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  • PJ High Frequency Surge Testers PJ Electronics offers a wide selection of models from which to choose! Basically, you may custom order a tester to meet your specific needs. PJ Electronics manufactures 12 lines of Bench, Portable & Console Model Digital High Frequency Surge / DC Hi-Pot Testers. 220-240 operating line voltage is available upon request and for an additional cost.
    PJ Electronics
  • IPG 1201 - Surge test of electrical insulations The High-Voltage Pulse Generator IPG 1201 is designed for testing of impulse dielectric strength of components, insulation, air-and surface flash-over gaps. It is specially used for testing surge withstand capability of insulation between accesible parts and hazardous live parts, e.g. terminals for connection of antenne and mains supply treminals, refer to EN 60065.
    Hilo-test Elektrische
  • TE-10,000 - HVST - High Voltage Surge Tester The most important features of the surge tester are its ability to test the entire winding insulation system. A high voltage surge generates turn to turn, coil to coil, and phase to phase voltage stress, as well as ground insulation stress. 
    Test Electronics
  • Surge Receiver We manufacture Surge Receiver which are used for locating the exact location of faults in underground LT/HT cables. Surge Receiver offered by us is user friendly and portable, thus it cab be taken easily to the operation area. We make available highly durable and excellent performing Surge Receiver at competitive market price.
    Electrocon Systems
  • MegaPulse Defib - Surge Tester The MegaPulse Defib Surge is designed to conduct the test shown in EN 45502-1:1997 Sec. 20, "Protection of the device from damage caused by external defibrillators". In accordance with this Standard reference, the Defib Surge is built to the schematic shown in EN 45502-1 Figure 1 using the circuit values shown in Para. 20.1.
    Compliance West USA
  • SS-610T - SCHOTTKY SURGE TESTER Specialized test for Axial, SMD, TO/ITO package type. Electrical Testing: Forward:VR Can choose 6 different kinds of packaging types for test. Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppression APC’s Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppressors provide protection for your commercial facility, industrial building and data center from damaging power surges and spikes. These TVSS (transient voltage surge suppressor) units can be installed at your service entrance and electrical panels throughout your facility.
    APC American Power
  • SST-450 - Surge Suppressor Tester The ATSI SST-450 Surge Suppressor Tester is designed to quickly and easily test all commonly used transient voltage suppressors: metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), gas-discharge tubes (GDTs), silicon avalanche diodes (SADs), thyristor surge protective devices (TSPDs), and hybrid devices.
  • DT210 - Digital Surge Tester The basic function and voltage range are all same as ST-210E.Here output will be available in only one channel as there is no need for connecting the master coil / motor every time. The operator can do the comparison manually or the software can automatically compare the waveforms, and give you a pass/fail result.
    Sivananda Electronics
  • LSS-F02 Series - Lightning Surge Simulator Surges represent transients that might be induced in cables by lightning. By their nature, fairly high energy charges may easily damage or upset unprotected electronics circuits and components. Surges are not a new problem. Many companies have been testing their products at various stages of the products life: design tests, qualification tests, production tests and diagnostic tests..
    Noise Laboratory
  • Signature Model High Frequency Surge Testers Bench size performance & durability with PJ's exclusive/unique High Frequency Technology capable of testing the integrity of any turn to turn insulation, including low inductance windings. These Digital Surge Testers come standard with a rack-mounted, Tektronix TDS1002, 1 Billion Samples/sec, real time, programmable, storage oscilloscope.
    PJ Electronics
  • PP30/PP40/PP85 - Surge/HiPot Power Packs The PP30, PP40 and PP85 power packs are high-powered impulse generators used to test very large, high-voltage windings. Output is controlled by a variable transformer that ranges from 2,000 volts up to a maximum of 40,000 volts (PP30 and PP85 - 30,000V; PP40 - 40,000V).
    SKF Condition Monitoring
  • MB Model - Multi-Operational Surge Tester Bench all-in-one versatile Multi-Operational Surge Tester that you need for all of your electrical insulation testing. The Hi-Pot tester has separate L.E.D. panel meters for direct readout (voltage and leakage current) so that no interpolation on the scopes display is ever needed. This MOST can surge test extremely low inductance windings, DC armatures, etc.
    PJ Electronics
  • EMS-PT50C - Surge Protector with Voltage Protection Portable Unit Whenever AC power falls below 104 volts, or rises above 132 volts, the EMS automatically shuts down power to the RV. The EMS will monitor the power and once the AC power rises above 104 volts, or below the 132 volt level, the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to the RV.
    Progressive Industries
  • VFS-600 - FORWARD SURGE TESTER Specialized test for Axial, SMD and 2-pin package type./span> Electrical Testing: Forward :VF、VFS、DVF Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • VFS-615B - FORWARD SURGE TESTER Specialized test for BRIDGE package type. Electrical Testing: Forward:VF、VFS、DVF Four-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation. Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.
    WeiMin Industrial
  • SSG 1100, 1500, 2100, 3000 - High Voltage Surge Generators These powerful Cable Fault Locator Thumpers SSG 1100, SSG 1500, SSG 2100 SSG 3000 in a 19 “ rack modular design are suitable as stand alone units, or along with components of the fault location systems SYSCOMPACT or TRANSCABLE. The following maximum surge energy is available at three stages - 8, 16, 32 kV, each regulated from 0 to 100 %.
    HV Technologies
  • Surge Tester for D.C. Micro-Motors Servo-motors, micro-motors, brushless motors, ironless motors...For aeronautics, aerospace, medical and all very high quality specification applications
  • GT-502 - High Voltage Surge Generator GT-502 High Voltage Surge Generator mainly used to test the fault about 6-35KV power cable high resistance and flashover. it can generate various of high pressure signal when it cooperated with the Power Cable Fault Range Finder to measure and fix position the fault point. This machine has booster rectifier and discharging device inside. It is functional and simple fix, operation safety and convenience.
    Gute Electric
  • RSG 482 - Recurrent Surge Generator Recurrent Surge Generator 482 is a bench-top, one stage, low voltage equivalent of a high voltage impulse generator. Its wide range of applications includes the testing of models, the study of voltage distribution in high voltage windings during impulse voltage stresses and the predetermination of the circuit parameters of impulse test plants.
    Haefely Test AG
  • RE-2302 - Recurrent Surge Generator RE-2302 model recurrent pulse generator is a sort of equipment simulating various pulse waveforms, through the selecting switch change the pulse line different parameters, you can get the same high voltage pulse generation wave form of the high voltage test. It can be used for motors, reactors, power transformers, instrument transformer coil internal pulse, and impulse voltage distribution (potential gradient) simulation test and insulation deficiency location.
    Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric
  • Surge Tester for D.C. mMachines Traction motors & large motors for heavy industries. Bar to bar test. Armatures
  • SPD 888 - Portable Surge Protective Device Tester Lightning Protection Device Tester. Surge Protective Devices Tester, SPD 888 Tester is designed for on-site testing of Surge Protective Devices (SPD).
    Hitech (HK) Co. Ltd
  • Vettiner Surge Testers Automatic operating mode (/manual). Different or more Voltage on request. Integrable in production line. Soft on Windows programs. Programs : Possible user language. Comparison programs with standard references or between windings  

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Surge - A spike in voltage.