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Test of aloft craft and equipment .

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  • Aerospace

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices aerospace product portfolio spans the entire signal chain—from precision sensors, signal conditioners, and data converters to microprocessor interface solutions and digital signal processors. ADI offers analog, mixed-signal, MEMS, and digital signal processing along with the expertise to help designers apply these technologies.

  • Aerospace

    TRaC Global Ltd.

    We provide a comprehensive range of destructive and non-destructive testing services for a wide variety of materials, components, products and systems to all of the Aerospace Primes and their supply chain partners, to help them to develop better products, get them to market on time, save time and money, and to minimize the risk to their business through their materials and product development activities.

  • Aerospace

    AcQ Inducom

    AcQ can perform custom developments compliant with ED12/DO-178B and ED80/DO-254 in various design assurance levels (DALs) for safety critical applications, using the ED14/DO160 for the environmental requirements. AcQ also offers standard products for various open standards like VMEbus, CPCI, PCI and other bus standards for test applications and other applications like GPS, display, actuators, data logging and -storage.

  • Aerospace


    Combining its extensive expertise in object-oriented software engineering for critical embedded applications and customised electronics for hard real-time systems, TELETEL designs and develops high reliability specialised subsystems and CASE tools suitable for satellite on-board systems and space mission applications.

  • Aerospace

    Radiometrics Midwest Corporation

    Working with the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, Radiometrics staff has not only been involved with EMC testing of aircraft and aircraft components, but has also been involved with development of the RTCA/DO160 "Environmental Conditions" standard and RTCA/DO-199 investigation for "Potential Interference to Aircraft Electronic Equipment from Devices Carried Aboard".

  • Aerospace Interfaces

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Aerospace InterfacesDecode and visualize data from ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, IRIG CHAPTER 10, iNET and IRIG Chapter 4 PCM telemetry data interfaces.

  • Aerospace Fuel

    Eaton Corp. Electrical Group

    Eaton is a world leader in delivering an unsurpassed range of reliable, efficient fuel systems for today's commercial and military aircraft and aero-engine programs. Eaton's aerospace fuel systems portfolio includes fuel pumps, boost and transfer pumps, valves, sensors, and accessories, as well as all the components to build fuel conveyance and delivery sub-systems from the tank to the engine. Eaton's premier fuel system testing facility in Europe provides a total system capability certification for the design and development of fuel systems to suit our customer's specific requirements.

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Hiller Measurements

    Electronic warfare (EW) systems require advanced high-fidelity threat simulators to prepare for combat with potential adversaries. Hiller Measurements’ depth of knowledge in RF source and measurement technologies enables us to help our clients develop the best EW simulation systems that will meet the everchanging landscape of EW threat simulation.

  • Aerospace Hydrolics

    Eaton Corp. Electrical Group

    Eaton is the leading global supplier of hydraulic power generation and fluid distribution components and systems. The world's most comprehensive systems portfolio includes standard and higher-pressure engine-driven pumps, hydraulic motor-driven generators, AC/DC electric motor-driven pumps, hydraulic power transfer units, fluid control components and systems and a broad array of fluid distribution hoses, tubing, fittings, couplings, connectors and clamps all designed to exceed customer requirements.

  • Military / Aerospace Systems

    FineTest Inc.

    Military / Aerospace Systems

  • Testing Aerospace Motors

    Magtrol Inc.

    Magtrol designed this Custom Motor Test System for the testing of various aerospace motors for both commercial and military applications.

  • Aerospace Testing Solutions

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Aerospace Testing SolutionsDewesoft offers a variety of solutions for aerospace testing. From standard data recording, structural dynamics, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, to more specific applications like ground station telemetry solutions with full support for ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 buses, PCM telemetry, IRIG 106 - Chapter 10, Ethernet packets, and iNet telemetry.We can provide flexible and robust data acquisition hardware and software that will match your requirement for testing airplanes, helicopters, rockets, satellites in the air, space, or on the ground - proving ground, wind tunnel, vibration shaker or acoustic chamber. Our solutions are being used and trusted by leading aerospace companies on the most demanding projects like NASA, ESA, Space X, Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, Honeywell to name just a few.

  • Military & Aerospace Solutions

    Circuit Check, Inc.

    Military and aerospace electronics spans a vast array of complex applications, including communications, vehicle control, radar, electronic warfare and countless others. Although the applications are widely varied, there are similarities in the requirements as well. Typically these electronic systems, whether COTS (Commercial Off- the-Shelf) or custom developed for the application, share similar requirements for ruggedness, reliability, and precision. Our customers don’t have room for error, mission critical hardware test systems must perform as designed. Circuit Check provides military and aerospace testing solutions for ITA’s, Self-Test Fixtures and Automated Test Systems that meet the stringent needs of this marketplace.

  • Electrical Systems- Aerospace

    Thales Security Solutions & Services S.A.

    Electrical technology is an enabling technology to improve, simplify, automate and control Power Systems on board aircraft. Thales stands as one of the Top 3 players for Electrical equipment and system for Aerospace. We design, develop, manufacture and support Electrical Power Generation and Power Conversion equipment.

  • Multipin Aerospace Connectors

    Radiall s.a.

    Radiall is a global leader in designing and manufacturing multipin connectors for the civil and defense aerospace markets. For more than 40 years, major airframers have entrusted Radiall's historical NSX (Arinc 600) and DSX (Arinc 404) rack and panel connector series, along with its modular solutions such as the EPX™ (EN4644), QuickFusio™ and QM series.

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