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Anechoic Chambers

enclosures that dampen RF or sound reflection within and stop exterior noise.

See Also: Anechoic Rooms, Reverberation Chambers, Acoustic Chambers, RF Chambers

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  • Anechoic Chamber

    Jumho Electric Corporation

    Wedge:The acoustic absorptivity of sound-absorbing materials used in anechoic chamber must be greater than 0.99. In anechoic chamber, gradient absorption layer, wedge or conical structure are often applied with glass wool and flexible foam as its sound-absorging materials. Anechoic Door: The design of rotatable door can affect the whole function of anechoic chamber. Therefore, it's crucial to combine steel plate and sound-absorbing cotton in the door, which is exactly our design.Acoustic Insulating Material:Applying high-density materials to enclose external noise. Damping materials: Using spring, rubber and cotton to enhance damping capacity.The Anechoic Chamber conforms to GB/T 6882-86 and ISO 3745 specifications.

  • Anechoic chambers

    EMCTEST Tecnologia Eletronica e Telecomunicaçao Ltda.

    The anechoic chambers are built up as a modular construction. Due to individual modules any size of chamber can be manufactured. Big chambers may require an outer supporting structure or alternatively the shielding material can be attached direct to the building. The absorbers are fixed to rails bars or wooden base construction which is inserted into the shielding modules.

  • Anechoic Chambers

    Eckel Noise Control Technologies

    Anechoic Chambers are echo-free enclosures with a sound energy absorption level of 99% to 100%, or a reflected sound pressure level of 10% or less. The frequency at which the energy absorption drops below 99%, or the pressure reflection exceeds 10%, is known as the low-frequency cut-off. Sound absorption is obtained by lining the walls, ceilings, and floor with wedges or other sound absorbing elements or SuperSoft panels, depending on performance level required and cut-off desired.

  • Anechoic Chamber

    EMC-3 - MVG EMC

    A 3 meter test range ensuring fully compliant Emission and Immunity testing. Ferrite and hybrid pyramidal absorbers are combined in a unique pattern within a SmartShield high performance chamber. Operating at a 3m test distance, this chamber is compliant to CISPR-16 with a measurement zone diameter of 1-2 meters.

  • Anechoic Test Chamber

    The installation of our anechoic test chamber was completed by Orbit/FR in 2003. Our chamber measures 28' x 14' x 14' with 12" to 36" pyramidal anechoic absorbers and is fully shielded using a dual layer metal enclosure. Our test chamber is designed to for frequencies ranging from .700 to 6.00 GHz.

  • Shielded Anechoic Chamber

    Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.

    A total solution for Shielded Anechoic Chamber for performing measurements of antenna radiation patterns & RCS Measurement.The shielded chamber designed the by PAN design, which is a Total Steel Structure (TSS), an improved design over conventional sandwich type wood core structure (WCS) due to the reason like : Superior Attenuation with less weight and Easy expandability and relocation using less parts. TSS offers years of maintenance free, high RF attenuation. Project: (For Design & Specification Reference)Space Application Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad, India.

  • Anechoic Chamber Filters

    Adaura Technologies

    RF leakage through Ethernet and USB cables can destroy even the best RF enclosures and chambers. The need for filtering in the ever congested RF environment requires special filters that can pass USB 2.0 and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet signals and filter out unwanted higher frequencies such as cellular and WiFi. The Adaura Technologies USB/Gigabit Filters provide one GigE and one USB 2.0 pass-through connections while filtering out other RF up to 8GHz. It has a small form factor to allow easy installation. It is a most cost effective solution for a clean chamber set up. In a typical chamber, WiFi signals are reduced to <-100dBm with this filter installed.

  • MmWave Anechoic Chamber

    MBX33 - Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.

    MBX33 is an innovative mmWave chamber which fits on a 10ft lab bench. Because it is made out of 30″ cubes instead of the standard 24″ cube of MBX0x series, it provides more volume on the inside. This can be important in several situations, for example when the DUT is large in size or when testing mmWave radar with trihedral corner reflectors.

  • Versatile MmWave Anechoic Chamber

    MBX03 - Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.

    MBX03 is our most vertsatile mmWave anechoic chamber which fits on a 8ft lab bench. The 3 instrument bays below the deck are ideal to fit your instruments for example a Spectrum Analyzer or a Vector Network Analyzer. Therefore saving space and shortening the coax length to your DUT. The 3D positioner and the Horn post are also provided with MBX03. As a result, you can get up and running quickly. Additionally, the controller software is written in Python source code, can integrate with any existing setup.

  • Compact MmWave Anechoic Chamber

    MBX02 - Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.

    MBX02 is a compact mmWave anechoic chamber which fits on a 6ft lab bench. The 2 instrument bays below the deck are ideal to fit your instruments for example a Spectrum Analyzer or a Vector Network Analyzer. Therefore saving space and shortening the coax length to your DUT. The 3D positioner and the Horn post are also provided with MBX02. As a result, you can get up and running quickly. Additionally, the controller software is written in Python source code, can integrate with any existing setup.

  • Anechoic Chamber room for Automotive components

    Microwave Factory Co,Ltd.

    Anechoic Chamber room of most suitable Automotive devices EMI/EMS test of the method of ALSE, which meet the global standard like a 2004/104/EC, several emmission standard like a CISPR25 which automotive manufacturers in EU/USA refer to, Immunity standard like a ISO11452 and others for the Automotive devices.

  • Electromagnetic anechoic box/Shield box/Anechoic chamber


    The necessity of a wireless system test has risen by the spread of recent wireless telecommunication equipment as shown in cellular phone, wireless LAN, RF-ID tag and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection system). It is necessary for a wireless test to be performed in anechoic environment in which an external noise is intercepted and a radio wave does not reflect internally. An anechoic chamber (room version of a shield box) is proper facilities but needs a wide space and a huge cost. Especially, the equipment under wireless system test on the production line can not radiate any signal radio wave outside before approval. The shield box satisfies these conditions.

  • Large-size Hybrid Reverberation / Anechoic Chamber

    F-Series - Emite Ingeniería SL. Ed

    The F large-size hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber represents the most versatile OTA test system in the market today. With the same unique test features of their E Series RC counterparts, the F-Series can also test large form-factor devices under test (DUTs) like laptops, large TV sets, solar and trash compactors, drones, fridges or washing and vending machines, among others. With up to 16x16, 8DLCC and DUTs up to 2m and 500 kg including full-body phantoms in a turntable, the F Series also expands the frequency range down to cover 200 MHz up to 40 GHz frequency ranges and the test modes to include EMC, BS, small cell, eNodeB and Virtual Drive Testing over the air (VDT-OTA). In an again unheard-of feature, the F-Series is also reverse-convertible into an Anechoic chamber, allowing Far Field (FF) and Spherical Near Field (SNF) radiation patterns, efficiency and gain measurements and pre-5G testing of antennas and devices. Conversion from RC to AC or vice versa can be performed within half a day.

  • RF Filters

    Raymond RF Measurements Corp.

    Raymond RF offers a complete line of RF filters ranging from 0.4A to 600A in both stand-alone and cabinet-mounted configurations for our QuietBoxes and Anechoic Chambers. Both styles of filters can be supplied with NPT pipe nipples and flange nuts for mounting directly on a QuietBox or Anechoic Chamber. Alternately, both styles of filters can be remotely mounted with shielded conduit running between the clean end of the filter and the QuietBox or Anechoic Chamber.

  • Microwave chambers

    Comtest Engineering bv

    Microwave chambers are full anechoic chambers used for testing in microwave frequencies. Typical equipment under test is mobile & telecom products as well as electronic products using wireless communication techniques. Larger microwave chambers (antenna test ranges) are built to test radars, satellites and a wide range of antennas and antenna applications. Comtest can provide (full) anechoic chamber solutions for OTA chambers and antenna test ranges to perform near field and far field measurements. Each microwave chamber is tailored to the specific requirements of the customer and its equipment under test.