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  • 303 Series SM - High-Power Switch Matrix System The SemiTek 303Mx High-Power Switch Matrix System features plug-in matrix cards capable of handling up to 50A and up to 1500VDC. Multiple rack-mount cages allow the system to be configured with any number of points and share four (4) high power busses. Any point can be individually addressed as a Source, Meter or DUT point providing a universal matrix.
    SemiTek International
  • JX Series - High Density Switches, Switching Systems & Multiplexers The JX Series of Matrix/Multiplexers provides a cost effective solution for large 1xN Multiplexers, 2xN Matrices, discreet switch points, or combinations of these. 5.25" high, standard 19" rack mount chassis accepts up to 16 switch modules which slide into card guides from the rear for ease of configuration and maintenance. Modular system using high quality reed relays allows expansion to almost any size and covers an enormous variety of applications.
  • NuStreams P9M - Network Switch Tester NuStreams-P9M is a standalone tester for testing residential gateway (IP sharing devices) with 8 LAN and 1 WAN at wirespeed. The compact and lightweight design and built-in tests make it an ideal solution for production test on production line and for analysis and troubleshooting at service centers or maintenance outlets as well.
  • DCOSS - Digital Central Office Switch Simulator The Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) converts a PC (portable, tower, rack-mount) into a digital central office switch simulator, PBX and switch, complete with T1, E1, POTS, and VoIP Interfaces. DCOSS is ideal for simulating and testing advanced telecom networks and products, including switches, gateways, and transmission systems. The DCOSS can also be used for verifying T1/E1 signaling protocols of new systems. These protocols include a variety of T1/E1 CAS, PRI ISDN, BRI-ST ISDN, SS7, No Call Control, Fax over T1/E1 (V.29, V.27, V.33, and V.17), Modem over T1/E1 (V.21, V.23, V.34, V.90, and V.92), and VoIP protocols (SIP, H.323, MEGACO, MGCP, Fax over IP – T.38).
    GL Communications
  • 40-830-006 - Hex SPDT RF Switch SMB 75 Ohm The 40-830 is a 75Ω RF Switch available with 3 or 6 separate SPDT relays in a single PXI slot. Both versions have been designed to exhibit low insertion loss and VSWR through the use of modern RF relay technology at an affordable cost. The switch banks have been carefully designed to ensure excellent and repeatable RF characteristics to frequencies of 3GHz with each path having a nominally equal insertion loss. The design of the 40-830 minimizes the injection of noise and unwanted signals into the signal path by careful attention to the mechanical and electrical design.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • RFSD-2 - CATV RF SIGNAL MONITOR & SWITCH CONTROLLER The RFSD-2 RF signal monitor measures the amplitude of analog or digital RF signals at two frequencies. Measurements are compared with programmable limits. Alarms may be indicated locally or remotely. RF switch actions may be initiated.
    Applied Instruments
  • CXAR/128 - Coaxial Switch Matrices & Multiplexers The CXAR Series are Computer Controlled Coaxial Switching Systems for 50 or 75 ohm signals from DC to 1.3 GHz and consists of pre-wired Mainframes into which can be plugged selected Switch Modules that provide the required Matrix or Multiplexer configurations
  • SWT001 - T1 E1 J1 USB Controlled Switch The T1 E1 J1 Switch provides non-intrusive failsafe monitoring and intrusive test and diagnostic capability for up to 8 full duplex T1, E1, and J1 lines. The unit provides two RJ-48c connectors for a thru connection for equipment and line connections and a Rj-48c monitor connector for monitoring both directions of a full duplex high-speed line.
    GL Communications
  • RPS-4 / RPS 4+4 - CATV REMOTE PROGRAMMABLE RF SWITCHES The RPS-4 and RPS 4+4 are versatile RF switches that satisfy may headend / hubsite program switching requirements. Their ability to handle high frequency switching remotely or manually most differentiate the RPS-4s from other switches.
    Applied Instruments
  • POE08 - POE switch NETCOM POE which is designed specifically for Telecom carrier . The device implemented advanced MCU control technology. Total power, individual port power, port status and device temperature are displayed on LCD real time. And it has efficient protection of each port. It is used with wireless AP, IP cameras, VOIP and other device that needs network and power supply
    Guangzhou Wanglu
  • MVS - OEM Vacuum Switch Compact, lightweight, and adjustable, the Series MVS Miniature Vacuum Switch is specially designed for OEM applications. This low cost switch has a minimum life expectancy of 10 million cycles and has an extremely fast response time. Typical applications for the MVS are HVAC, home appliance, dairy systems, medical, office equipment, and pump control.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • ATC809 - Low Cost 26 Port ATCA Switch The ATC809 is a low cost AdvancedTCA 26 port Gigabit Ethernet switch that serves a number of egress ports with support for a rich set of Layer two managed software. The Management is done via http.
  • 508FX2-N - 8 Port Ethernet Switch Full IEEE 802.3 Compliance Six 10/100 BaseTX RJ-45 Ports Two 100BaseFX Ports, ST (shown) or SC -40� to 85� C Operating Temperature Autosensing 10/100BaseTX, Duplex, and MDIX
  • B831 - Membrane Switch Tester Darren is a PC based Membrane switch panel testing system, which has been designed with accuracy, ease of use, speed and quality in mind. Measures switch resistance.
    Checks LED operation and works out polarity automatically.

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    Membrane Switch Tester

    About Us

    Membrane Switch Tester
    Product Code: B831

    Darren is a PC based Membrane switch panel testing system, which has been designed with accuracy, ease of use, speed and quality in mind.

    The Windows* software is user friendly using the standard interface that you are familiar with and is equipped with a Multilingual Interface. You can select your native (or desired) language in options.

    Test results are displayed clearly on the screen. You also have the option of displaying the results on a picture of your actual panel. This allows quick rework and feedback to production of the nature and position of the faults.

    All results are stored in a standard database format allowing production and quality control to record test results and to analyse them for AQL.

    * Measures switch resistance.
    * Checks LED operation and works out polarity automatically.
    * Picture of actual circuit on screen.
    * No special wiring required.
    * Faults identified for rework.
    * Printed results sheets.
    * Saves results to a PC.
    * Fast, accurate testing saves time and money
    * Multilingual Interface
    * Colour coded interface
  • NI PXI-2576 Cable - LFH160 Cable for PXI Switches # Terminates PXI-2576 multibank multiplexer channels in four 50-pin D-Sub connectors # Mating TBX-50 D-Sub connector block available for screw-terminal signal connectivity
    National Instruments
  • INTE064 - POWER CIRCUITS SWITCH KP42-1 Module is intended for program controlled commutation of powered circuits. Module is a C-1 size register based VXI instrument. 
  • NI TB-2643 - Front-Mount 4x64 Matrix Terminal Block for NI 2532 Switches Front-Mounting 4x64 Matrix Terminal Block for the NI PXI-2532 Switch
    National Instruments
  • NI SCXI-1366 - Terminal Block for NI SCXI-1166 Switch Module Terminal Block for NI SCXI-1166 Switch Module
    National Instruments
  • SMH - Test Switches STATES Type SMH Test Switches combine over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of test switches with the latest improvements in material composition and construction techniques.
  • ZX2000 - ATCA 3.1 compatible Shelf Manager/Switch The ZX2000 is a distinctively optimized mid-range ATCA 5U platform for general purpose deployments in telecommunications, scientific, enterprise, military or aerospace. This 6 node 5U chassis offers the industry's highest number of payload slots available in a 5U form factor. The ZX2000 provides a highly integrated platform infrastructure by compressing dual switch/shelf managers into the small envelope normally used for the shelf managers alone. This industry-first architecture offers a greener, more energy efficient, and more cost-effective platform for typical ATCA 5U applications. This denser platform allows customers to decrease space requirements as well as reduce overall CAPEX and OPEX.
    ZNYX Networks
  • AMC219 - 14 Port AMC Managed Layer Two Switch The AMC219 is a single-width, mid-height AdvancedMC� (AMC) based on the AMC.2 specification (full-height option available). The AMC219 provides 12 front panel 10/100 Mbit ethernet ports via RJ-21. It has two GbE ports that are routed to the rear per the AMC.2 specification.
  • Rotary Switches Elma's Rotary Switch Division encompasses a broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs and other quality components from all over the world. Our rotary switches are a staple in audio and industrial markets, and Elma's coded switches and encoders are the choice of premier two-way radio and medical equipment manufacturers globally.
    ELMA Electronic
  • ATCA-2210 - ATCA 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Control Module ndustry's first 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) AdvancedTCA switch and control module. It is ideal for next generation network elements in 3G-wireless and wire-line infrastructure.
  • 72-7655 - Heavy Duty 60 Amp Switch Mode Power Supply High current supply is fully adjustable from 1~15VDC, making it suitable for communications racks, ham radio stations, autosound display and servicing. Remote sensing input allows output voltage to be measured externally, ideal when the load is located some distance from the power supply. Efficient switch mode design provides very high output current in a compact lightweight package

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