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  • 3U 10/15kW AC / DC Programmable Power Supplies

    10/15kW - TDK-Lambda Corp.

    This member of the Genesys(TM) product family of programmable switching power supplies provides high power density, low ripple and a complete set of user-friendly interfaces. In addition to high power density, popular worldwide single and three phase inputs are available. This assures operation in difficult AC environments and meets European EMC requirements. AC/DC, rackmount, programmable power supplies. Outputs available range up to 600V and 1,000A. In addition to saving space, GenesysTM power supplies contain extensive standard features that provide a new level of performance and flexibility in ATE, Industrial and Communications applications.

  • Programmable AC to DC Power Supplies (6V to 600V)

    TDK-Lambda Corp.

    • Models from 750W to 90kW • Voltages from 6 to 600 V • Current from 1.6A to 3000A • Remote Analog programming • IEEE488 & RS-232/485 Interfaces • LXI-C Compliant LAN Interface • Analog and digital control interfaces • Worldwide AC Inputs with Active PFC* • Advanced Parallel Operation • CE and UL safety Approvals * Not available on all models

  • Electronic Loads


    The SLM family includes 11 models of fully programmable, single input AC or DC modular electronic loads. DC models are offered to test power supplies, battery chargers, battery discharge, power supply transient response and integration into ATE systems. AC models are ideal to test low power inverters.

  • Modular Power

    Elgar ReFlex Power™ Module Series - AMETEK VTI

    ReFlex Power™ is a high density, programmable power module system providing DC, AC and electronic load assets all under control of a single controller. ReFlex Power™ (RFP™) provides a reconfigurable, flexible platform ideal for ATE and production test environments where RFP™ can provide programmable stimulus and bias power as well as programmable loads for the device(s) under test.Programmable AC/DC/Loads Power Module Systems:Truly Modular Design100% Digital SystemControl up to 95 assets across 8 mainframesControl multiple AC / DC supplies and loads in one or more mainframesCreate "virtual assets"Highest Power DensityWorld-wide AC or DC input

  • 6U Power Supply Mainframe. Accepts Two Programmable Power Modules

    GX7400A - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    The GX7400A is a dual output programmable DC power supply designed for use in 6U PXI systems. The GX7400A occupies three slots and is controlled via the PXI bus. The AC power is provided using a panel-mounted receptacle. The power supplies are fully isolated and can be externally connected in series to provide higher voltage.

  • Precision HV Programmable DC Power Supply

    PHV Series - TDK-Lambda Corp.

    The PHV series Precision High Voltage, Programmable AC to DC Power Supplies that offer exceptional performance and versatility with full local control and a complete range of optional Analog and Digital remote interfaces. This series features Output voltages from 125V to 300,000V and power levels from 14Watts to 15,000Watts.

  • High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply

    IT-M7700 Series - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    ITECH newly-launched IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply combines intelligence and flexibility, breaks through the huge defects of the traditional AC power source, reduces the size to only 1⁄2 1U, maximizes space utilization. Built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator make it convenient to simulate various arbitrary waveform outputs. IT-M7700 is designed with advanced technologies of programmable AC and DC power supplies, and can be widely used in multiple fields such as power energy products, home appliances, industrial electronics, avionics, military and IEC standards testing.

  • High-Voltage Programmable AC/DC Power Supplies

    FLX-HV Series - TDK-Lambda Corp.

    High Voltage, Programmable AC to DC Power Supplies that offer performance and versatility combined with feature rich multi-function local controls, standard USB/LAN interfaces, and class leading wide range 110/230VAC input voltage with Active PFC. This series features Output voltages of 10kV, 30kV, and 50kV at power levels of 200Watts, 500Watts, and 1,000Watts. Wide range single-phase 110/230VAC Input (100-254VAC, 47-63Hz) with Active PFC (PF>0.95) is standard for all models. The FLX-HV supply features standard integrated USB and LAN digital interfaces.

  • 16-SPST Power Relay Module

    PXI-2565 - National Instruments

    16-Channel, 7 A, SPST PXI Relay Module—The PXI‑2565 is a general-purpose switch module that features independent single‑pole single‑throw (SPST) Form A armature relays. It delivers high-current switching of DC power supplies, AC line power, and AC/DC current sources. The PXI‑2565 is fully software programmable and supports multiple instrument synchronization.

  • Engineered Systems


    AMETEK Programmable Power Solutions is especially skilled at providing custom power supply solutions using existing technology and previously developed integration solutions. This approach provides maximum functionality, short lead times and maximum value. Here is a brief listing of some of the types of solutions we can provide:*Catalog product modifications*OEM power supplies for heating or burn-in*AC stimulus for current transformer and circuit breaker testing*Solar Array Simulation for satellites*PV emulation for inverter verification*Power racks for high energy solid state lasers*DC power source and regenerative load for avionics actuator and motor testing

  • 3-Phase AC Power Source

    61700 series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The Chroma Programmable AC Power Source model 61700 series delivers pure, 5-wire, 3-phase AC power. Unlike the traditional 3-phase AC power source, it includes low power rating models at very low cost. Users can program voltage and frequency, measure the critical characteristics of the output on its LCD display. It delivers the right solution to simulate all kinds of input condition of UUT to be utilized in R&D and QA. It is also suitable for commercial applications from laboratory testing to mass productions. The 61700 supplies the output voltage from 0 to 300VAC and it can be set individually for each phase. Users also can set the phase angle from 0? to 360?. These kinds of function make the 61700 series can simulate unbalance 3-phase power. Because of the wide output frequency from 15 to 1200Hz, it is suitable for avionics, marine and military application. The AC+DC mode extends the output function to simulate abnormal situation when power line contains DC offset.

  • Electronic Loads

    SLH DC Family - AMETEK VTI

    Fully programmable, high power AC or DC electronic loads. The 500V models are for PFC testing, power transformers and various other AC or DC power sources. The 300V models are used for testing of UPSs, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), and batteries.High current, 60V DC models for general purpose power supply testingHigh voltage, AC/DC models are intended for inverter test, Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit testing (500V) and UPS testing (300V)

  • Multi-channel DC Electronic Load

    IT8700 Series - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    IT8700 series programmable DC electronic load adopts removable modules design, supports up to 16 channels with mainframe extension transient mode up to 25 kHz, which improves your test efficiency, with high resolution and accuracy. Users can freely choose in the 8 load modules according to the number of channels and power requirements, controlled by mainframe control panel, or controlled by host computer software via built-in LAN / RS232 /USB / GPIB interface. IT8700 is with adjustable slope, list function, automatic test and other functions, and can be applied to multiple or single output AC/ DC, DC / DC power converters, chargers and other power supply electronic components performance test, also can be used in ATE test system, solar cells, LED, communications testing, aerospace and other fields.

  • Programmable AC/DC power sources

    EM Test

    Powerful multitalents for AC/DC supply simulation The programmable AC and DC power sources with their wide frequency bandwidth offers powerful waveform generation capabilities for various test applications in the EMC area and for avionics testing. The following multifunctional solutions are available to meet your test