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  • PJ High Frequency Surge Testers PJ Electronics offers a wide selection of models from which to choose! Basically, you may custom order a tester to meet your specific needs. PJ Electronics manufactures 12 lines of Bench, Portable & Console Model Digital High Frequency Surge / DC Hi-Pot Testers. 220-240 operating line voltage is available upon request and for an additional cost.
    PJ Electronics
  • Surge Generators The instrument is fully enclosed in a robust all steel enclosure mounted on castors and fitted with carrying handles. The control panel forms the top of the case, it is finished in high gloss light blue stoving with cutter engraved labelling, and is protected by a detachable lid. The EHT outlet is of a recessed type designed to prevent accidental contact with high voltages. Surge repetition is electronically controlled from 0 to 10 seconds, a single surge or a train of pulses can be selected by a panel mounted switch
    K&S Engineering And
  • Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppression APC’s Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppressors provide protection for your commercial facility, industrial building and data center from damaging power surges and spikes. These TVSS (transient voltage surge suppressor) units can be installed at your service entrance and electrical panels throughout your facility.
    APC American Power
  • VFS-615B - FORWARD SURGE TESTER Specialized test for BRIDGE package type. Electrical Testing: Forward:VF、VFS、DVF Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • PP30/PP40/PP85 - Surge/HiPot Power Packs The PP30, PP40 and PP85 power packs are high-powered impulse generators used to test very large, high-voltage windings. Output is controlled by a variable transformer that ranges from 2,000 volts up to a maximum of 40,000 volts (PP30 and PP85 - 30,000V; PP40 - 40,000V).
    SKF Condition Monitoring
  • AT101D - Bar-to-Bar Surge Test Accessory with Probes and Clips A fixture and control box that enables quick, easy, yet thorough tests of commutators
    SKF Condition Monitoring
  • P4330 Kill A Watt PS-10 - Power Monitoring / Surge Protection Now you can protect your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you. Simply connect these appliances into the Kill A Watt® PS-10, and it will assess how efficient they are while the built-in surge protection keeps them safe. Advanced features such as over current, over voltage, and no load detection provide clean, safe power to your expensive equipment. Check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, Amperage, KWH, Current Leakage and more. Now you'll know how much power your entire computer or home theater system is using. With the innovative Kill A Watt® PS-10 you'll have peace of mind in more ways than one.
    P3 International
  • MegaPulse DF80 - DSW Surge Tester The MegaPulse DF80 DSW Surge Tester is designed to conduct the test shown in AAMI DF80, App. DD, Table US.DD.1 and Figure US.DD.1 - Damped sinusoidal waveform parameters. The resulting waveform is in accordandance with those requirements. For waveform and tolerance/compliance graphs and information, click here.
    Compliance West USA
  • Residential Hardwire Surge Suppression APC’s Residential Surge Suppressors are the first line of defense against damaging electrical surges and spikes that originate outside your home. They are installed by an electrician at your circuit breaker panel and safely reduce the severity of power transients caused by utility accidents, power outages and lightning.
    APC American Power
  • DAC-LAS-2 - Surge Arrestor Leak Current Measurement Equipment DAC-LAS-2 is for measuring the resistive leak current of a zinc oxide surge arrestor (gapless) at the ground wire. In general, the leak current of a surge arrestor is the combination of a resistive current, in phase with the applied voltage, and a capacitive current, in 90-degree lead. Especially the resistive current is said to be an important factor for detecting the deterioration of surge arrestors.. 
    Soken Electric Co
  • EMS-HW30C - Surge Protector with Voltage Protection and Remote Display If the AC power is interrupted, or the EMS detects a fault condition, the built-in time delay is activated. There are tow settings on the EMS: one is 136 seconds (02:16), and the other is 15 seconds. Consult your air conditioner manual to see if it has a time delay built in. If so, use the 15 second delay, if not; use the 136 second delay. The factory setting is 15 seconds.
    Progressive Industries
  • N-90NB - Lightning Surge Protector Countless WIRES LAN CATV. CCTV. Satellite users have watched their precious electronic equipment destroyed by lightning induced surges traveling on their coax feedlines.
  • MotorAnalyzer - Universal motor analyzer [R + HV + Iso + Surge +++] The MotorAnalyzer for electric motors is the follow-up model for our reliable motor tester MTC1. The outcome is remarkable. The user benefits from a great variety of tests, compact design and universal application features. The MotorAnalyzer can be used for many different testing tasks at stators, armatures, coils, electric motors and transformers. The following testing methods are integrated: turn-to-turn by probe, surge test with low voltage, high-voltage test DC, polarization index, insulation and PE-resistance test, neutral-zone test for DC motors, sense of rotation test of the rotary field, field strength distribution test and resistance test
    Schleich Gmbh
  • PS3-PS4 - Surge Generators The PS 3 - PS 4 surge generator is used for the cable fault location in low and medium voltage networks with low nominal voltage. It generates high energy surge waves up to a voltage of 3 kV with 450 J or 4 kV with 500 J.
    InterEng GmbH
  • N-145VF - Lightning Surge Protector Countless WIRES LAN CATV. CCTV. Satellite users have watched their precious electronic equipment destroyed by lightning induced surges traveling on their coax feedlines.
  • MC Model - Multi Operational Surge Tester (MOST) Consoles Digital Surge, DC Hi-Pot & Built-In 3 Phase Test Selector Switch all-in-one versatile Tester. The DC Hi-Pot tester has separate panel meters for direct readout (voltage and current) so that no interpretation on the scope's display is ever needed and enables one to ascertain Polarization Index (PI) Test results.
    PJ Electronics
  • SSP-50 - Smart Surge Protector Portable Unit for 50amp RV's The Smart Surge 240V/50A provides 5-mode, 1650 joules, and 45,000 amp surge current rating. The built in surge status indicator notes the condition of the surge protector. Additionally, the dual line circuit tester checks for: Reverse Polarity, Open Neutral and Open Ground prior to use. Sleek, compact, portable design makes it easy to use.
    Progressive Industries
  • SSG 1100, 1500, 2100, 3000 - High Voltage Surge Generators These powerful Cable Fault Locator Thumpers SSG 1100, SSG 1500, SSG 2100 SSG 3000 in a 19 “ rack modular design are suitable as stand alone units, or along with components of the fault location systems SYSCOMPACT or TRANSCABLE. The following maximum surge energy is available at three stages - 8, 16, 32 kV, each regulated from 0 to 100 %.
    HV Technologies
  • Surge Comparison Winding Tester Vivid metrawatt provides sophisticated pc based winding testers for surge comparison. These type of instrument are mainly suitable for heavy electrical machines like alternators, motors and transformers in power generation and railway traction applications. They are useful for complete insulation and inter turn test, and have several advantages over cro based testers.
    Vivid Metrawatt
  • AWAIV-12, AWAIV-12HO, AWAIV-6, AWAIV-4, AWAIV-2 - Surge/HiPot/Resistance Tester The SKF Static Motor Analyzer – Baker AWA-IV series of predictive maintenance solutions offers flexibility in providing fault recognition in a single portable instrument. The Baker AWA-IV integrates a wide range of electrical tests, including surge, DC hipot, step voltage, continuous ramp, meg-ohm and winding resistance tests.
    SKF Condition Monitoring
  • KT-905D - Digital Surge Tester Surge Tester of KAST is divided for the use of 3¡­40 §Ç by output voltage, and subdivided into type C of manual decision type, type A of auto decision type, type L of exclusive use for low inductance product test and type P loading printer which can printout its wave form and digital scope. Surge test requires only 0.5 second. Because Surge tester already performs 30 times of Impulse voltage test only for 0.5 second. Turn-to-turn short : phenomenon shorted between the side coils. 
    Kast Eng Co. LTD
  • VFS-610T - FORWARD SURGE TESTER Specialized test for Axial, SMD, TO/ITO package type. Electrical Testing: Forward :VF、VFS、DVF Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation. Can choose 12 different kinds of package type for test. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • Surge Tester for D.C. mMachines Traction motors & large motors for heavy industries. Bar to bar test. Armatures
  • CZ12700 - Voltage Surge Arrestor The Voltage Surge Arrestor is an encapsulated gaseous arrestor providing protection of people from overvoltages on telecommunications lines and equipment due to atmospheric discharges/disturbances or the effects of induction from or contact with electric power installations
    Aegis Pty. Ltd

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Surge - A spike in voltage.