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  • PJ High Frequency Surge Testers PJ Electronics offers a wide selection of models from which to choose! Basically, you may custom order a tester to meet your specific needs. PJ Electronics manufactures 12 lines of Bench, Portable & Console Model Digital High Frequency Surge / DC Hi-Pot Testers. 220-240 operating line voltage is available upon request and for an additional cost.
    PJ Electronics
  • 3386 - Antizap Auto Surge Protector Prevents damage to sensitive electronic systems. Protects key vehicle components from high-voltage spikes.?
  • IPG 255 - Surge test of electrical insulations acc. to IEC 255 The High-Voltage Pulse Generator IPG 255 is designed for testing of impulse dielectric strength of components, insulation, air-and surface flash-over gaps of watt-hour meters, static relais etc. according to IEC 255, EN 61036, VDE 0435 Teil 303.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • T-1005 - Surge Generator The surges produced help in pinpointing the fault and tracing the route of the cable when used with acoustic DIGIPOINT surge generator generates D.C. high voltage for pressure testing of the underground cables to find out faulty phase and the breakdown voltage with leakage current.
    Techno Instrumentation
  • TM510 - High Voltge Surge Generator TM510 Surge Generator is mainly used for testing power cable high-resistance and arc-over fault whose grade range is 0-10kV, co-operating with cable fault tester and locating devices to test and locate faults
    T&M Tools
  • PAM-100 - Surge Protector Master-Slave control function allows you to remotely control the power on/off of the power strip from your computer's main power switch Two wide-spaced power receptables to fit oversized power adapters Complete protection from power surges, spikes, and reduction of RFI to your computer and peripherals Switch to enable or disable the Master-Slave function Audible and visual indicators to monitor the power protection and slave receptables power on/off status
    Hobbes & Co. Ltd
  • Surge Current Limiters Measurement Specialties Surge Current Limiters are a cost-effective way of limiting the inrush of current that can damage components in switching power supplies or other electronic devices.
    Summit Instruments
  • M Model - Multi-Operational Surge Tester Portable compact Multi-Operational Surge Tester that contains a multi-position carrying/tilt handle and a rear plastic snap-on cover for cable storage and transportation in the shop or field. The "M" is the perfect choice for your complete preventive/predictive maintenance testing - DC Hi-Pot testing, handheld resistance meter* testing and the capability of testing fully assembled grounded motors without rotating the rotor position.
    PJ Electronics
  • DUOPHONE - Surge Receiver We manufacture Surge Receiver which are used for locating the exact location of faults in underground LT/HT cables. Surge Receiver offered by us is user friendly and portable, thus it cab be taken easily to the operation area. We make available highly durable and excellent performing Surge Receiver at competitive market price.
    Electrocon Systems
  • SST-450 - Surge Suppressor Tester The ATSI SST-450 Surge Suppressor Tester is designed to quickly and easily test all commonly used transient voltage suppressors: metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), gas-discharge tubes (GDTs), silicon avalanche diodes (SADs), thyristor surge protective devices (TSPDs), and hybrid devices.
  • PS 6/12/24 - Surge Generator The 24 kV surge generator is used for cable fault location in low and medium voltage networks. It is equipped with three motorised switchable surge levels for use in cable networks with low nominal voltage.
    InterEng GmbH
  • MC Model - Multi Operational Surge Tester (MOST) Consoles Digital Surge, DC Hi-Pot & Built-In 3 Phase Test Selector Switch all-in-one versatile Tester. The DC Hi-Pot tester has separate panel meters for direct readout (voltage and current) so that no interpretation on the scope's display is ever needed and enables one to ascertain Polarization Index (PI) Test results.
    PJ Electronics
  • Universal Surge Tester for Motors HV-MV-LV / AC-DC motor/alternator. Coils for induction oven. Auxiliary pole in traction motors
  • TS Model - Signature Surge Testers Although all PJ Surge Testers are capable of testing 3 Phase Motors, this "TS" Model has the same characteristics as the Signature Model (rack-mounted, Tektronix TDS1002, 1 Billion Samples/sec, real time, programmable, storage oscilloscope) but includes a built-in 3 phase test selector switch that facilitates 3 phase motor testing by mechanically re-positioning the ground terminal.
    PJ Electronics
  • TC Model - Surge with 3 Phase Transfer Switch Consoles (Surge with 3 Phase Transfer Switch Consoles)  Although all PJ Surge Testers are capable of testing 3 Phase Motors, this "TC" Model has the same characteristics as the "C" Model, but includes a Built-in 3 Phase Test Selector Switch that facilitates 3 phase motor testing by mechanically re-positioning the ground terminal.
    PJ Electronics
  • SS-610T - SCHOTTKY SURGE TESTER Specialized test for Axial, SMD, TO/ITO package type. Electrical Testing: Forward:VR Can choose 6 different kinds of packaging types for test. Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • SA 10i - On-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of Surge/Lightning Arrestors On-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of Surge / Lightning Arrestors Direct display of the 3rd harmonic resistive leakage current and total leakage current in micro-ampere Measurement as per IEC 60099-5 method B1 Designed to work reliably under live HV switchyard conditions ensuring operator's safety and repeatability of results fast measurement through specially designed, easily mountable, low-noise clamp-on CT
    Scope T&M Pvt Ltd
  • DT205 - Digital Surge Tester The basic function and voltage range are all same as ST-210E. Here output will be available in only one channel as there is no need for connecting the master coil / motor every time. You can store the waveform of all the types of coils digitally in memory. When testing a particular type, the stored waveform is called and the waveform of the tested coil is compared with it. The operator can do the comparison manually or the software can automatically compare the waveforms, and give you a pass/fail result.
    Sivananda Electronics
  • Surge Tester for Asynchronous Motors Stator of mono & tri-phase AC machines. Power < 100 kW
  • S-100 - Portable Automatic Surge & Corona Test System Automation Technology’s model S-100 Portable Automatic Surge and Corona Test System indicates the quality of the magnet wire insulation and the consistency of the manufacturing process by analyzing the inductance of the part under test while a high voltage potential is present between the turns of wire. The System can detect possible manufacturing variations or faults, insulation faults and variations in materials.
    Automation Technology
  • Electromagnetic Compatability Testing - Surge Test Equipment Surge impulse generators available up to 8kV cover a range from the standard "Combination Wave", which is required for most EMC and impulse tests, to high energy "Hybrid waves" defined for Telecommunications testing. Typical standard applications include IEC, EN and ANSI for power line testing, FCC, Bellcore, ITU and ETSI for telecommunications testing.
    Hipotronics Incorporated
  • EMS-PT50C - Surge Protector with Voltage Protection Portable Unit Whenever AC power falls below 104 volts, or rises above 132 volts, the EMS automatically shuts down power to the RV. The EMS will monitor the power and once the AC power rises above 104 volts, or below the 132 volt level, the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to the RV.
    Progressive Industries
  • 3451E - Surge Tester The 3451E Surge Test Station provides high current surge testing capability for two leaded devices such as Diodes, TVS's (transient voltage suppressors) Zeners and SSOVP devices. The 3451E can perform the following surge test types with a maximum compliance of 300V
  • SSG 1500 - Surge Voltage Generator Surge voltage generators are used for pre-location and pinpointing of high- and low-resistive as well as intermittent faults in power cables. The energy stored in a high-voltage capacitor is released at regular intervals or as DC voltage. The thus generated acoustic signal at the fault position can be recorded with a ground microphone and a universal receiver.
    BAUR Prüf- Und Messtechnik

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Surge - A spike in voltage.