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  • PJ High Frequency Surge Testers PJ Electronics offers a wide selection of models from which to choose! Basically, you may custom order a tester to meet your specific needs. PJ Electronics manufactures 12 lines of Bench, Portable & Console Model Digital High Frequency Surge / DC Hi-Pot Testers. 220-240 operating line voltage is available upon request and for an additional cost.
    PJ Electronics
  • SSP-50 - Smart Surge Protector Portable Unit for 50amp RV's The Smart Surge 240V/50A provides 5-mode, 1650 joules, and 45,000 amp surge current rating. The built in surge status indicator notes the condition of the surge protector. Additionally, the dual line circuit tester checks for: Reverse Polarity, Open Neutral and Open Ground prior to use. Sleek, compact, portable design makes it easy to use.
    Progressive Industries
  • PAM-100 - Surge Protector Master-Slave control function allows you to remotely control the power on/off of the power strip from your computer's main power switch Two wide-spaced power receptables to fit oversized power adapters Complete protection from power surges, spikes, and reduction of RFI to your computer and peripherals Switch to enable or disable the Master-Slave function Audible and visual indicators to monitor the power protection and slave receptables power on/off status
    Hobbes & Co. Ltd
  • C Model - Digital High Frequency Surge Testers These Digital High Frequency Surge Testers are the ultimate in ruggedness & durability. Fourteen / sixteen gauge steel construction and mobility on 6" heavy duty rubber wheels makes it a favorite for use in harsh industrial environments. The performance of PJ's exclusive/unique High Frequency Technology is capable of testing the integrity of any turn-to-turn insulation, including low inductance windings.
    PJ Electronics
  • DT210 - Digital Surge Tester The basic function and voltage range are all same as ST-210E.Here output will be available in only one channel as there is no need for connecting the master coil / motor every time. The operator can do the comparison manually or the software can automatically compare the waveforms, and give you a pass/fail result.
    Sivananda Electronics
  • RE-2302 - Recurrent Surge Generator RE-2302 model recurrent pulse generator is a sort of equipment simulating various pulse waveforms, through the selecting switch change the pulse line different parameters, you can get the same high voltage pulse generation wave form of the high voltage test. It can be used for motors, reactors, power transformers, instrument transformer coil internal pulse, and impulse voltage distribution (potential gradient) simulation test and insulation deficiency location.
    Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric
  • MegaPulse Defib-5 - Surge Tester The Defib-5 is designed to test defibrillation-proof circuits of medical products as required by the IEC. It generates the waveform required by IEC 60601-1, Amendment 2, Clause 17h. In accordance with that Standard, the Defib-5 can generate the required waveform with up to 5,000 volts peak.
    Compliance West USA
  • PG 10-1520 - Surge current generator The SURGE TEST GENERATOR PG 10-1520 has been designed for testing two-gap over-voltage protectors. It delivers surge current pulses synchroneous at two impulse current outputs, wave form 8/20 µs, peak value adjustable 0.2 - 10 kA for each output.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • Surge Tester for D.C. mMachines Traction motors & large motors for heavy industries. Bar to bar test. Armatures
  • Model 8021NX - - RS-485 DIN Rail Mounted Surge Suppressor FEATURES: Fast Response; Automatic Recovery; Up To 20 MBPS Data Rate; DIN Rail Mounted; Triple Stage Protection; Two Wire. The Model 8021NX is a DIN Rail mounted surge suppressor for 2-wire RS-485 circuits used to protect factory data networks, or, any RS-485 network that wants to avail itself of the DIN Rail packaging concept. The Model 8021NX provides common-mode (line to ground) surge protection and differential mode (line to line) protection for balanced networks. All the inputs, outputs and ground connections are via screw terminals located on the top surface of the device.
  • SWG Series - Surge Generators The SWG series surge generators are designed with switchable, multi-stage surge capacitors and three (3) voltage ranges. This design offers a substantial advantage over single stage capacitor units by allowing the user to minimize the surge voltage and maximize the surge energy and fault current.
  • PG 6-200 - Surge current generator The high-current pulse generators PG 6-200 / PG 6-400 are designed for surge testing of electrical components, over-voltage protectors and electronic circuits acc. to IEC, VDE etc. They generate standard impulse currents with waveform 8/20 µs. Short circuit output current amplitude is selectable from 0.2 up to 10 kA by adjustment of the charging voltage of the internal energy storage capacitor.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • HC Model - Surge / DC Hi-Pot Consoles (Surge / Hi-Pot Consoles) - Now available in High Voltage models - 35,40 & 50KV. The HC Model offers Surge / DC Hi-Pot testing capabilities! The "HC" Model has all of the features of our "C" Model plus a DC Hi-Pot Tester. DC Hi-Pot includes dual LED panel meters that display direct read out of current and voltage, with overcurrent safety trip and the capability of ascertaining Polarization Index (PI) Test results.
    PJ Electronics
  • SSP-30 - Smart Surge Protector Portable Unit for 30amp RV's The Smart Surge 120V/30A provides 3- Mode, 825 joules and 22,500 amp surge current rating. The built in surge status indicator tells user surge protector is functioning properly. The integrated circuit tester checks for: Reverse Polarity, Open Neutral and Open Ground prior to use.
    Progressive Industries
  • TC Model - Surge with 3 Phase Transfer Switch Consoles (Surge with 3 Phase Transfer Switch Consoles)  Although all PJ Surge Testers are capable of testing 3 Phase Motors, this "TC" Model has the same characteristics as the "C" Model, but includes a Built-in 3 Phase Test Selector Switch that facilitates 3 phase motor testing by mechanically re-positioning the ground terminal.
    PJ Electronics
  • TE-10,000 SCM - High Voltage Surge Current Monitor Designed to be used with the Model HVST High Voltage Surge tester. The Surge Current Monitor allows simultaneously surge testing 20 units. 
    Test Electronics
  • DUOPHONE - Surge Receiver We manufacture Surge Receiver which are used for locating the exact location of faults in underground LT/HT cables. Surge Receiver offered by us is user friendly and portable, thus it cab be taken easily to the operation area. We make available highly durable and excellent performing Surge Receiver at competitive market price.
    Electrocon Systems
  • 106246 - IMU3000 S-T Surge & Telecom Test Generator IMU3000 Version: SURGE IEC 61000-4-5 Ed.2,CWG 1.2/50µs (8.1kV), 8/20µs (4.05kA); 10/700µs (8.1kV). Touchpanel Control, Create Tests & Sequences, Easy Navigation, Surge up to 8kV. Designed for work with TEMA3000 Software Suite
    EMC Partner AG
  • EMS-HW50C - Surge Protector with Voltage Protection and Remote Display Whenever AC power falls below 104 volts, or rises above 132 volts, the EMS automatically shuts down power to the RV. The EMS will monitor the power and once the AC power rises above 104 volts, or below the 132 volt level, the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to the RV.
    Progressive Industries
  • MegaPulse Capacitor Series - Capacitor Surge Tester MegaPulse Capacitor Series: Surge Testing of Capacitors to the requirements of IEC 384. Compliance West USA feels there is no need to spend more than necessary to obtain results required for approvals. Our MegaPulse Capacitor line is a case in point. Many times, manufacturers need to pretest or witness test only a small number of separate capacitor Surge testing requirements, but find that to do so they need to purchase a large base station/plug in solution.
    Compliance West USA
  • IPG 1201 - Surge test of electrical insulations The High-Voltage Pulse Generator IPG 1201 is designed for testing of impulse dielectric strength of components, insulation, air-and surface flash-over gaps. It is specially used for testing surge withstand capability of insulation between accesible parts and hazardous live parts, e.g. terminals for connection of antenne and mains supply treminals, refer to EN 60065.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • AT101D - Bar-to-Bar Surge Test Accessory with Probes and Clips A fixture and control box that enables quick, easy, yet thorough tests of commutators
    SKF Condition Monitoring
  • ST 3800L - Surge Tester The impulse winding test is the best possible way to test the inner insulation of a coil. With this test method, interturn short circuits can be detected and existing defects which are not yet electric interturn short circuits are detected as well. Such existing defects will turn into an interturn short circuit only when operated by means of thermal or mechanical influences which will then inevitably lead to a breakdown of the coils.
    SPS Electronic GmbH
  • SSG 1100 - 3000 - Surge Voltage Generator Surge voltage generators enable accurate location of high resistance, low resistance and intermittent faults on high, medium and low voltage cables. Output voltage is continuously adjustable in the ranges 0 - 8 kV, 0 - 16 kV and 0 - 32 kV. Discharging of high voltage capacitors into the faulty cable can be made continuously or cyclically via surge switch. When the instrument is switched off, the connected cables and the internal surge capacitors are automatically discharged separately from each other.
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik

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Surge - A spike in voltage.