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  • 3548 - Insulation Tester 40G Ω 1000V Panel Calibrate, Auto Range 3 3/4 Digit, MAX Display: 3999 Over Load Protection Back light, Function characters Indication Can test Insulation Resistance Mesaurement Voltage
  • EPT-150 - Performance & Laboratory Testers The EPT-150 is designed to be a high-accuracy development platform for the e-motor, inverter and battery pack testing. The main vehicle driveline can largely be tested on the EPT-150 due to its highly modular capabilities and functional characteristics. For instance, inverters can be tested with proven motors powered by a D&V Battery Simulator or optionally with a proprietary battery pack. With an EPT-150, D&V customers are poised to continue to grow and better their products with quality and reliable testing because of the fidelity measurement equipment built with the testers. Simulation features, vehicle network control and e-motor controller calibration options are all available to be included with the system to provide a full testing suite and facilitating better component design.
    D&V Electronics LTD
  • SINGLE - Handheld Bit Error Rate Tester The GL's LinkTest™ SINGLE is a sophisticated bit error rate tester in a compact, hand held package. The unit can test a wide variety of communications facilities and equipment including Asynchronous, Synchronous, T1, fractional T1, E1, fractional E1, modems, multiplexers, CSU/DSUs, T1 ESF CSUs, DU, NTUs and TIUs.
    GL Communications
  • STM2-6143 - Protection relay tester Compact protective relay tester STM2 6 powerful current ranges 15 A 4 voltage ranges with 300 V 8 binary inputs / binary outputs 4 Network interface, USB, RS232 Protection relays: electromechanical, static, numerical, IEC 61850 IEDs Comfortable panel operation Universal Calibrator WIN7 Power Test Software IEC61850 Goose
    Sourcetronic GmbH
  • 90-2A - PE conductor tester 90-2A PE conductor tester 90-2A pre-selectable test current 10 .. 25A: • Measurement range 0 .. 300 mO • No load voltage <12 V
    Elabo GmbH
  • SAT-10C - Earth Tester Widely applied in Communication system, Electric power system, Large Building, Iron tower ect.. Earthing resistance test. measuring earth resistance by 2 pole, 3 pole,and 4 pole and also measuring AC voltage and soil resistivity.
    Shaanxi Aitelong
  • Q61 - Concrete Strength Tester Q61 concrete strength tester is used to test compressive strength of concrete by two ways: rebound and ultrasonic-rebound method. Also, it can be used to test sound time and speed in concrete.
    Testech Group Co
  • 9221-01 - SIP Signaling Tester The SIP Signaling Tester is a test environment for the SIP signaling specification as defined by the IETF standards. It is a SAFIRE based test harness able to run pre-defined ACATS test scenarios against SIP test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner.
    SAFIRE World
  • ST230F - Telephone Line Tester ST230F Telephone Line Tester is one portable and intelligent line fault tester, which adopts advanced technologies such as intelligent CPU, IC & surface mounted technology (SMT) technology.
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • ST363 - IPTV Emulation Tester Main Functions and Key Features1. Support on line video displaying, it can do network properties testing, IPTV service quality testing and media stream real time broadcasting testing on the DSLAM and CPE.2. You can get rid of the limitation of the STB and TV;
    Shandong Senter Electronic
  • HVX - High Voltage Cable Tester (Hipot) The CableEye HVX cable and harness test system permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable voltage from 10v to 1500v DC, or 10v to 1000v RMS AC, to each connection group in the cable. Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Dwell Time (same as Test Time), Trip Current, and Trip Delay (same as Soak Time) may be programmed for your specific requirements. Current leakage detected during the high voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to One Gigohm, and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts.
    CAMI Research
  • 5300HX - Automated Discrete Semiconductor Tester (ATE) The Model 5300HX Automated Discrete Semiconductor Tester (ATE) is designed for fast, reliable testing of a wide range of discrete devices. Using an on-board Intel SBC, can provide stand alone testing capability or connected to a PC for intuitive test development and data capture.
    Scientific Test
  • NX Pro - Wire Harness Tester The Dynalab NX Pro Wire Harness Tester is a low-cost, feature-packed, stand-alone continuity tester with a maximum capability of 512 test points. The flexibility of the NX System allows each program to perform multiple tests, display custom messages or sounds, and analyze the results of a test or an input to "decide" which operation to perform next. The NX Pro Tester has 1.3Mb memory capacity for program storage and is compatible with Printers, Scanners, and all other Dynalab NX System accessories.
    Dynalab Test Systems
  • DRK124 - Drop Tester DRK124 Drop Tester imitates the falling impact influence of packages in transportation and loading. It is used to identify the impact endurance and designable rationality of packages.
    Shandong Drick Instruments
  • DBTP2002 - Dual Bias Tester The Dual Bias Tester™ is an excellent test accessory for dual and quad tube amps. It is ideal for tube matching. And if you have an amp with the balanced bias control adjustment, you know how difficult it is to adjust the bias between two tubes with a single probe. So easy to use and measurements are very fast. No waiting for tubes to cool down. Flip the switch on the A/B Control and you have the bias current for either tube
  • 6000 Series - Multi-function Electrical Safety Tester The 6330 allows manufacturers to perform six of the most common electrical safety tests in a single instrument. This 6-in-1 Electrical Safety tester will perform AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Functional Run, and Line Leakage Tests in a single instrument.
    Slaughter Company
  • NuStreams P9M - Network Switch Tester NuStreams-P9M is a standalone tester for testing residential gateway (IP sharing devices) with 8 LAN and 1 WAN at wirespeed. The compact and lightweight design and built-in tests make it an ideal solution for production test on production line and for analysis and troubleshooting at service centers or maintenance outlets as well.
  • 5000E - Automated Discrete Semiconductor Tester (ATE) Same Proven Technology as all 5000 Series Testers. High Speed Single Test Measure. Capable of Testing Multiple and Mixed Devices. 1KV Standard, 2KV Optional. 1NA to 50A Standard, 100A Optional. 0.1NA Resolution. Complete Self Test. Auto-Calibration. RDSON to 0.1MOHM Resolution. Windows Application Software. Optional Scanner. Optional Wafer Mapping. Optional Curve Trace. MOSFET, IGBT, J-FETTriac, SCR, Sidac, Diac, Quadrac, STS, SBS Transistor, Diode, Opto, Zener Regulator, MOV, Relay. UNDER $23,000.00
    Scientific Test
  • NX Hipot+ - Hipot Tester * 50 to 1500VDC Hipot Testing
    * 50 to 1000VAC (optional)
    * Expandable to 1024 test points
    * 5Mohm to 1Gohm Insulation Resistance
    * Simple 4-button user interface
    * Tests for continuity and shorts
    * Tests a variety of components
    * Precision resistance measurements
    * Continuous high speed scanning for real time complete status information of harness assembly progress
    * Keyed security access and control
    * Built for rough industrial environments
    * 2 serial ports for connection to printers and scanners
    * Standalone operation
    * Uses a high capacity memory card
    * Available from 64 to 1024 test points
    * Networkable
    Dynalab Test Systems
  • Trailer Light Tester Saves you on maintenance, loadup costs and time! And no more Tickets! Check Semi-Trailer lights without Hooking up cab in under 1 minute by yourself! Plugs directly into Semi-Trailer lighting Power conduit with built in trailer adapter. Lightweight portable, waterproof design easy use and store. 1 Yr Warranty! Rechargable 12V 3-5yr battery tests a whole fleet in a day.
    TLT Tool Co
  • MIMO Tester The QPER MIMO Tester is a handover tester einriched with phase shifter that helps engineers to make mobile networks fit for modern standards like LTE or HSPA+.
    Qosmotec Software
  • CableEye® M3U System - Low Voltage Cable Tester The photo below shows catalog Item 821U, the CableEye M3U Cable Tester System with the CB15 board set attached (Model M2U looks exactly the same but does not measure resistance). The screen image on the right illustrates how the our software shows diodes and resistors in wiring schematics. Model M3U use a USB interface to provide high speed scanning for intermittent connections.
    CAMI Research
  • HV/PT2 - High Voltage Personal Tester HV/PT2 is a compact, affordable, high quality proximity HV tester that is manufactured in South Africa. Your own personal HV tester is now available for you to wear at all times. A five position sensitivity switch enables the user to approach the HV source on the highest sensitivity at a safe distance.
    SURE Engineering
  • SS8681 Series - Cable Tester The SS8681 series cable tester is used for test and measure wire cable harness, wire harness, like as: auto cable, audio cable, power cable, network cable, telephone cable, USD cable, HDMI cable, video cable, etc. Up to 700Vdc/500Vac Test Voltage. 512 Max test points.
    Sanshine Electronis

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