Enlitech is committed to provide the testing solutions making the optical sensors better. The main goal is to increase the core competitiveness of our customers’ products. These sensor testing solutions include wafer-level image sensor opto-electronical properties testing, wafer-level quantum efficiency testing of optical sensors, ambient light sensor testing, CIS module inspection, photo-receiver testing in 5G optical communication, dToF photodetector testing et.

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  • Measuring and Analysis Software


    With over 10 years of experience, IVS-KA6000 PV Test IV software has been developed by Enli Technology.  IVS-KA5000, the previous generation, has more than 500 users. IVS-KA6000 is evolved from IVS-KA5000 based on users’ feedback and experience. IVS-KA6000 can control a variety of SMUs and perform data collection of current and voltage based on setting parameters by users. The formulas and algorithms of IVS-KA6000 are …

  • EQE/Photon-Electron Conversion Testing


    Enlitech offers different solutions for incident photon-electron conversion testing systems. The available systems include IPCE, PV External quantum efficiency (PV-EQE), Internal Quantum Efficiency, Spectral Response (SR), Highly-sensitive EL-EQE. There are over 1,000 SCI papers cited Enlitech‘s systems to provide reliable experimental data for significant scientific publication. The Highest PV-EQE sensitivity and EL-EQE both reach 10-5 % (7 orders). They can be utilized to PV conversion efficiency, HJT/ PERC/TOP-CON current-loss analysis, Organic PV charge-transfer-state and Perovskite PV trap state measuring, and Organic PV and Perovskite PV Voc loss analysis.

  • Image Sensor/Fingerprint-on-Display Testing


    Enli Tech provides the most advanced optical and non-destructive inspection technology, which can de-convolute the digital images back to the analog properties, such as quantum efficiency, spectral response, system gain K, Dynamic Range (DR), PRNU, DRNU, Linearity Error LE, and Chief-Ray-Angle (CRA). The testing solution can be applied to CCD and CMOS image sensors in aerospace, defense, and scientific camera field. Image sensor packages that can be tested by Enli Tech’s systems include bare wafers, dies, chips, or camera modules. Our image sensor testers can help users reduce the sensor-modules or camera-modules development time and RD budget.

  • Photo Detector Testing


    With the rise of 5G technology and popularization mobile devices, more and more advanced photoelectric sensors are used in our daily lives. In order to be better applied to mobile devices, the photosensitive area of these advanced photodetector is getting smaller and smaller. However, these applications place higher and higher requirements on the light sensing performance of advanced photodetectors. In the process of shrinking the photosensitive area, it also brings the challenge of accurate measurement of quantum efficiency. Enlitech adopts the spatial light homogenizing technology and follows the ASTM standard “Irradiance Mode” test method, which is proven that it can accurately perform quantum efficiency and other key parameter measurements of advanced photodetectors.

  • Light Simulator


    From the review of the scientific development history, reliable and stable artificial light sources have played a very important role in the past century. For example, the artificial solar simulator is an important part of simulating sunlight to ensure accurate performance of PV characterization. With the growth of light sensor applications, more and more requirement of light simulators (or artificial light sources) explored. One of the core technologies of Enlitech is the artificial light sources. We can manipulate different lamp types (short arc lamps, LEDs, filament lamps et. al.) to generate different spectrum-form in different light intensity levels, beam sizes, and wavelength ranges. We have launched different artificial light source products for different applications fields. For instance, SS-X series solar simulators and ILS-30 ambient light simulator are for the PV field, HAAS is highly accurate star light simulator for the space field, and ALS-300 is a general-purpose light source in science research field. These products can not only meet the needs of your application, but also speed up the process of your research or mass-production.

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