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  • 303 Series SM - High-Power Switch Matrix System The SemiTek 303Mx High-Power Switch Matrix System features plug-in matrix cards capable of handling up to 50A and up to 1500VDC. Multiple rack-mount cages allow the system to be configured with any number of points and share four (4) high power busses. Any point can be individually addressed as a Source, Meter or DUT point providing a universal matrix.
    SemiTek International
  • FT-19RS - Meter and Lockout Flexitest Switch FT-19RS assemblies consist of up to two FT-1 switches, two FT-14 switches, or the combination of one FT-1 and one FT-14 switch mounted on a 19” wide, and two-rack unit (2RU), three-rack unit (3RU), or four-rack unit (4RU) high panel suitable for rack or switchboard mounting. Any combination of FT-1 or FT-14 switches styles may be selected with individual black or clear covers. Non-ABB equipment is not included with the assembly.
  • RFSD-2 - CATV RF SIGNAL MONITOR & SWITCH CONTROLLER The RFSD-2 RF signal monitor measures the amplitude of analog or digital RF signals at two frequencies. Measurements are compared with programmable limits. Alarms may be indicated locally or remotely. RF switch actions may be initiated.
    Applied Instruments
  • 40-830-006 - Hex SPDT RF Switch SMB 75 Ohm The 40-830 is a 75Ω RF Switch available with 3 or 6 separate SPDT relays in a single PXI slot. Both versions have been designed to exhibit low insertion loss and VSWR through the use of modern RF relay technology at an affordable cost. The switch banks have been carefully designed to ensure excellent and repeatable RF characteristics to frequencies of 3GHz with each path having a nominally equal insertion loss. The design of the 40-830 minimizes the injection of noise and unwanted signals into the signal path by careful attention to the mechanical and electrical design.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • CXAR/128 - Coaxial Switch Matrices & Multiplexers The CXAR Series are Computer Controlled Coaxial Switching Systems for 50 or 75 ohm signals from DC to 1.3 GHz and consists of pre-wired Mainframes into which can be plugged selected Switch Modules that provide the required Matrix or Multiplexer configurations
  • NuStreams P9M - Network Switch Tester NuStreams-P9M is a standalone tester for testing residential gateway (IP sharing devices) with 8 LAN and 1 WAN at wirespeed. The compact and lightweight design and built-in tests make it an ideal solution for production test on production line and for analysis and troubleshooting at service centers or maintenance outlets as well.
  • JX Series - High Density Switches, Switching Systems & Multiplexers The JX Series of Matrix/Multiplexers provides a cost effective solution for large 1xN Multiplexers, 2xN Matrices, discreet switch points, or combinations of these. 5.25" high, standard 19" rack mount chassis accepts up to 16 switch modules which slide into card guides from the rear for ease of configuration and maintenance. Modular system using high quality reed relays allows expansion to almost any size and covers an enormous variety of applications.
  • FT-1X - Extended Rear Connected Flexitest Switch The FT-1X is an extended length test switch that brings the rear terminal connections to the same depth as most panel mounted protective relays and equipment for easier and faster access to wiring points. An extended 8 inches or 10 inches depth is available.
  • FT-1F - front connected Flexitest Switches All the safety and convenience of the standard FT-1 with front connections
    The FT-1F is rated at 600 volts and 30 amperes
    The FT-1F meet or exceed all requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard C37-90
    The FT-1F can be surface mounted or mounted to the unistrut with adapter plate
  • FT-1 - Flexitest Switches The Type FT-1 Flexitest switches are designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.
  • RPS-4 / RPS 4+4 - CATV REMOTE PROGRAMMABLE RF SWITCHES The RPS-4 and RPS 4+4 are versatile RF switches that satisfy may headend / hubsite program switching requirements. Their ability to handle high frequency switching remotely or manually most differentiate the RPS-4s from other switches.
    Applied Instruments
  • RTXP 8, RTXP 18 & RTXP 24 - Test Switches RTXP 8, RTXP 18 and RTXP 24 test switches for fast and fail-safe testing of protection relays and other similar products. A test switch may be used where testing relays or instruments would otherwise require manual disconnection and shorting of the instrument transformer?s secondary or control wiring. It may also well be used in the testing of complete relay systems, even when each individual relay has its own test switch.
  • FT-19RX - eXtended Length Flexitest Switch FT-19RX utilizes FT-1 switches to isolate protective relays, meters, and equipment, allowing the user to safely isolate and service installed equipment without disturbing the system.
  • FT-19R - Standard Length Flexitest Switch The type FT-19R (standard length) Flexitest switch assembly for rack and switchboard mounting permit convenient isolation of switchboard relays, meters, and instruments, allowing quick and easy multi-circuit testing by any conventional test method.
  • VS16K - Adjustable Vacuum Switch The Edwards VS16K Adjustable Vacuum Switch is a general purpose vacuum switch with adjustable set points and small switching differential. This diaphragm operated vacuum switch is high vacuum compatible and corrosion resistant with all wetted parts made from stainless steel.
  • BM202A - Intelligent One Switch Meter Pocket size, 2000 counts LCD display with unit annunciators and LCD backlit.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • Coaxial Switches, Special Option D-sub connector Coaxial Switches, Special Option D-sub connector
    Dow-Key Microwave
  • 1260-164 - High Performance SP4T Microwave Switch Plug-In The Model 1260-164A/B is a 2-slot microwave switch plug-in for use in either the 1260-100 VXI Carrier or the Model 1256 GPIB/RS-232 Switching Mainframe. It's optimized for high-performance, high-density, microwave switching applications. The 1260-164A/B uses high-quality sealed Narda switches for the ultimate in signal integrity.
    Astronics Test Systems
  • EK26/EF26 - 26 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch The Sixnet EK26 is an industrial Ethernet switch offering 26 total Ethernet ports including up to 8 super fast Gigabit ports and up to 4 noise-immune fiber optic ports. Its rugged and compact 1U case fits into standard EIA, WECO and ETSI racks from 19" to 24".
    Sixnet A Red Lion
  • Multi-Channel Switch Plug-In DiCon?s Multi-Channel Switch Plug-In offers accurate connection of one or two input fiber channels to a maximum of 16 output fiber channels. The Plug-In is designed for easy installation into DiCon?s GP700M Modular Mainframe. DiCon?s Multi-Channel Switch Plug-In can be built with Corning SMF-28, Flexcor 1060 or Polarization Maintaining Panda fiber.
    DiCon Fiberoptics
  • 304TX-N - Unmanaged Four Port Industrial Ethernet Switch Four 10/100BaseTX RJ-45 Ports Supports Full/Half Duplex Operation Auto Senses Speed and Flow Control MDIX Auto Cable Sensing (RJ-45) Compact Size, Smaller Footprint Affordable Price, Ideal Candidate for Upgrading Equipment Full IEEE 802.3 Compliance
  • 317FX - 17 Port Ethernet Switch Sixteen 10/100BaseTX RJ-45 Ports RJ-45 Ports support full/half duplex operation Auto sensing duplex, speed and MDIX One 100BaseFX Port ST (shown) or SC connectors configured for full duplex operation
  • M-POE-18AF - Power Over Ethernet Switch 16 Port 10/100Mbps PoE switch + 2 gigabit ports + 2 SFP ports
    Support up to 350W of PoE Power - Internal Power Supply
    Setting free and Complies with IEEE 802.3af PoE standard
    Rack mountable - Comes with rack mount holder
    PoE power is delivered to the twist-pair pin 1,2 and pin 3,6
    Safety Protection on Low Power Devices
    PD Detection

    Network Protocol and Standard
    IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex Flow Control
    IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet (twisted-pair copper)


    Data Transfer Rate
    Ethernet: 10Mbps (half-duplex), 20Mbps (full-duplex)
    Fast Ethernet: 100Mbps (half-duplex), 200Mbps (full-duplex)
    Gigabit Ethernet: 2000Mbps (full duplex)

    Network Cables

    10Base-T: 2-pair UTP Cat 3, 4, 5 up to 100 meters
    100Base-T: 2-pair UTP Cat 5, 5e up to 100 meters
    1000Base-T: 4-pair UTP Cat5e 6, up to 100meters

    Number of Ports
    16 x 10/100Mbps auto-MDIX RJ-45 ports with 16 PoE enabled ports
    2 x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 ports
    2 x SFP ports

    PoE power on RJ-45
    Power + : ping 3 & ping 6; Power – : ping 1 & ping 2

    Power supply
    Input: 100V ~ 240VAC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz. Output: 48VDC 7.3A(350W)

    Power Consumption
    10 watts ( max with no PD device connected)
    340 watts (350W Power)

    110VAC to 240VAC power supply UL listed

    RAM buffer
    2.75Mb bytes per device

    Filtering Address Table
    4K entries per device

    Packet Filtering Forwarding Rate

    10Mbps Ethernet: 14,880/pps
    100Mbps Ethernet: 148,800/pps
    1000MBase-T Ethernet: 1,488,000/pps

    MAC address Learning
    Automatic update

    Dimensions / Weight
    430mm W x 256mm D x 66.4mm H / 7.00 Kg
    Fuzhou Metricu Technology
  • VS Series - AC DC Switches. Power factor correction AC DC Switches. Power factor correction. IEC 555-2 harmonic distortion compliance. CISPR 22, EN55022 Level B conducted / radiated EMI . EN61000 immunity standards. European CE Mark. Current share on all outputs. Remote sense on all outputs. Overload protection on all outputs.
    Emerson Network Power

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