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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • TV Analyzer

    S7000 - Deviser Instruments

    The S7000 TV analyzer is an all-in-one digital TV analyzer. This unique analyzer supports all digital broadcasting technologies, such as DBV-C/C2, DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2. It also enables the user to monitor both analog and digital TV and decodes standards such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264 for 1080i, 720p and 576i, and PAL/NTSC/SECAM.

  • Logic Analyzers

    M611 - ETC

    The ETC M611 Logic analyzer is a package, which will together with PC create 32 channel logic analyzer with sampling rate up to 100MHz. Maximum length of record is 524280 of 32-bit words.

  • Protocol Analyzer

    EZ-TAP™ RS-232 - Stratus Engineering Inc.

    EZ-Tap RS232 protocol analyzer from Stratus Engineering serves as the best RS232 protocol analyzer available. It serves as the most compact solution for hardware-based RS232 serial port communications monitoring.

  • Spectrum Analyzer

    FSL - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®FSL is an lightweight and compact spectrum analyzer for cost-conscious users who want the functionality of high-end instruments. The analyzer is ideal for a large number of applications in development, service and production.

  • Power Analyzers

    PCE Instruments

    At PCE Instruments you will find a power quality analyzer to measure the power in W, kWh or to analyze and measure harmonics. This power analyzer is a multi-function power analyzer device that measure precisely direct current, alternating current, AC-voltage, DC-voltage the intensity of DC or AC, phase rotation and idle, apparent and effective power. The reading of AC power is considered the real value and has a maximum range of 6000 Watts. While a reading is being taken, the polarity changes automatically, if negative values are taken then a minus sign will appear on the device display.Nowadays, power quality analyzers have many features such as, insulated current input, measurement of harmonics, AC and DC current measurement, AC and DC voltage measurement, frequency measurement, phase rotation measurement and idle, apparent and effective power measurement. All this data can also be logged and analyzed with the delivered PC-Software. Power analyzers of the type PCE PA 6000 can determine the energy in single-phase systems.Power quality analyzers of type PCE-GPA 62 allow the energy measurement in symmetrically loaded three-phase systems. Power analyzers of type PCE-PA 8000, PCE-360 and PCE-830 support professional power and energy measurements in single and three-phase systems.Apart from being used as energy-measuring devices, power analyzers like the PCE-830 can also be used for network analysis and the determination of harmonics and phase rotation. On our website you will find other power analyzers used in the field of electronics.

  • MPEG Analyzer


    MPEG Analyzer is the professional stream analyzer allows not only the analysis of file input but Also the analysis of real-time RF input. MPEG Analyzer is compliant with various digital broadcasting Standards such as ATSC, DVB-T/H, IPTV, DVB-S/S2, QAM-A/B/C, ISDB-T, T-DMB, S-DMB. It is the best solution for designing, manufacturing, verifying and operating digital TV equipment. Institute.

  • Vibration Analyzers

    VSA-1200 - Datastick Systems , Inc.,

    Datastick handheld VSA-1200 vibration analyzers are priced below comparable devices and you can learn them in a couple of hours, yet they have capabilities you would expect in analyzers costing many times as much. They are as accurate – and in some cases, much more accurate – than very costly portable vibration analyzers, and they weigh just 11 oz (0.31 kg).

  • ESU Analyzer

    ESU-2050 - BC Group International Inc.

    The BC Biomedical ESU-2050 ESU Analyzer is the first instrument of its kind on the market. Designed through extensive collaboration with several of the world's leading electrosurgery generator manufacturers. It is the only ESU Analyzer on today's market with a 1% reading level of accuracy. Calibration quality analyzer; uses external precision non-inductive test loads and wide band current transformer.

  • Protocol Analyzer

    PGY-SSMlite SD - Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd.

    PGY-SSMlite SD Protocol Analyzer is the most feature rich comprehensive Protocol Analyzer available to capture and debug SD protocol data. PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer supports SD, Protocol analysis for wide data rate up to 200MHz SDR mode (UHS-I). The innovative active probe has minimum electrical loading on device under test (DUT) and allows the protocol data capture without affecting the performance DUT. PGY-SSMlite protocol analyzer allows industry first continuous streaming of protocol data from PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer to host system (using USB3.0 or GbE interface). Comprehensive decoding of data, protocol tests, and error analysis enables verification of communication of SD host and device.

  • Logic Analyzer

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek offers a wide range of Logic Analyzers to suit all your testing needs. Our Logic Analyzers are PC-based and come with optional pattern generator and are for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally.

  • BPM Analyzer

    MixMeister Technology, LLC

    MixMeister BPM Analyzer is a program you can use to determine the exact BPM (beats per minute) of any song. BPM Analyzer allows you to: Calculate extremely accurate BPM counts for any song.

  • Emissions Analyzers

    E Instruments International, LLC

    Portable Combustion Gas Analyzers for Industrial Applications

  • DVB-H Analyzer


    The DVB-H Analyzer is able to analyze both Live and File source of DVB-H TS. The DVB-H Analyzer supports Time-slice, Burst, MPE, MPE-FEC, Flute, ESG, DVB-SI and Packet analysis as well as live-recording and A/V decoding.

  • Monitor and Analyzer

    Zoltes, Inc.

    Zoltes Monitor and Analyzer is an automated non-intrusive tapping tool that monitors the TDM fax traffic and store fax sessions for further analysis using the same engine as Zoltes V.34/ T.38 Fax Analyzer.

  • Internal Analyzer

    EID-1234yf SAE J2927 - Bacharach, Inc.

    The Neutronics EID-1234yf SAE Internal Analyzer is designed to be installed into SAE J2843 compliant A/C Service Machines. The EID-1234yf SAW Internal Analyzer is also considered an OEM product supplied to A/C Service Machine Manufacturers.