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Acoustic Chambers

shielded rooms designed to attenuate sound.

See Also: Sound Chambers, Anechoic Chambers

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  • Acoustic Test Chambers


    Small Device Test Chambers are used for >Basic sound level measurement of small products and equipment >Pre-compliance testing of small products and equipment >End of line manufacturing test on small products and equipment Small Device Test Chambers provide acoustic isolation from outside sounds and/or reduce the sounds from the device under test radiating into the host

  • Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber

    PLATC - Listen Inc

    The Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber from GRAS is designed for quick and qualified acoustic test of cell phones, tablet PCs, Bluetooth speaker systems etc., including frequency response, THD, Rub & Buzz and microphone test using optional sound source. The chamber has a number of connections for injecting test and control signals to the test object (DUT).Benefits include:Repeatable testing and reliable dataEasy open/close for quick and safe change of DUTFlexible test jig for easy adjustment to new DUTFlexible microphone mounting for both front/backside speakers as well as edge-mounted speakersHigh quality, high sensitive 1/4” CCP measurementmicrophone included (G.R.A.S. 46BL)Individually calibrated frequency response** Compared to reference measurement in anechoic room

  • Reverberation Chambers


    Reverberant Test Chambers for sound power level determination and building acoustics measurements

  • Test Chambers

    Anechoic - ViAcoustics

    Free Field Test Chamber for sound pressure level measurement, sound power level determination, acoustic research and audio measurement applications

  • Anechoic Chamber

    Jumho Electric Corporation

    Wedge:The acoustic absorptivity of sound-absorbing materials used in anechoic chamber must be greater than 0.99. In anechoic chamber, gradient absorption layer, wedge or conical structure are often applied with glass wool and flexible foam as its sound-absorging materials. Anechoic Door: The design of rotatable door can affect the whole function of anechoic chamber. Therefore, it's crucial to combine steel plate and sound-absorbing cotton in the door, which is exactly our design.Acoustic Insulating Material:Applying high-density materials to enclose external noise. Damping materials: Using spring, rubber and cotton to enhance damping capacity.The Anechoic Chamber conforms to GB/T 6882-86 and ISO 3745 specifications.

  • Audio Testing

    Quest Engineering Solutions

    Sound Power testing is required in many international standards. Quest also offers a variety of additional acoustic tests and the design experience to help you develop quieter products for your customers. Our chamber is able to cancel out all outside forces as well with its free floating floor boards.

  • Acoustic Control System

    M+P International

    m+p VibControl performs acoustic testing in reverberation chambers and direct field environments as well as progressive wave tube testing. It is a fully automatic digital control system, providing fast, accurate and repeatable control of high-level noise to a reference octave band spectrum and the overall sound pressure level (OASPL). The control guarantees a high level of product safety.

  • Aerospace Testing Solutions

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Aerospace Testing SolutionsDewesoft offers a variety of solutions for aerospace testing. From standard data recording, structural dynamics, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, to more specific applications like ground station telemetry solutions with full support for ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 buses, PCM telemetry, IRIG 106 - Chapter 10, Ethernet packets, and iNet telemetry.We can provide flexible and robust data acquisition hardware and software that will match your requirement for testing airplanes, helicopters, rockets, satellites in the air, space, or on the ground - proving ground, wind tunnel, vibration shaker or acoustic chamber. Our solutions are being used and trusted by leading aerospace companies on the most demanding projects like NASA, ESA, Space X, Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, Honeywell to name just a few.

  • Medium-size Reverberation Chamber

    E-Series - Emite Ingeniería SL. Ed

    The E medium-size multicavity Reverberation Chamber Series represents that state-of-the-art in reverberation chamber technology. The E-Series can make single measurements, batch tests, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, running overnight without human intervention. Embedded frequency-, mode-, source- and platform-stirring in a double-shielded set of cavities allow Passive MIMO (Efficiency, Correlation, Diversity Gain, MIMO Capacity and others), Active MIMO OTA (TRP, TIS, TPUT, MTS, CQI, M2TxDT, RSRP, MCL and others) and Time-Domain MIMO (DL/UL TCP/UDP TPUT, RMS DS, STD, PL, CBW, Mute%, eNodeB, VDT-OTA) measurements up to 8x8 and 8DLCC to be performed for antennas and devices up to 50cm and 50kg ranging from 2G to 4G, covering all available cellular and wireless technologies to date, including wearables devices, sound acoustic mute, WLAN and W-IoT testing. There is no RC in the market more advanced than the E-Series.