages*Field replaceable 9V battery with low battery indicator

  • Gas Detectors & Analyzers

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    A carbon dioxide meter or CO2 sensor is an instrument for the measurement of carbon dioxide gas. The most common principles for CO2 sensors are infrared gas sensors (NDIR) and chemical gas sensors.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Detectors

    INS2-H2S-03 - Sensorcon

    The professional-grade Hydrogen Sulfide Inspector is the ideal tool for all industrial applications. The Inspector is perfect for people working in refineries to people working in sewage and wastewater treatment facilities. With its advanced sensor technology, the Inspector allows for accurate readings of hydrogen sulfide concentrations. The Industrial Pro is the most advanced Inspector model, and features audio, visual, and vibration alarms.

  • Fixed Gas Detectors

    DG7 Series - Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

    All DGi-TT7 are constructed from a common housing and electronics with the detection properties being determined by the type of sensor (cartridge) used. A wide range of cells are available, these cells are intrisically safe protected, and may be replaced with the detector powered which minimises the system down time. The intelligent, microprocessor driven unit is fully configurable using a wireless hand-held terminal (TLU) or by using the hard wired HART option giving true flexibility to the installer and reduced service costs.Elements such as relay operation and alarm levels are all set via the TLU, a hazardous area approved hand-held unit. The unit may be interfaced directly with a wide range of panels, controllers and PLC’s etc. Its integral daylight readable alphanumeric display indicates local status and alarm level.

  • Conveyor HotSpot Detectors

    Ametek Land

    The transportation of coal on any form of conveyor system has the potential to ignite, with the ultimate outcome being a fire. A single point temperature measurement system can detect a hot spot, but is just as often likely to miss one.

  • Voltage Indicators & Detectors

    Bierer & Associates, Inc

    Digital Voltage Detector is designed for easily indicating AC voltage on Underground primary, Over head primary and Transmission conductors up to 999 kV. The large digital display can be seen and read at distances up to 50'. Unit is perfect for large system voltages from 4kV to 765kV Phase to Phase.

  • X-Ray Flaw Detectors

    XXQ Series - Testech Group Co., Ltd

    1. Checking the software and hardware itself after start the machine2. Excellent anti-jamming performance, which can adapt for field operation without power supply, because of the motor supports3. Can adjust exposure parameters with keys ( easy operation.)4. Has the function of Delay time opening HV. Convenient for operator keep away from dangerous field5. Can adjust high voltage slowly for protecting X-ray generator6. Automatically controlling according to 1:1 working and rest operating way, the longest continuous exposure period is 5 minutes.7. Including complete protecting system: over KV, over KV, low mA, over mA, over temperature and optical-sound alarming8. Convenient for repairing and maintenance9. Much more Substance for structure designing, much more convenient for local operation10. Time can be changed for±0.3 according to the power supply net to make the exposure more precise

  • Voltage Detectors & Testers

    Southwire Tools

    Non-contact AC voltage detector quickly checks for the presence of live voltage on wiring and electrical devices. Features a built-in flashlight for added convenience.

  • Filters / Splitters / Detectors

    DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.

    DiCon’s 100 GHz WDM is designed to multiplex and demultiplex signals in multi-wavelength systems based on the ITU 100 GHz grid. The component uses a thin film filter mounted between a pair of GRIN lens collimators. The 100 GHz WDM is housed in a compact, environmentally stable package that offers superior resistance to humidity and temperature and is suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board or within a module.

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