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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Board Network Analyzer

    R3755A / R3760 - Advantest Corp.

    low in cost and with a space-saving design, measures and evaluates the frequency characteristics of receiving/transmitting antennas and filters, which are used for wireless communications such as mobile phones, WiMAX, WiFi, and ETC systems for ubiquitous communication. evaluates the frequency characteristics of electronic components, such as the crystal resonator and ceramic resonator used in a broad range of electronic equipment, as well as antennas for receiving/transmitting wireless signals.

  • Telephony Conformance Analyzer

    TCA 4100 - Hermon Laboratories Ltd.

    Acoustics and voice quality conformance testing for cellular including VoLTE, digital, and analog phones. TCA 4100 is an automated & affordable voice quality & acoustics conformance test solution. A wide range of handset and hands- free phones such as VoIP, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, analog, telephones, audio devices and hearing aids are supported.

  • General-Purpose Analyzer Systems

    Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration A/S

    Sonoscout is a system that uses an app on an iPad to control a wireless data acquisition unit. This rugged front-end can connect up to 12 transducers, such as a binaural headset for in-vehicle recording at the user's ear positions. The front-end is battery-powered and transmits data to the iPad for recording or records directly to SD card inside the front-end, avoiding the need to use Wi-Fi. The intuitive app makes it simple to either perform basic analysis, or to replay and listen to files in order to validate recordings before exporting them for further analysis and archiving in PULSE Reflex.

  • Precision Waveform Analyzer

    N1060A - Keysight Technologies

    Gain margin with high instrument performance: high BW (50 GHz or 35 GHz) receivers, ultra-low residual jitter (< 50 fs typical); adjustable clock recovery peaking & loop BWReduce development time through instrument flexibility with integrated clock recovery (data rates 50 Mb/s to 32 Gb/s) & integrated pickoffs & phase matched cables for simple one connection "triggerless" operationReduce validation time with analysis tools like Jitter Spectrum Analysis & SW Clock Recovery Emulation

  • ATEX Gas Analyzer

    atmosFIR EX - Protea Ltd

    atmosFIR EX is an ATEX certified gas analyser system for measurement of industrial gases in a Zone 1 or Zone 2 area, providing a complete EX certified gas measurement system that meets both the sampling of non-flammable and flammable gases, utilizing Protea’s multigas atmosFIR FTIR gas analyser platform.

  • PXIe Audio Analyzer

    M9260A - Keysight Technologies

    M9260A is significantly different from the traditional general purpose PXI digitizer modules which are being used for today's audio measurement. In order to achieve fast test speed and high performance it comes with large one million sample arbitrary waveform buffer and one million sample "limitless" input buffer, as well as super-linear/low noise amplifiers and digital to analog converters. This enables M9260A's ultra-low residual distortion and high amplitude accuracy. M9260A is now an important part of Keysight Radio Test Solution, and may also be easily integrated into any audio related PXI test system with its developer-friendly drivers and commands.

  • Power System Analyzer

    931A - Arbiter Systems, Inc.

    Model 931A, with state-of-the-art PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis, make more measurements, more accurately, and at a lower price than ever before. Basic accuracy of 0.05 % of reading and 0.05 ° phase, harmonic analysis, and full three-phase capability are standard. Model 931A also incorporate full two way serial communication for use in power quality trend monitoring. The model expands usability by including transducer calibration and timer features.

  • Impedance/Game-Phase Analyzers

    NF Corp.

    A/D converted input signals undergo discrete Fourier transform (DFT) to calculate complex impedance values and obtain parameters and characteristics specific to the DUT, such as its capacitance, inductance and quality factor. Original NF algorithms are also applied to allow equivalent circuits made up of R, L and C along with the constants for those circuits to be estimated from the complex impedance spectrum obtained by sweeping the frequencies.

  • Oxygen Permeability Analyzers

    Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Y310 Oxygen Permeability Tester apply to test the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of packaging materials, such as plastic film, composite film, coextrusion film, aluminum-plated film

  • On-line TOC Analyzer

    ON-LINE TOC-VCSH - Shimadzu Corp.

    Combustion catalytic oxidation / NDIR method The functionality for continuous automatic measurement has bee added to the ability of the combustion catalytic oxidation/NDIR TOC-V Series to perform high-performance, high sensitivity measurement of organic substances. The On-line TOC-VCSH can be used for Continuous automatic high-sensitivity monitoring of water samples such as pure water and tap water.

  • Electronic Moisture Analyzer

    MOC-120H - Shimadzu Corp.

    The moisture content of a variety of samples can be measured using an array of drying modes. The drying status can be seen at-a-glance with the fluctuation range display. Active in a variety of fields (cereals, starch, flour, noodles, brewed products, sea foods and marine products, meat products, spices, sweets, dairy products, dried foods, vegetable oils and other food articles; pharmaceuticals; ores; cokes; glass materials; cement; chemical fertilizers; pulp and paper; cotton; various fabrics and other industrial goods); enabling measurement of samples (cereals, foods, and chemical products) under various conditions (powder, particles, paste, and liquid).

  • 2M Performance Analyzer

    JW4104 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    Handheld Fiber Test Instruments.

  • Envelope Density Analyzer

    GeoPyc 1365 - Micromeritis

    The GeoPyc employs a unique displacement measurement technique that uses Dry Flo, a quasi-fluid composed of small, rigid spheres having a high degree of flow-ability. The sample is placed in a bed of Dry Flo which is agitated and gently consolidated about the sample. The GeoPyc collects the displacement data, performs the calculations, and displays or prints the results. The GeoPyc automatically determines the volume and density of a solid object by displacement of Dry Flo, a solid medium. The medium is a narrow distribution of small, rigid spheres that have a high degree of flow ability and achieve close packing around the object under investigation. The particles are sufficiently small that during consolidation they conform closely to the surface of the object, yet do not invade pore space.

  • Trace Oxygen Analyzer

    GNL-IN121 - Shanghai ChangAi Electronic Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

    GNL-IN121 is based on microprocessor, and keeps frequency current sensor as measuring point with intelligence, high accuracy and comprehensive function. It applies to the accurate measurement of oxygen concentration in 0~25.00% nitrogen- oxygen mixed gases. - See more at:

  • Electronic Ballast Analyzer

    WT3000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • It has 8 windows to display each parameter of input and output characteristics • Frequency response for testing input current up to 1MHz, suitable for precise testing of various kind of electronic ballast • WT3000 has expanding analysis for envelope wave. • Symmetry analysis for envelope wave’s crest factor of lamp current • Sampling at ultra-high speed, dynamic analysis single frequency curve, highest sampling frequency is up to 10MHz • Portable with built-in chip micro-processor, particular suitable for development and spot production • RS-232C standard interface can be connected to PC, English version software can run in WinXP or Win7